Live with dignity
  Qiu Zhenzhe is a Taiwanese street artist. In 2013, Qiu Zhenzhe took part in the "Chinese Good Songs" competition with an original song. After the singing, the other three judges were not optimistic about him. Only Zhou Huajian had a soft spot for him and greatly appreciated him. Zhou Huajian said excitedly: "I have also been a street performer in Taiwan. My performance permit is 001. I have a deep understanding of the sweetness and bitterness of street performers, earning money by singing on the street, and sometimes eating Not full. You can stick to it and concentrate on the creation of original songs. It's really not easy, it's amazing. The song you just sang, the lyrics are good, and you can sing beautifully. Dish. "Qiu Zhenzhe listened, moved to tears. After returning to Taiwan, Qiu Zhenzhe took advantage of Dongfeng of "China's Good Songs" to hold a solo concert. Zhou Huajian also sent a flower basket. Qiu Zhenzhe, with Zhou Huajian as his teacher, is active in the streets of Taiwan with dignity, and is gradually changing his destiny. Zhou Huajian also raised his prestige in the Chinese music scene because he didn't hesitate to carry the posterity.
  There are always weak people in the world. There are a variety of reasons for the emergence of weak people, or they encounter disasters, or add poverty or congenital inadequacy. For the weak, we should be polite, we should be caring, we should help them, let them live with dignity, and then help them get out of their predicament.
  In the three years of Guangxu, Shanxi experienced a one-hundred-year drought. Known as "the family of foreign goods", the Jin merchants' Chang family took out 3 million yuan of silver for disaster relief, and also set up a theater. Why did the Chang family choose to build a theater at this time? In the face of the disaster, people who were originally a well-off family quickly became refugees and joined the army of begging. The head of the Chang family said: "These people used to have their heads and face in the countryside, but now they ca n’t open the pot, their survival has become a problem, they only get alms sheds to accept alms. Compared with those who were originally poor, these people are facing It ’s a physical and spiritual blow. I often feel uncomfortable if someone is in their position! ”So he planned to build a theater and stipulated that whoever moved a brick for the theater would be in charge of him for one day. Meal. In this way, those who were originally a well-off family did not feel they were eating "food coming from the house" when they got food through the labor of moving bricks.
  In the world, protecting dignity is more important than anything. At the same time, the Chang family kept their neighbors' face while applying porridge, which was really a kind act. "Those who respect others, they are always respected." The Chang family later became well-known in the country and prospered. It is precisely when others are in danger that they can protect the dignity and respect of others.
  In 1995, young singer Wu Xiubo resigned from the Railway Art Troupe and lost the iron rice bowl. Since then, Wu Xiubo has done everything from walking in the hall to doing business in the sea. When Wu Xiubo was most embarrassed, Fa Xiaoli Liu Bei reached out to him and asked him to be his agent. Although an agent, Wu Xiubo is completely a layman. Such a strong personality made Wu Xiubo repeatedly frustrated in contract negotiations, while Liu Bei herself talked about several projects. Wu Xiubo was more often a bag assistant. Liu Bei approached Wu Xiubo and said, "I myself did not make any money when I was in junior high school, and I was also embarrassed. I feel empathy for what you do and what you want. Do n’t feel embarrassed. Here, you have to be like at home I feel comfortable and warm again. "In this way, Liu Bei has never disliked Wu Xiubo, but she sincerely consoled him with a lot of salary and bonuses. Wu Xiubo said so emotionally: "At the beginning, without Liu Bei, I was really one step away from starvation. And I would definitely starve myself, because I'm good-faced, and I would never find friends who are better than me. And it is precisely she is a friend who mixes too well with me. "Today, Wu Xiubo is still very grateful to Liu Bei for sending charcoal in the snow. When a friend is in a difficult situation and becomes a weak person, he actively and unselfishly reaches out to his friend to help him out of difficulties and make him feel dignified. He is a true good friend.
  Zhang Qinwen was a young science and technology worker who was put on "rightists" for wrongdoing, and was sent to Youyu County, Shanxi Province to undergo transformation. But he did not give up his beloved scientific research work. When studying the laws of agricultural development, he was inspired by Qian Xuesen's systems theory and wrote the first draft of "Agricultural System Engineering · Agriculture". He sent it to Qian Xuesen in the form of a letter, hoping to enlighten him. Qian Xuesen felt Zhang Qinwen's experience and immediately wrote a reply. He affirmed the value of the book with enthusiasm, and put forward suggestions for rewriting. Later, on the recommendation of Qian Xuesen, Zhang Qinwen was transferred to the Shanxi Agricultural Division Office to specialize in research. Also recommended by Qian Xuesen, "Agricultural System Engineering" written by Zhang Qinwen and modified by Qian Xuesen was broadcast on CCTV. At the time, CCTV wanted Qian Lao to broadcast, but Qian Lao tried to let Zhang Qinwen broadcast. He wrote to Zhang Qinwen several times: "I still ask you to come to the video. I have told comrades in the TV station. I intend to rush you" on the shelves "and let you exercise your skills." Under the award of Qian Xuesen, Zhang Qinwen became a scientist .
  The ancients had a saying: "Build your own, build your own." When people are in a difficult situation, people who are better than others help others unselfishly, and don't even reward others, so that others can achieve great achievements and have great dignity. Good people, great people in the world. Undressing and pushing food, anxiety is difficult.