I don't know if you have such a moment: in fact, you haven't suffered any blows, you haven't encountered any setbacks , you haven't been hit hard, you just feel inexplicably depressed, inexplicably unable to lift your strength, inexplicably want to escape everything around you.
  A reader told me that he had a habit of going home half an hour after work. And he usually sits quietly in the office, but he doesn't do anything, but he drinks tea, listens to music, or flips a few pages.
  I think that the pressure of work, the triviality of the family, and the complexity of the world make him feel a little tired. And this time of being alone is precisely a buffer and adjustment he gave himself.
  Someone once said that in the world of adults, there is no easy word.
  In fact, who lives very easily. We learn to be strong all the way , learn to be patient, learn to fight against all the unsatisfactory.
  But sometimes, overwhelming us may not be a big event, but something trivial. Sometimes we are trapped by us, and it is not a bureau that cannot be solved, but a chicken that is unclear. Sometimes it is painful for us not to climb the high mountains and seas in our life, but to hold a fine sand under our feet.
  In fact, we also thought about lax and giving up, but we clearly know that if we don’t hold on, don’t hold back, don’t hold on, the days will only be harder.
  So we learned to comfort ourselves quietly, and we learned to shake hands and talk with life quietly.
  Some people say that the older you are, the more silent you are. Because of some words, the person who could not find the right said. Some bitter, no one can feel the same. Some are tired, not everyone has personally experienced it.
  During this time, I suddenly felt a little powerless. First, it may be because the body is too tired and there is no way to provide me with enough energy and support. Second, it may be that your expectations are too high and you are not satisfied with yourself.
  Although I give people the feeling, it is always like a full chicken blood. But occasionally there will be some moments when the spirit is not full enough. Because there are many things to do every day, and there are many plans and requirements for myself, life does not allow me to stop for too long, and it is even less likely that I have been in a low tide for too long.
  I usually encounter such a situation. I don't like complaining very much. I don't like to talk to others. I choose to eat well, sleep well, work at work, read books while studying, try not to think about myself, and try not to try. If you complain, keep all your strength to make yourself better, not worse.
  Such a state was quickly restored in a positive adjustment.
  Many times, we are not willing to talk to people about their worries and sorrows. In addition to not wanting to trouble others, more importantly, we have slowly learned to self-heal and self-encouragement.
  We used to think that many difficulties in life can be shared, understood, and sympathized.
  But after the society has been crawling for a long time, you will find that everyone has a hard time. In addition to learning to heal itself, it is difficult for others to help you.
  Sometimes we choose a person's strength, not that we are really invincible, but there is no one behind, there is no way to go.
  Everyone's life has many times that are difficult, frustrating, and unhappy.
  Maybe at this time, others can give you comfort and encouragement , but they are limited after all. In the end, you still have to rely on yourself to get out of all kinds of troubles, troubles and pains.
  Because everyone's life, whether it is sour or bitter, everyone has to taste it. Everyone's road, whether it is smooth or tortuous, must be gone.
  At the same time, you have to learn to find a decompression method that suits you. You can't make yourself comfortable, and you can't stretch the strings too tightly.
  In this way, we can find a balance in the smashing of life and not lose control.
  I remember someone once said: Every powerful person has bitten his teeth and spent a period of no help, no one supports it, no one is chilling. In the past, this is your adult ceremony, you can't get through, this is your bottomless pit.
  We all longed to be eager to get help, understanding and companionship when we were sad, when we were sad, when we were alone, we were afraid to face all difficulties and obstacles until life gave us a hurdle, and we taught. How do we become stronger in frustration and pain.
  We are not born to be strong, we are not without weakness, we are not invulnerable, but we will eventually learn, one person, facing all difficulties.