I often hear such sighs: If I didn't choose this way at the beginning, but I would go another way, maybe I would be different. Whether it is a successful career or a comfortable life, it seems that everyone is not satisfied with their status.

  If everyone knows clearly when they are leaving, this road is not suitable for themselves. I believe many people will give up this road and try another unknown road.

  But when we started another life on another road, we found that it was not what we liked or wanted, and even felt worse than before. I wonder if we will regret it more?

  Many people are not easy to satisfy. What I have, I always feel that it is not good enough; I always feel that I have not enough. I don’t have it. I saw that others have it. It’s very embarrassing. I didn’t get it. I saw that others got it, and I care a lot.

  I have seen such a sentence : People always feel envious and regretted from the life they have chosen, to another life they have not chosen. The dissatisfaction of human nature makes many people unable to truly enjoy the happiness they choose.


  My boss is born in the countryside and is the chairman of the student union after attending college. In his studies , he was very hard and earnest, and his grades were excellent. He was very appreciated by the school teachers and leaders. When he graduated, he was recommended to stay in school.

  Now he is an associate professor. He has his own house and car in this capital city. His wife is also a doctor at the school affiliated hospital. Although it is not particularly rich, this kind of glamorous and stable life is still envied by many people. Sometimes I want to have a life like him.

  But one day, my boss told me that he envied his classmates who went to the first-tier cities to work hard. He said: "If I didn't stay in school more than ten years ago, but went to Beishangguangshen, would I be better than now? Am I not envious of them?"

  I didn't answer him, because if I changed it, I might feel a little lost and unsatisfied when I compare it with others.

  This mentality should be quite common. When a person reaches a level and has lived a life, he will naturally see and admire the lives of others, and feel that life looks better or more interesting.


  One of my high school classmates returned to work in my hometown after graduation. However, he often complained to me that the work at the grassroots level is complicated and complicated, and the salary is very low. It seems that you can look at life at a glance. I really regret that I didn’t have a postgraduate study like me and I have the opportunity to stay in college.

  I remember that when I was in college, I also encouraged him to study with me many times But at that time he was very determined, saying that studying for a blog is not his dream . The life he wants is to return to his hometown and live in peace. Now that he has realized his own ideals, he can't afford the spirit of being different from each other. He feels that life is not what he really likes. Instead, he wants to have my life now.

  In fact, he did not know that sometimes I envied him. If I didn't apply for medical school at the beginning, but I read a literary major like him, can I read a few years less? Can I stay in my hometown? Already married and have children? Rather than staying in colleges and universities like today, in this big city, I often feel powerless, lonely and helpless.

  My current life is determined by myself at some point. At that time, I also couldn't tell the direction of the road like many people. I don't know if this choice is right or wrong. I went out with a single courage.

  Of course, fortunately, when I was fully engaged in my current work and life, and seriously enjoying the process of life , I found myself able to persist . I began to believe that I can do my best to live this life and not regret it.

  I often tell myself that you should not envy others or blame yourself, learn to enjoy the process, try to compare with yourself.

  When you begin to learn to love yourself, you will cherish everything you have now. Not to live up to the present life is the greatest respect for yourself.