Hardcore, not the stick is the only way open
  Text / Meng Meng
  There is a pain called, I could have, but I can't hold on.
  Ambitious goals can be turned into a bubble for just one and a half reasons.
  In fact, perseverance is also a kind of cultivation, which can be cultivated through understanding and understanding of oneself.
  Your perseverance is related to your wishes
  Many times, we can't persist because we can't suffer, just because we don't have a strong willingness to do something.
  My physical strength and endurance are not good. Long-distance running is often tolerant of headaches and disgusting to the end.
  For this reason, I have a lot of psychological pressure before each run. In addition, those slimming goals that are established can often not be effective in three or two days, so each time it starts with a whim, the end of the tiger's tail.
  But this year, I was very active in sticking to the morning run.
  It doesn't suddenly become strong , but because of a particularly unspeakable reason: to be able to stay alone for a while.
  Since I was promoted to the mother of two children, I have often been busy to go to the toilet and feel it is a luxury.
  Early in the morning, hand over the children who did not get up to their families, put on their sneakers, blow the cool breeze on the empty streets, suck the air that has not been polluted, put on the headphones, listen to a few favorite songs...
  Although it was only a short half hour, it all made me fascinated.
  Although I will still have a quick heartbeat after running out four or five hundred meters, my headache and my arms and legs will not be lifted. For me, as long as I can go out, nothing else is a big deal.
  The difficulty that originally seemed insurmountable, now just slow down and adjust your breathing, and it will be relieved in a few moments.
  Persistence is the process of the game of pain and psychological needs. If the pain is more obvious, persistence will become difficult; if the psychological needs are better, persistence is only the only way to achieve self-fulfillment.
  The direction of the heart, the way to go.
  As long as you really want to do something from the bottom of your heart, you will definitely mobilize all the potential in your body and actively cooperate.
  Your perseverance is related to your rhythm
  When we set up FLAG, we might not be able to hold back at the beginning.
  I didn't want to run in the previous step. I decided to exercise. I started running 2 kilometers and sprinted for 5 kilometers.
  I didn't want to read the previous page. When I decided to be diligent, I went to burn the oil and I was embarrassed to say that I didn't stay up late and said that I was reading.
  I have never pulled a gluten before, and decided to take a yoga. I just want to take the old leg that has been stiff for decades for a moment.
  This passion will not last long and will soon be returned to its original shape.
  Perseverance is never sustained consumption, so people who are too hard generally do not run far.
There are two very important things in the life of   writer Haruki Murakami : writing and running.
  Not long after his full-time writing, he found that his body was getting worse and he started running.
  In the eyes of ordinary people, professional novelists should be working hard at the desk, and the intensity of the exercise of senior runners is even more unimaginable. However, the life of Haruki Murakami has a certain degree of relaxation and is very regular. Three to four hours after getting up early every day, concentrate on writing, running after lunch break, reading and listening to music during the day.
  In the decades of writing and running, he is hardworking, hardworking, and cautious in caring for his enthusiasm, both afraid of inertia and fear of excessive force.
  He said: Let the inertia wheel rotate to the end accurately and at a certain speed.
  Insist on, in the long run, we must step by step, and every day, we must do our best.
  It is necessary to understand your own rhythm, but also to control yourself to stick to it at this rhythm. Not blindly obeying, not casual, not very dry, not lazy.
  Only if you don’t have a chaotic rhythm can you persevere.
  Your perseverance is related to your mentality
  Another reason for not persisting is probably because we think too much.
  After two weeks of fitness, I hope to have a body race; when I read two books, I look forward to the difference in life; when I work hard for two months, I can count on when I can make a name for myself...
  The human heart is long in flesh, and if too much weight is added to it, it will be overwhelmed.
  If you have too much desire, it is not easy to see hope.
  After the first work of Murakami Haruki's "And Listening to the Wind" and the second work "The Pinball of 1973" came out, although he had a certain popularity, he did not win the Japanese Literature Award.
  He is very indifferent to this and feels that it is even more important to write a work that makes him happy.
  Later, when he recalled this experience, he said that at that time he was still running a restaurant, and even felt that he did not win the prize. It would be good, at least not for the endless interviews and drafts, which affected the business.
  It sounds like a joke, but in fact, whether you are writing a book or running, he just wants to cater to himself and achieve the goal set for himself.
  No desire is just.
  It is this kind of mentality that allows me to do what I can and let it go, so that he can devote himself to the things he loves for a long time.
  Self-consumption is never the right way to persist, and pain is not synonymous with perseverance.
  When you can't keep going, it's better to stop and examine yourself, tap out your inner energy, find your own rhythm, and make your mentality more peaceful, instead of forcing yourself to die.
  Any goal and persistence is a negligible period of life . Even if a certain paragraph does not have a good result, the correct adherence will make us more and more powerful, and we will calm down every new challenge. .
  Only if you really insist on it, can you say calmly, "Do your best, listen to your destiny."
  Do not leave regrets, live this life.