Fifty-nine no dignity
  When I was fourteen years old, my father went bankrupt because of a business failure, and our whole family was in the most miserable situation. We had to move from the penthouse in the rich area to the small apartment in the poor area, and the mother, who had been a housewife at home, had to apply for a job for the first time with a printed resume.
  "Of course, we can apply for social welfare relief, but I don't want our children to lose their dignity because of this." I still remember the words that my mother said when arguing with my father in the room, that was the first time I saw Until the mother expressed her will so seriously before his father.
  In order to earn some pocket money, I begged my classmates to help me find a part-time job in a fast food restaurant during the winter vacation. In such a cold winter, I usually sat in the fire-burning room at home and drank a cup of hot coffee, but now, I have to face this reality, I can only humbly give coffee Someone else drank.
  One day, I found that my naughty brother had broken my beloved baseball bat, and I was very annoyed. You know, as soon as I start school, I will participate in the school's baseball game. With the hard money I make every day, I have to work hard for at least a week before I can buy such a good stick.
  I scolded my brother angrily: "Hey, you bad guy, do you know how much wrong I have to suffer in the shop to buy this back?"
  At that time, the mother happened to pass by the door of the room. When she heard my complaint, she came into the door in surprise and said, "Joseph, are you aggrieved in the shop? Tell me and your father if anything, we will help you Yes, if you are really aggrieved there, then you should resign and go home. "
  "Going home?" I sneered, watching the resume just printed in my mother's hand, and blurted out: "Then I can't even afford the cheapest baseball bat! You will help me, how do you come Help me, you can't even find a job that makes money! "
  God knows how hurtful my irrational words are, because I've seen my mother's complexion turn pale. Yes, I should not blame and ridicule them. It's been a long time since my father failed to get rid of guilt, and my mother has left society for a long time. How can we force her to find a good job to support her family? But I just don't understand the situation of the family at this time, why does the mother still keep those so-called dignity, and is unwilling to ask for help from social welfare agencies! It is of course the best to preserve dignity, but the most important thing is reasonable survival!
  "I'm sorry!" I ran to my mother, hugging her weak shoulders, and tears burst out. I think we are all too close to the test that God has given us.
  At noon one day, an exaggerated young man came to the store for lunch. I ordered food for him. He asked for a steak and a cup of hot coffee. A few minutes later, I brought the hot coffee from the kitchen in front of him. Just as I wanted to put it on the table, he suddenly lifted his hand and knocked over the tray of my coffee. I burned my teeth and grinned, and his body was covered with coffee. But when he saw this, he didn't ask me about the scald, so he immediately stood up and accused me of negligence, and asked the store to compensate him for the laundry expenses.
  The boss came from the background when he heard the news. He was unwilling to bear such losses, but did not want to offend the customer. He told me that I would be responsible for the loss of my work mistakes. In desperation, I had to argue with the guests, saying that he had spilled coffee because he suddenly raised his hand. When he heard me, he not only refused to pay compensation, but also said that the responsibility rested on him, and he immediately became furious and lost his temper in the shop.
  At that time, the store was at its peak. When the boss saw something getting worse, he had to compromise with the other party and said that our store was willing to compensate him for the laundry expenses. Unexpectedly, the guest was not satisfied with such compensation at this time. He insisted that my arrogance irritated him, not only asked me to apologize to him, but also made a very unreasonable request, and asked me to kneel down to admit his mistake.
  Although his request was so eye-catching, in order to settle the matter as soon as possible and reduce the impact on the store business, the boss still suggested that I do as the customer requested, and also hinted that if I refused to compromise, I would immediately Fire me and deduct all my pay.
  I really wanted to turn around and leave immediately, but my feet were so indifferent. Counting it down, I already have fifty-nine dollars in salary, and I have already figured out how to use the money. I want to buy a Monteson sweater and a new baseball bat to go to school's spring baseball game. God knows how many girls in class will scream at me. But if I leave, all these dreams will be lost.
  Just as I was holding back the tears in my eyes, a woman suddenly rushed in, took my hand and said, "Child, don't kneel, the man has gold under his knee. This is not your fault, even if he scores a point. I won't give you money, nor can I admit that you haven't made a mistake. "When I looked up, I saw my skinny mother. I don't know how I followed my mother out of the noisy fast-food restaurant and returned home. It was so sad to think that all the fifty-nine dollars earned from hard work were gone. Suddenly, I resented my mother for no reason. If it weren't for her presence, maybe I would be able to keep my job as a fast food restaurant.
  Although I did n’t say this to my mother, I think she must have felt it, because during that time, I kept myself in my room every day and never went anywhere, even if I faced my mother during the meal. With a cold face, I didn't even look at her squarely.
  It wasn't until one day when my mother knocked on the door and handed me fifty-nine dollars, I looked up at her in surprise. Mother said that she came to the store to find the boss theory, and also recovered my wages. Holding the money, I hugged my mother with a smile.
  Soon, the winter vacation was over. I bought a beautiful sweater with this hard-earned fifty-nine dollars and a sturdy baseball bat. The school baseball team has mailed me the schedule for the spring season. On the way, I met a classmate who worked with me in a fast-food restaurant. He gave me a thumbs up and said, "Good job, Joseph, I didn't expect that you could even save that much money." I was proud. Tell him that my mother has helped me get the money in the store, but my classmates snapped and said to me, "This is impossible. Your mother has been to the store, but the boss did not give her money because The boss has already paid your wages to that little bastard. "
  This time, I froze. I don't know where the fifty-nine dollars that my mother gave me came from.
  With the help of my father, I walked around to find my mother's place of work. It was a cold and humid underground parking lot. When I entered, I smelled a musty smell, and my mother was a cleaner there. I can't imagine that the noble mother who used to drink high-grade coffee in the cafe now works as a cleaner in such a place. I walked in and was seeing a car rushing out of the parking lot. The dirty water splashed on the mother's face. The mother chased after it and threw a banknote in the carriage. The mother said nothing and bent. Pick up the banknotes at the waist and gently wipe the dirty water without dignity.
  I can feel my tears falling drop by drop. It turns out that my mother has always bought back my dignity with her own dignity, and bought back the gold under my knee with fifty-nine dollars.
  Many years have passed, and I have grown from an uninformed teenager to a successful businessman in the business world today , and on this journey, whenever my dignity was challenged, my mother wiped the dirty water on my face in the parking lot That scene will appear before my eyes. And it turns out that the mother is right. A man without dignity cannot have a successful career. Many of my clients have chosen to work with me based on their admiration and respect. The dignity that my mother bought back with fifty-nine dollars will make my life endless!