No way out, no way out
  Feng Xuquan was born in a family of weaving in Tonggu County, Jiangxi Province. His father was a well-known local blacksmith and people from Shilibaxiang were willing to buy bamboo products made by him.
  Strange to say, Feng Xuquan was able to weave a small basket like a child when he was a kid, and there were butterflies and puppets that were alive and dazzling his companions. Adults are very optimistic about Feng Xuquan, thinking that when he grows up, he will definitely become a skilled craftsman.
  The father, who suffered from weaving, did not want his son to follow the weaving path inherited from generation to generation. He only hoped that Feng Xuquan could make a difference in the future by reading books and jumping out of the farm. Therefore, the father lost his temper when he saw Feng Xuquan holding a bamboo toy after school.
  In front of his father's face, Feng Xuquan hid secretly in the firewood room. Of course, he had to finish the day's work before he could edit it.
  Feng Xuquan, who graduated from junior high school, fulfilled his father's wish-he was admitted to a local normal school. If he is happy with the status quo, Feng Xuquan is at most a worry-free teacher. But his innate and rebellious character showed again. As he teaches, he looks for other ways. In February 2005, Feng Xuquan resigned and went to work in a bamboo flooring factory in Shenzhen with his wife.
  I do n’t work with a good iron rice bowl, and I have to go to a vagrant working life. Feng Xuquan's move attracted objections and opposition from parents, friends and colleagues.
  There is no way out .
  Faced with questions from friends and colleagues, Feng Xuquan answered very positively.
  Resigning to work was not as smooth as Feng Xuquan imagined. Reality tells him that frustrations and failures are more often encountered in working life . Over the years, he has entered the factory, worked hard, set up stalls, and sometimes even couldn't find a suitable job for several months, and was forced to sell newspapers on the street and pedal a tricycle.
  This unsettled life, his wife shook, and once advised him: let's go back! Although you quit your job, there are still a few acres of Botian in your family. If you are at home, life will not be so difficult.
  He shook his head and said: No matter how hard it is, we must persist .
  The opportunity finally came .
  One weekend, Feng Xuquan met Zhang Jianjun, a classmate who was a development designer at a computer technology company in Shenzhen. During a chat, Zhang Jianjun complained to Feng Xuquan that the boss suspected that the computer keyboards and speakers he developed and designed were not innovative enough, and the work pressure was very high.
  The speaker is unintentional, and the listener is attentive. Feng Xuquan suddenly thought of the bamboo chairs and bamboo mats he made in the house. A bold idea came to his mind. How about using bamboo to make a computer keyboard? With a keen insight, Feng Xuquan felt that developing a bamboo keyboard is a very promising business opportunity.
  That night, Feng Xuquan disassembled the old dusty keyboard in the corner of the rented room, and studied its principle carefully. After waking up in the middle of the night, he got up and pondered again.
  Seeing Feng Xuquan so hard, his wife persuaded him: it is not reliable to use a bamboo keyboard, so you should dispel this idea. Later, Zhang Jianjun also heard about it and sincerely persuaded him: This is definitely not possible. Even if made, such a keyboard would be too bulky. Others said: Feng Xuquan was crazy about money. Using bamboo to make a keyboard is simply heaven and earth!
  Where does Feng Xuquan listen to other people's opinions? Kung Fu pays off, he spent a dozen nights to make a keyboard frame that is 46 cm long and 17 cm wide. Unexpectedly, the hard-made keyboard frame did not fall at all. This result was obtained after repeated experiments. Feng Xuquan was very sad.
  "There is no way out. There is no way out. In the face of difficulties, we can't retreat." A few months later, Feng Xuquan made an amazing decision: return to his hometown to specialize in bamboo keyboards. Six months later, there was still no progress. To research and develop the bamboo keyboard, he joined forces with a bamboo company in the county to tackle the problem.
  Feng Xuquan began repeated "beating" experiments on the bamboo keyboard, and improved once after falling. After 9 months of unremitting efforts, after smashing more than 1,000 bamboo keyboard models, he finally developed a bamboo keyboard with solidity and hardness comparable to plastic keyboards.
  As soon as the low-cost and environmentally-friendly bamboo keyboard hit the market, it was immediately loved by customers, and the product even sold abroad. With the popularization of bamboo keyboards, bamboo mouse, bamboo U disk, bamboo computer host, display shell and other products have been developed successively. In just over a year, Feng Xuquan's personal net worth was more than 5 million yuan.
  There is no way out. In the predicament of no retreat, it can often give out infinite power. A calm life is bound to create no miracle.