Ten inspirational stories for a wonderful life
  A word of insight into the world and a word of miracle, a simple story is enough to give people meaningful life inspiration. There are thousands of stories in thousands of lives, and different experiences have different experiences. These philosophical stories are inspiring and thought-provoking. They explain the principles of life from different aspects. They are short, concise, simple, and readable. Please enjoy them.
  Story 1: Choice
  A farmer rescued his wife from the flood, but his child was drowned. Afterwards, people talked a lot. Some say he did it right, because a child can regenerate one, but his wife cannot die and rise again. Some say he did it wrong, because the wife can marry another, but the child cannot die and be resurrected. After listening to people's discussions, I was also puzzled: if only one person can be saved, should I save my wife or my child?
  So I went to visit the farmer and asked him what he thought. He replied, "I didn't think of anything. The flood came, and my wife passed by. I caught her and swam to the nearby hillside. When I returned, the child was washed away by the flood."
  On the way home, I pondered the words of the peasants and said to myself: This is how many so-called life choices are.
  Story two: lover's heart
  This is a true story that happened in Britain. There is a lonely old man who has no children and is frail. He decided to move to a nursing home. The old man announced the sale of his beautiful home. Buyers flocked to the news. The base price of the house was £ 80,000, but people soon fry it to £ 100,000. Prices are still rising. The old man was deeply depressed on the sofa, yes, he would not have sold the house that would accompany him for most of his life, if it were not for his health.
  A simple-dressed young man came to the old man's eyes, bent down, and whispered, "Sir, I really want to buy this house, but I only have 10,000 pounds. But if you sell the house to me, I promise to let You still live here, drink tea with me, read newspapers, take a walk, and be happy every day-believe me, I will take care of you with my whole heart "! The old man nodded and smiled, and sold him the house for 10,000 pounds.
  To fulfill your dreams, you don't have to be cold-blooded and cheat. Sometimes, as long as you have a lover's heart.
  Story 3: Doctor
  One PhD was assigned to an institute and became the one with the highest degree of education.
  One day he went fishing in a small pond behind the unit, just as the director and deputy were on his left and right, he was also fishing. He just nodded slightly. What's so good about these two undergraduates? After a while, the director just put down the fishing rod, stretched his waist, and walked from the water to the toilet on the opposite side. The doctor's eyes almost opened. Floating on the water? No way? This is a pond. When the director returned from the toilet, he floated back from the water. what happened? Doctoral students are not good to ask, who are they?
  After a while, the deputy director also stood up, took a few steps, and floated across the toilet on the water. Dr. Zi almost fainted: No, he got to a place where masters of rivers and lakes concentrated?
  Doctoral students are also anxious. There are fences on both sides of this pond. It takes 10 minutes to go to the toilet on the opposite side, and it is too far back to the unit. What should I do? Doctoral students were unwilling to ask the two directors, and after a long while, they got up and crossed the water: I don't believe in the water that undergraduates can, and my doctoral students can't. With only a whisper, the doctoral student was planted in the water.
  The two directors pulled him out and asked him why he was launching. He asked, "Why can you walk over?" The two directors looked at each other and smiled: "There are two rows of wooden stakes in this pond. The rising water is just under the water. We all know the position of the stake, so we can step on it. Why don't you ask? "
  Academic qualifications represent the past, only learning ability can represent the future. Respect for experience can make less detours. A good team should also be a learning team.
  Story 4: Give
  An old carpenter was preparing to retire. He told his boss that he would leave the construction industry and go home to enjoy the joy of family with his wife and children. The boss was reluctant to leave his good worker and asked if he could help build another house. The old carpenter said yes. But everyone can see later that his heart is no longer at work. He uses soft materials and does rough work. When the house was built, the boss handed him the key to the door. "This is your house," he said, "a gift from you." He was startled, startled, and ashamed. If he knew he was building a house for himself, how could he do that? Now he had to live in a crudely constructed house!
  Why are we not like this. We carelessly "build" our own lives, not positive actions, but passive responses, refusing to strive for excellence in everything and failing to do our best at the critical moment. When we were shocked, we were already trapped in the "house" we built. Think of you as the carpenter. Think of your house. Every day you knock in a nail, add a board, or erect a wall. Use your wisdom to build it! Your life is the only creation in your life. You cannot smooth it and rebuild it. Even if there is only one day to live, you must live beautiful and noble on that day. The nameplate on the wall says: "Life is created by yourself."
  Story five: window
  One wife has complained for many years that the opposite wife is lazy. "That woman's clothes can never be cleaned. Look, the clothes she dries in the outer yard always have spots. I really don't know how she even washed Wash it like that. "
  It wasn't until one day that a well-inspected friend came to her house and found out that the wife who wasn't opposite could not clean her clothes. The attentive friend took a rag and wiped off the gray stains on the window of this wife, saying, "Look, isn't this clean?"
  It turned out that the windows of his own home were dirty.
  Story 6: Remind yourself
  An old lady was sitting on the side of the road and looking at a high wall not far away. She always felt that it would soon collapse. When someone walked towards her, she kindly reminded: "The wall is about to fall, far away. Let ’s go. ”The reminded person watched her in a puzzled manner and walked along the root of the wall—the wall did not fall down.
  The old lady was very angry: "Why don't you listen to me?" Someone came over again, and the old lady advised again. Three days passed, and many people walked by the wall without encountering danger. On the fourth day, the old lady felt a little weird and disappointed, so she walked under the root of the wall and watched carefully. However, at this moment, the wall fell down, and the old lady was buried in the dust and masonry, and died.
  It is often easy and sober to remind others, but it is difficult to remind yourself soberly. Therefore, many dangers originate from themselves, and the sorrow of the old lady arises from this.
