Success is one more turn
  On June 21, 2014, on the stage of Paramount Pictures' "Transformers 4" China premiere, there was a young generation in the 80s with black-framed glasses, a handsome look and a smart suit. Many big names in the domestic film and television industry do not know him, but this does not affect his confidence in the slightest . President Paramount commented on him: "A rare Chinese post-80s producer with broad vision and thinking." He is Ko Liming, a dark horse who broke into the film and television industry, and a rising film and television trader.
  The relationship with film and television originated from desperation. Prior to this, Ko Liming was a high-quality student with excellent academic background. He had a background of studying abroad at a famous foreign university. His major was the most profitable finance. Upon graduation, he was proud to enter an internationally renowned investment bank. Identity is doing various financial operations in the financial market. At a young age, he has ten million net worth, and his life is bright and beautiful, which makes many peers envious.
  However, people are not as good as heaven. In 2009, a signless financial crisis whistled, and Coley was hit hard. Overnight, his career and wealth vanished. It was like having a nightmare, waking up, just like passing away. Where is tomorrow He was confused. Frustrated, he called his brother who started the film company. The elder brother said: "If you can't, just come to my company to help, there is always a place where your knowledge is useful, maybe there will be new opportunities for turning around." Business.
  At the beginning, Ko Liming wanted to enter the film and television industry as an investor, but he repeatedly encountered obstacles. In this circle of networking, qualifications and experience, good projects are not short of money, and people simply ignore you. So he decided to make his own way, be a producer and develop projects. At that time, the chopsticks brothers (Xiao Yang and Wang Taili), who were born grassroots, were on the Internet with a micro-film "Old Boy". Their interpretation and interpretation of youth and dreams , and their sincere expression of life moved everyone. The wide audience of ages has attracted the attention of more than 80 million fans. People praised it as a rare masterpiece representing the voice of the new youth. Koliming thought that perhaps this subject could be made into a work that makes the audience happy and relaxed. So he found Xiao Yang and expressed his opinion. I didn't expect the two to hit each other right away, and decided that the movie's name would be "The Old Boy's Raptors Crossing the River".
  What surprised him was that this seemingly fun comedy movie took five full years. In 5 years, he experienced countless sleepless nights. The long distance running without seeing the end caused a serious loss of team members. Some partners identified him as flickering and left without saying goodbye. He and director Xiao Yang sometimes quarreled because of artistic differences and didn't speak for weeks. When making the movie promotional song "Little Apple", in order to ensure the quality of the MV, he insisted on increasing the budget, requested that the promotional song be filmed in South Korea and invited the choreographer of "Uncle Bird" to personally produce it. Communicating around. Countless times, he wanted to simply give up filming, and even anxious that he really didn't understand the film at all. But he gritted his teeth to comfort himself, and insisted that maybe there would be a turn for the better.
  The film was finally filmed after hardships. Once the promotional song "Little Apple" was launched, it quickly became another Divine Comedy after "Jiangnan Style" with its simple lyrics, beautiful melody, and moving pictures. The film has received unprecedented attention before it is released.
  But at this moment, the Hollywood giant Paramount Pictures took its "Transformers 4" to the Chinese theaters. "The Old Boy's Raptors Crossing the River" just coincides with its release time. Under the pressure of most domestic movies, they have chosen to avoid their edge and dodge. Team members are also thinking about how to snipe Transformers 4. He was not reconciled, was there really nothing he could do? Why block? Why not make peace expensive? He thought about it, and decided to give it a try. He made every effort to communicate with the Paramount company persistently within two months, and continued to write to the assistant to the president, and finally found an opportunity to meet with Paramount's president. His elaboration on the complementary market of "Transformers 4" and "Old Boy" in that meeting touched the president of Paramount, agreed to take his movie to promote it together, and even invited him to participate in the two "Ninja Turtles" and Participate in global ledger in the cooperation of "Terminator".
  This "five swords in five years" movie was finally released nationwide on July 10th, and it won more than 100 million box office in 4 days. At the premiere of the movie, celebrity Cui Yongyuan appeared on the scene and supported the film. He expressed his willingness to charter the audience to watch the film, and expressed his willingness to join the company, and work with him to support the new director. . Since then, his film and television career has progressed smoothly, and he has successfully invested in the movie "Little Times", and has appeared in TV series such as "Li Chunchun", "Peking No War", "Ex-wife's Station", "Wang Haitao forty-one this year", "Adopting Mother" and other TV series As the producer.
  From an inexperienced film and television novice to today's word of mouth, Colin has successfully counterattacked. Speaking at the press conference of the movie "Little Times", he said: "Failure and frustration are inevitable on the road to life . To believe that there is no way to succeed, success is around the corner. . "