The fragrance of apples turned out from the wound bitten by God
  Apple's logo is an apple with a bite. In the past, I have been thinking, why did n’t Apple's founder Steve Jobs design a successful apple, but rather use a biteful and incomplete apple as the company's logo?
  Later, I read Jobs ' resume and learned that Jobs had experienced three life accidents. One was "withdrawal from a noble school." Jobs said that this was the best decision in his life because he later switched out because he dropped out of school and devoted himself to a subject that he was really interested in. Another was "fired by Apple Computer, which I founded." Jobs said it was the best experience of his life, because later he was expelled due to re- entrepreneurship , introduced the "Toy Story." Once again, it was "diagnosed by the doctor as having pancreatic cancer." Jobs said that this was the best reminder in his life, because later he had a deeper understanding and understanding of life because of the successful operation .
  It turned out that Jobs himself was a broken apple, an apple bitten by fate.
  There is also an apple, also an apple bitten by fate, he is the world science giant Hawking. Once, at the end of the academic report, a young journalist asked with compassion: "Mr. Hawking, Lugaré disease has fixed you in a wheelchair forever, don't you think fate has cost you too much?" Hawking seemed very calm with this abrupt and sharp question. His face still had a smile. He struck the keyboard with the moving finger, and typed the following text: My finger can still Activities, my brain can still think, I have the ideals I pursue for life, I have loved ones and loved ones and friends. By the way, I still have a grateful heart ... Can anyone think that this text full of love and gratitude came from a disabled handicapped who has been living in a wheelchair for more than 30 years. For Hawking, destiny was harsh to him: he couldn't speak, couldn't stand his legs, couldn't move his body, and he lost many of the most basic living conditions that ordinary people have. But Hawking still felt rich, for example, a moving finger, a thinking brain ... these things made him feel satisfied and grateful for life.
  Some people say that everyone is an apple after being bitten by God. It is only because God particularly likes the fragrance of some people that he bites him particularly heavily. Jobs is such an apple, and God gave him a broken life such as "quit school, fired, and cancer." Hawking was such an apple, and God gave him a broken limb. These two apples were bitten by God, one was called "Jobs" and the other was "Hawking". God gave them a broken life and broken limbs, but they gave them a healthy and fragrant heart.