  Story 7: An Apple by the River
  An old monk was surrounded by a group of devout disciples. On this day, he instructed his disciples to return to Nanshan with a load of firewood. The disciples hurried to the river not far from the mountain, and everyone was stunned. I saw the flood rushing down the mountain, but I never dreamed of crossing the river for firewood. The disciples returned a little bit despondently. Only a young monk confronted the master calmly. The master asked why, and the young monk took an apple out of his arms and handed it to the master, saying that he couldn't cross the river and could not hit the firewood. When he saw an apple tree by the river, I picked the only apple on the tree. Later, the little monk became the master's mantra.
  There are endless roads and rivers in the world. The insurmountable river turning around is also a kind of wisdom. But the real wisdom is to do one thing by the river: fly the kite of thought and pick an "apple". People who have held such a belief in life through history and today have finally achieved the breakthrough and transcendence of life.
  Story eight: simple truth
  Once upon a time, two hungry people received the gift of an elder: a fishing rod and a basket of fresh and huge fish. One of them asked for a basket of fish and the other requested a fishing rod, so they parted ways. The person who got the fish set up the bonfire with dried firewood and boiled the fish in place. He was gobbling up, and he hadn't tasted the flavour of the fresh fish. In an instant, he was eaten by the fish with the soup. Starved to death by the empty fishing basket. The other person continued to endure hunger with a fishing rod and walked to the beach step by step, but when he had already seen the blue ocean not far away, his last strength was exhausted, He can only let go of the world with endless regrets.
  Two more hungry people, they also received a fishing rod and a basket of fish from the elders. But they didn't go their separate ways, but agreed to find the sea together. They only cooked one fish at a time. After a distant trek, they came to the sea. From then on, the two started a fishing life. Later, they built a house, had their families, children, and fishing boats built by themselves, and lived a happy and healthy life.
  A person who only cares about the immediate benefits will end up with a short-term joy; a person has high goals, but also faces the real life. Only by combining ideals with reality can one become a successful person. Sometimes, a simple truth is enough to give people meaningful life inspiration.
  Story Nine: Right Hand Holding Left Hand
  There is a smooth song on the table: holding his wife's hand as if holding his left hand with his right hand. Every time someone reads: A familiar or unfamiliar table person laughs out loud, and the atmosphere immediately relaxes. Of course, this is based on people's unanimous understanding of this fluency—feeling accurate and describing it in place. One day, someone at the table remembered this slick, and the men laughed as usual. It was later discovered that a woman at the table was not smiling. The men are busy talking and not taking it seriously. I did not expect the woman to say seriously: The best thing is this "right hand holding left hand". First, the left hand can be trusted most by the right hand; second, the left and right hands are each other's own; third, any other hand can make you happy and excited, and you can shake your hands afterwards, only the left hand can be shaken away You're incomplete, right? At a table, men admire and praise women for their profound and unique understanding. The woman said lightly: What is so profound and unique? Let's go back and read to your respective wives to see what they say. The men who were brave enough went back to test their wives, and they all understood the same as the ladies at the table.
  They are all left-handed, and of course men need to count left-handed. And they are all right-handed, of course they think of right-handed.
  Story ten: the story of the steel glass
  A peasant, who had only been in junior high school for two years, had no money to continue his education at home. He dropped out of school and went home to help his father cultivate three acres of thin fields. At the age of 19, his father died, and the burden of the family rested on his shoulders. He had to take care of his ill mother and a grandmother who was paralyzed in bed. In the 1980s, farmland was contracted to households. He dug a puddle of water into a pond and wanted to raise fish. However, the cadre in the town told him that the paddy field could not raise fish and could only grow crops. This incident became a joke. In the eyes of others, he is a very stupid person who wants to get rich.
  I heard that raising chickens made money. He borrowed 500 yuan from relatives to raise chickens. But after a flood, the chickens got chicken fever and all died within a few days. 500 yuan may be nothing to others, and to a family living on three acres of thin fields, it is not astronomical. His mother couldn't handle the excitement and died of depression.
  He later brewed wine, caught fish, and even shot cannonballs on the cliffs of stone mines ... but he didn't make any money.
  At the age of 35, he had not married his daughter-in-law. Even a divorced woman with a child looked down on him. Because he has only one earthen house, he may collapse at any time after a heavy rain. A man who cannot marry his wife is not worthy of being seen in the countryside.
  But he still wanted to give it a go, borrowing money everywhere to buy a tractor. Unexpectedly, less than half a month on the road, the tractor drove him into a river. He broke a leg and became a mule. The tractor, which had been picked up by the people, was fragmented, and he could only take it apart and sell it as scrap iron. Almost everyone said that his life was over.
  But then he became the boss of a company in my city with 200 million yuan of assets in his hands. Many people now know his miserable past and his legendary entrepreneurial experience. He was interviewed by many media and described by many reportages. But I only remember such a plot. The reporter asked him, "Why do you never flinch over and over again in the days of suffering?" He sat behind the large and luxurious boss table and drank a glass of water in his hand. Then, holding the glass cup in his hand, he asked the reporter, "What would happen to this cup if I let go?" The reporter said: "I fell to the ground and broke." "Then let's try it." He says.
  With a loose hand, the cup fell to the ground and made a crisp sound, but it was not broken, but was intact. "Even if there were 10 people present, they would think that the cup would be broken, no doubt. However, this cup is not an ordinary glass, but made of glass steel."
  So I remember this classic and wonderful conversation. Such a person, even if there is only one breath, he will try to hold the hand of success, unless God deprived him of life ...
  [Concluding remarks] You read this, what do you understand? What have you learned? Is it beneficial? No matter where you are, what you need to know! Sometimes small things can determine what kind of person you are! Little truth, big life!