If you do n’t cry, fate laughs
  In the first two years of the Western Han Dynasty (72 BC), Emperor Xuan Xuan wrote a scripture to upgrade the "temple music" that worshiped Emperor Han Wu to praise the great achievements of his great-grandfather. The Ministers immediately expressed their heartfelt support. Unexpectedly, the long letter Shaofu (Master Empress Dowager) Xia Housheng stood up and said, "Although the Emperor Wuyi had the power of expelling the land from the four nations, he killed many people and spent money and extravagance. "Tai's death, the world wasted, the people drifted away", the conclusion was "not suitable for temple music." This is tantamount to a blatant challenge to the authority of the emperor. The Prime Minister, Doctor Yushi and others immediately acted and jointly impeached Xia Housheng's "non-discussion book, destroying the emperor". Prime Minister Shi Huangba was also refused to sign the memorial because he refused to sign it. The charges of "not lifting a cricket" were reported to the emperor. As a result, they were soon arrested and jailed in the name of "rebellious injustice" and sentenced to death.
  In the cold and bloody prison, Xia Housheng was disheartened. He was always upright in nature and would not mean to meet each other. But now that he has spoken the truth, he is greatly humiliated. Think of the emperor's widowedness and life impermanence.
  In fact, the Huang Ba who said nothing and did nothing should be more wronged, but he is optimistic by nature and doesn't seem to care about everything in front of him. He had long known that Xia Housheng was a great Confucian, and wanted to study the Book of Shang with him , but he had never been close to him. He did not expect to be put in the same cell because of an accident. He thought: as an official, he did not study in depth. After reading the scriptures, it turned out that there was no time for busy work every day, and now there is time, and the mentor is close at hand.
  When he showed Xia Housheng's intention to seek advice, Xia Housheng couldn't help laughing, and said, "We have all committed the crime of death, and we will be executed tomorrow. What's the use of reading the Bible now?"
  Huang Ba said: " Confucius has a saying: 'Chao Wen said, death can be terrible at night.' People should live in the present, seize the present, learn from what they have, and realize what they know. Today is happy, so why not care about tomorrow? ? "
  When Xia Housheng listened, his spirit was shaken, and his heart was greatly moved. He immediately agreed to Huang Ba's request. Since then, the two have sat on the floor, and every day Xia Housheng carefully taught Huang Shang the "Book of Shang". Huang Ba listened with all his heart, and asked if he didn't understand. The two lectured day and night with great interest, studied subtlely, and laughed from time to time. The prison guard came over to look at it, and it turned out to be completely confused, wondering why the two mortal people were so happy.
  Autumn came in a blink of an eye and saw the yellow leaves falling on the tree. Some people reminded the Emperor Xuan Housheng and Huang Ba that their dead time had come. Xuandi sent people to the prison to investigate whether the two men were in sorrow and had repentance. In return, they reported that they enjoyed reading and had no worries. Han Xuan emperor was dissatisfied, but also lamented the virtues of the two, and could not bear to kill them, so that the case was protracted.
  Although in jail, Xia Housheng and Huang Ba are determined to live in the current heart, and nothing can restrain them. With the passage of time, their knowledge and research have become better and better, their thinking has improved, and their spirit has become more fulfilled.
  One day two years later, a quake struck the forty-nine counties in Kanto, landslides, walls fell, and more than 6,000 people died. For the rulers, this is not only a natural disaster, but also a warning from heaven to the existence of unjust prisons in the world. Emperor Han Xuan did not dare to neglect, and hurried to the disaster while announcing the amnesty of the world. Xia Housheng and Huang Ba were released from prison. What surprised them was that instead of being returned to their hometown, they were directly declared to the court. Xia Housheng was appointed as a doctor and stayed with the emperor. Huang Ba was Yangzhou. Tattoo history, decentralized officials.
  I really stayed there. I was not afraid that there was no firewood. An unexpected earthquake gave them two new lives. Later, Xia Housheng became a prince's teacher with integrity and erudition. He died at the age of ninety. He wore a five-day suit for his mother-in-law Xie Shien. Huang Ba was famous for his shrewd ability and outstanding achievements. Later, the official to his prime minister, history books evaluated him. Since the founding of the Han Dynasty, there have been many unique prime ministers. He came first.
  Who would have thought that the turning point in the fate of Xia Housheng and Huang Ba turned out to be a prison disaster. It was just that the doctor-in-law with infinite scenery was suddenly reduced to death row in jail. This turning point was too big and too big for people to adapt to. Most people may die from this depression, but they understand that the meaning of life is to live in the moment, so that in the dark and horrible places, the sound of reading is heard every day.
  It is impossible for a person to always win. It is important not to give in when you fall. Hemingway said: "A person is not born to be defeated. You can destroy him as much as you can, but you cannot defeat him." In distress, as long as you choose to hold fast, the turn of fate may be at hand. In buzzwords, dreams are still there, what if they succeed?