Without wings, you can be a beautiful angel
  "This child is so pitiful, like a bird without wings, how will she live in the future ..." 25 years ago, she fell to the ground, the midwife held her up, and regretted that this child was born without arms !! Mother Anna woke up from her post-natal coma, and was too late to taste her mother's happiness, and was stunned by her child's condition.
  Fortunately, after suffering, Anna quickly adjusted her mentality and began to face reality. Anna has trained her daughter systematically since she was very young. At first, she was taught to use her feet to grab toys, which she could easily perform with her hands, and she had to repeat it many times. Fortunately, she was very smart, and gradually, not only learned to use her feet to hold toys, she could also use her feet to eat, dress, and even comb her hair.
  Soon she reached the age of school, and her mother had taught her to write with her feet. Before going to school, she was still in a state of elation and returned from school with tears on her face. It turned out that several children laughed at her writing, and nobody even wanted to be her at the same table.
  The look of her daughter's grievance stabbed Anna's heart instantly. She began to tell a story for her daughter: "In the legend, angels have a beautiful pair of wings, and they fly around all day to bring happiness and joy to people. However, there is an angel who has no wings at birth. For this reason, She was very sad and washed her face with tears every day. God knew this and comforted her by saying that you can be an angel without wings, as long as you know how to be tolerant and actively help others. The little angel suddenly understands that from now on, she will I'm not sad, I always try my best to convey love, everyone loves her ... "
  Before Anna finished telling the story, her daughter burst into tears and laughed: "Mom, I also want to be an angel without wings!" Since then, facing other people's ridicule, she no longer complains, but spreads kindness as much as possible. For example, share your chocolates with Little John, lend colored pens to Molly sitting in the front row, and help children look after their clothes when they play sports.
  In this way, despite her physical defects, she grew happily all the way through the sun. The year she graduated from high school, she was hesitating to study what major. Suddenly, there was bad news. A girl from a neighbor's house committed suicide. That girl, not only very beautiful, but also good at singing and dancing, just a few days ago, they were chatting together. So how can a healthy and beautiful life suddenly disappear?
  It turned out that the girl with a sunny appearance had already suffered from severe depression, but the careless parents had not been able to detect it. Sadly for her friend, she immediately decided to apply for a psychology major, hoping that she could use her professional knowledge to save those who have a “disability” mentality.
  At the age of 22, she finally graduated with honors and became a professional psychological consultant. By chance, she met a fighter pilot, who advised her to learn to fly. Because of her inherent timidity and fear of heights, she rejected the friend's suggestion.
  Just then, a girl who danced ballet had repeatedly committed suicide quietly after losing her legs in a car accident, and was taken to her mental clinic by her parents. Facing the desperate girl, she was determined to make a bet, so she said to the girl, "If someone like me without arms can learn to fly an airplane, you must promise me to live well!" The girl did not Believing she could do it, she nodded mechanically.
  In the following days, she worked hard to overcome the fear of heights, and spent five times more time than ordinary people, and finally obtained a light aircraft license, becoming the first pilot to fly an aircraft with two feet. The moment she drove up the sky, she couldn't help crying, and the ballet girl was finally moved by her courage, and she vowed to restart her life.
  Her name was Cox and she was born in Arizona, USA. This feat of soaring the sky made her a local celebrity all at once. In an interview with a TV station, she smiled and said, "It turns out that even without arms, the dream of soaring the blue sky can be realized ! At that moment, I seemed to see the angel without wings in a fairy tale ..."
  Cox's next plan is to train other people with disabilities to fly airplanes, so that more people understand that the most terrible thing in life is not a physical disability. As long as you have the determination and courage to change your destiny, even without wings Become a beautiful angel!