Losing money is making money
  On a drizzling morning, a young man carrying a handbag was slamming on the door of the house. After a long time, the impatient owner finally opened the door. The young man approached politely to show his intentions. It turned out that the owner was a customer who ordered a batch of machines with him half a month ago, but recently the young man accidentally discovered that the machine he sold was slightly more expensive than other companies, so he came here intentionally and asked the customer to cancel the contract And return the entire deposit to the customer. When the young man handed the contract and the deposit in the bag to the owner, the owner suddenly froze. He had never seen such a silly salesman!
  This "stupid boy" was the founder of Yamaichi Securities, Japan's fourth largest securities company-Koike Kunizo. In that incident, the 33 customers who ordered did not only cancel the contract, but also widely praised Koike's integrity . Since then, Koike Kunisan has taken a successful step.
  If the customer chooses to cancel the contract at that time, Koike Guosan will definitely suffer significant losses, but he is even more aware that if the customer knows that he has been deceived, those high-priced machines that are barely sold will definitely reduce customer satisfaction, and from then on he may It will be difficult to solicit business again.
  The study points out that a satisfied customer can lead to 8 businesses, while an unsatisfied customer affects the purchase intention of 25 people. Therefore, many companies are now clamoring for customer satisfaction, and claim to improve customer satisfaction by improving product quality and adding additional services. In essence, customer satisfaction is closely related to product utility, but customer expectations are also an important factor.
  For example, one day you cut a 15 yuan hair in a barber shop on the street, look in the mirror, and feel that the master's craftsmanship is not bad; when the New Year, you spend 300 yuan to the newest hair salon in the city to make a new one Friends think that the shape is okay, but you don't like it when you look at it from the left and right. Generally speaking, a senior hair stylist should be superior to the skill of a street hairdresser, but because of his fame and charges, you can expect that his service will be much higher than that of a street master, so even if he does better, You still feel dissatisfied.
  In the practice of improving customer satisfaction, companies often only focus on increasing product effectiveness, and ignore the control of customer expectations, so that some companies caused serious consequences by blindly expanding customer expectations.
  Many health care brands in China win huge early market share by exaggerating advertisements. Just like a certain brand of oral liquid, the rendering of the advertisement makes it a modern elixir that "is diseased and cured, and is healthy without disease". While attracting purchases, it causes the customers' expectations of the product to be extremely inflated, so if there are any defects in the product, customer satisfaction will plummet. And its failure was due to the accidental death of a customer taking a drug.
  Customer satisfaction, a seemingly simple concept actually contains complex meanings and subtle mysteries. Satisfied customers don't have to go back and buy your product again. Customer satisfaction is only the first goal of a marketing campaign. Just like visiting Koike, the first customer, the road is still far away.