I have two friends, Lao Wang and Lao Zhang, in my hometown. Lao Wang borrowed 50,000 pieces from Lao Zhang five years ago, saying that it was urgently used for decoration business and promised to pay off within two years. Lao Zhang did not say anything and loaned the money to Lao Wang. Out of trust, he was not allowed to write a loan. But two years later, Pharaoh did not mention the money, but bought a new car.

  Lao Zhang asked him for money, and Lao Wang pushed three resistances. After a while, I said that something was not at home. After a while, the phone couldn’t get through, and even deliberately disappeared. In the end, the two families were noisy, and Zhang did not have to return money and ate a dumb loss. Everyone in the village knows about this. Although everyone didn’t say it, they felt that Pharaoh was not kind.

  Two years later, hundreds of people in the village moved and needed to renovate new homes. Lao Wang thought that the villagers would definitely look for him. The strange thing is that even if his offer is much lower, many villagers don't buy it. It turned out that his bad word of mouth was passed down ten, ten pass, and not a few years, the decoration business could not be done.

  Sometimes, a person may be able to obtain some temporary benefits without credit, but that is by no means the right way. I want to stand firm, go far, laugh at the end, and rely on the character to support.


  A few days ago, my friend's company was engaged in competition, and a male colleague with a very strong working ability was unsuccessful. Later, the male colleague learned that he was removed by the general manager. The general manager said to him: Young man, you must learn to do things, but also learn to be a person .

  Later, the male colleague resigned and the general manager told the truth.

  When the male colleague took the elevator, a takeaway brother carrying a very heavy takeaway bag, the wind and dust wanted to come in. There is space in the elevator, as long as the male colleague steps back a few steps, but he is deliberately not allowed. While quickly pressing the door close button, say a few steps, but also take the elevator.

  When the matter was known to the general manager, he was dragged into the blacklist. A person who does not respect others will have problems with his or her heart. Who would dare to reuse such a person?

  Perhaps the future of a person is related to his own intelligence, strength and luck. He can fight to the end, and character is the ultimate barrier.


  I have heard from a reader that the private enterprises he worked for have been laid off on a large scale due to poor management. At that time, many of the laid-off employees were upset, some deliberately destroyed important documents, some people secretly copied the customer's contact information, and others rumored to say the boss's bad words.

  This reader is not happy to lose his job. But in the last month, he still has nothing to do with his work. In the handover work, he also listed the items that require special attention.

  The boss was touched by what he did and introduced him to another company through an acquaintance. This reader, because of his hard work, quickly embarked on a management position, and his salary has improved a lot.

  Character is the foundation of a person. People who are kind, understandable, and do not be villains, such people will be especially fortunate for good luck, support for nobles, and preference for opportunities.


  Some people say that ability and academic qualifications are the door to good work. Emotional intelligence and IQ are the patron saints of good positions. But in fact, no matter what industry or industry, there is no shortage of masters. Those who have a bright future must not be those who turn black and white and brains, but those who pass the same conditions and pass the character.

  Maybe you are quick to respond, have a wide network of contacts, and there are many ways, but these are just your plus points. Being honest, treating others with kindness, having a bottom line with principles, and not doing anything that harms others is a must for you.

  A person's ability is a little bit less, less spiritual, and less powerful. They can spend time and energy to make up for it, but the difference in character is a fatal flaw.

  Good character is the conscience of being a human being and the cultivation of human beings. There is no good character, and others are free. A person is not far away, long time, stable, and character is the most critical factor.