If life is a book, you are the first author who can never run away
  If life is a book and you are the author, what kind of story would you like to write yourself? It was this idea that changed my life.
  I grew up in the hot desert of Las Vegas, and I long for a free life. I was daydreaming around the world, imagining that I could live in the snow, and shooting all the stories I wanted to tell. At the age of 19, one day after graduating from high school, I really went to a snowy place and became a massage therapist. This job requires only hands, next to the massage table. I could go anywhere at that time. This is the first time in my life. I feel free, independent, and safe. Life is under my control.
  But then my life turned around. One day I felt that I had the flu and returned home early, but less than 24 hours later, I was admitted to the hospital, relying on a ventilator to support my life , and was told that the probability of survival was less than 2%. A few days later, I fell into a coma and the doctor diagnosed viral meningitis, a blood infection that could be prevented with a vaccine. In the next two and a half months, I lost my spleen, kidneys, hearing in my left ear, and amputated below my knees. When my parents pushed me out of the hospital in a wheelchair, I felt like a toy that was put together.
  I thought the worst days were over, but a few weeks later, when I first saw my new legs, I realized that it was far from over. My support rod is a heavy metal block. It uses a tube to fix the ankle joint with the yellow rubber feet. The rubber thread protruding from the toes to the ankle joint looks like a vein. I don't know what I want, but it definitely won't be this. At that time my mother was beside me, we cried with headaches, and wept like tears.
  Later, I got on my stubby legs and got up. It was really painful and my movements were not good. I was thinking, oh my god, how can I travel around the world with this prosthesis? How do I live a life full of adventures and stories? How to go skiing again? I climbed into bed as soon as I got home that day. For the next few months, life was like this. I completely lost my faith , evaded reality, ignored the prosthetic limbs, and I completely broke down physically and mentally.
  But I know that life always goes on. In order to survive, I must say goodbye to the past Amy and learn to accept the new Amy. It suddenly dawned on me that my height no longer had to be a fixed 5 feet 5 inches (about 1.65 meters). On the contrary, I wanted to be as tall as I wanted, and as short as I wanted, it all depended on who I was dating. If I go skiing, my feet will never be frozen again. The biggest benefit is that my feet can be made to any size and put into any discounted boots in the mall. I did it, this is the benefit of no feet!
  Then I asked myself, how should life continue? If my life is a book and I am the author, what kind of story do I want to have? I started daydreaming. I dreamed that, as a child, I dreamed of walking around elegantly. I was free to help others around me and I could go skiing happily. I can't just watch myself pass the time a little bit, I want to feel, to feel the wind blowing over my face, to feel my heart beat faster. It seems that since then, my life has opened a new chapter.
  Four months later, I returned to the ski slopes and things were not as smooth as I thought. My knees and ankles couldn't bend. For a moment, on the upward ropeway, I scared all the skiers. My feet and skis were tied down and flew down the slope, but I was still on the top of the mountain. I was shocked, as shocked as other skiers, but not discouraged. I know I can only ski again if I find the right feet. This time I learned that the limitations and obstacles in our lives can only result in two endings: either to stagnate us, or to force us to generate great creativity.
  After researching for a year, I still haven't figured out which foot to use, and I haven't found any manufacturer that can help me, so I decided to do it myself. I randomly assembled parts with my prosthetic maker, and we made a pair of ski-able feet. You see, rusty bolts, rubber, wood, and bright pink tape, although simple, but I can change the color of nail polish! These prosthetics are the best 21st birthday presents I have ever received.
  Later my dad gave me a kidney so that I could chase my dreams again. I started skiing, went back to work, and went back to school. In 2005 I participated in investing in a non-profit organization dedicated to young people with disabilities so that they can participate in extreme sports. Later, I had the honor to go to South Africa so that thousands of children there could put on shoes and walk to school. Then, in February 2010, I won two gold medals in the World Ski Championships, which made me the highest ranked disabled female player in ski competitions in the world.
  11 years ago I lost my feet and I don't know what I can do. But if you ask me today, are you willing to turn back and let my life return to the original track, my answer is: NO! Because my feet did not make me incapacitated, but forced me to rely on my imagination, to believe in various possibilities, and to convince me that imagination can be used as a tool to break all barriers. Because deep in our consciousness, we can do everything and be anyone. So believe in your dreams forever and face your fears. Let's live ourselves and exceed the limits!
  Although today's theme is about innovation, my story seems to be off topic, but I have to say that innovation is the only possibility in my life. Because my experience taught me that those pains and misfortunes seem to be the end of life, but also where the imagination and story begin.
  So what I want to tell you today is not to take the challenges and difficulties in life as bad things, you should look at them from the front, and let them be a beautiful gift that brightens your imagination. It will help us to transcend ourselves and leap over barriers to see what surprises life can bring us.