A predecessor has calculated an account with me: If you get up an hour early every day, you will have 30 more hours a month. In these 30 hours, you can read a few books, you can get started with a new skill... The gap between people is gradually opened.

  This account counted my blood, and I did not say anything, I immediately proceeded to implement it.

  However, this passion is coming quickly and quickly. Between the flashlights that are awakened by the alarm clock every morning, I find countless reasons and excuses for myself: the lack of sleep affects the efficiency of the day; the learning is not bad, first make up I feel that tomorrow will definitely make up for what I owe today...

  After sleeping in peace and satisfaction, I fell into remorse and blame: "It’s useless. My journey is the sea of ​​stars. How can I not get up early?"

  How many people, like me, have tried their best to get up early and countless times to get rid of sand.


  Without a sense of purpose, it is the biggest obstacle.

  I have taught a student friend about getting up early. The friend smiled and told me that there may be a lack of desire to achieve. If you really want to practice adult fishing line, if you want to get better from the bottom of your heart... Maybe the alarm clock is still not ringing, you have spontaneously jumped out of bed.

  I know a little bit about my friends. Many people can't get up early because they don't know what they want.

  This is how many people experience: I want to get up early in the morning to read English, but it seems that I have not reached the point where I can't learn. I want to get up and read a book. I haven't turned a few pages yet, and I fell into self-doubt. What are these books for? Although reading books and backing English are all good things, if you have a dispensable thought in your heart, it is naturally difficult to stick to it. On the other hand, if you have a firm goal, even if this goal is thousands of miles away, it will be followed.

  It is like the question "Why can Tang Zhen get the truth?" When we replied in unison, "Because there is a Monkey King," the teacher smiled and said: "From the moment he stepped out of Chang'an, he knew that his goal was in the West. absolutely determined. such people do not succeed who succeed? "

  Some people have lost their lives, and they are tired. They are not hard enough, but they are ashamed and stunned when they move forward. Therefore, when talking about self-discipline, it is better to think about why you should get up early. Think about the place that you want to reach in your life. If you feel at ease, naturally you will have the motivation to get up early and have the direction of your efforts.


  One inch of time is one inch of gold. When we open the day to see, the so-called twenty-four hours called sleep to consume one-third, called work, school consumption a third, called eating, entertainment, trivial and then consume some. You finally found that there is not much time left for your free growth.

  I have seen such a story.

  Early in the morning, the apprentice yawned and complained to Master: "Master, you said, how do you feel that you don't use it every day?" The master asked: "If there is a girl you like waiting for you, you can Did you run to her in one breath?" "Of course not, you will be exhausted halfway."

  Master said: "This is not right! Every day you walk a mile more than standing still in the same place, walking 10 miles a day is closer to the scenery than walking only one mile. But no matter where you go A few miles away, as long as you are on the road, you will always arrive. The most fearful thing is to stay in place and not move, but lament that the effort is useless."

  The arch of the day was inexhaustible, and the donation was not made to the sea. If there is no accumulation of quantity, how can we seek quality change? Those who have become major events are coming out one step at a time.

  I saw friends using the early hours of the morning to read a few books; seeing someone get up early in the morning, hard to lose 10 pounds; heard that someone kept up early, left a foreign language... I suddenly understand, life bend Road overtaking is often done this way.


  Lin Xu kept the habit of getting up early when I knew him. I read the book early in the morning, and read the book in the beginning of the school. I was running early in the sophomore year. I started to pan out at the beginning, but I got a perfect score at the end of the physical examination. I went to learn Japanese in the early morning, and finally went on. Also getting started.

  Now that he is working, he still insists on getting up early. He said to me: "The reason why I like to get up early is that the morning time is lengthened. The other one is that I feel that this day has not passed, and I have won another step."

  This is the case. If you want to get more, you will always pay more than others.

  In fact, the essence of "getting up one hour early" is to insist on freeing up a period of time for yourself to learn. After all, without a bit of brewing, you can't gather together.

  Some people may ask: "I have always insisted, but if I persist after five years, I have not succeeded yet?"

  One answer made me impressed: Nothing, your dreams have been shortened by five years. In life, although the period may not be achieved, we should understand that every step forward is enough to make us happy.

  Life is a mountain, we are all eager to stand in the mountains and see the mountains, but some people become famous, some people are late, everyone has their own life rhythm.

  But in any case, as long as you go all out, you must always be there.