Like and succeed
  On May 14, 2013, the second Microsoft National Challenge of Programming Beauty, which lasted for two months, ended at the headquarters of Microsoft Asia-Pacific R & D Group. Li Xue from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications won the 2013 National Challenge of Programming Beauty and was joked To be the goddess of the code world.
  Li Xue was born in Qian'an, Hebei Province in 1991. Her childhood was carried out step by step: going to school, leaving school, doing homework. Unlike other children, Li Xue is very self-disciplined and has a very planned work. He has shown extraordinary self-control ability since childhood.
  On the first day, Li Xue began to get in touch with computers and gradually fell in love with them. In the second year of the junior year, she participated in the information science competition organized by the school and focused on the basic knowledge of computers. Li Xue found it very interesting and fun. Since then, programming has broken into Li Xue's life, and she is almost crazy about this brain-testing project.
  In the test after the end of the fourth Li Xue highest score of the city, she can be on any one of the local high school, but she did not read, because she found all the local high school to college entrance examination as the highest goal, not to carry out competitions. So in order to continue to participate in the informatics competition, Li Xue, accompanied by her mother, went to Tangshan No. 1 Middle School for luck, and they went directly to the teaching office to indicate that they wanted to study here. The teacher of the Academic Affairs Office asked Li Xue to take the examination of the competition class. As a result, she was admitted to the competition class with only 100 students each session.
  In the competition class, in addition to reporting to the editorial competition group, Li Xue also reported to a biology competition group. A month later, Li Xue found that the participation in the two competition groups was a bit weak, and she gave up the biology competition group and specialized in programming.
  Last junior year of high school, Li Xue represented the school in the International Information Olympic District League. The head teacher sweated for her, for fear of delaying her college entrance examination. However, after the competition results came out, Li Xue won the first prize of the district league. According to the college entrance examination policy, she obtained the qualification to be sent to college. After participating in the interview and assessment of four schools, Li Xue was admitted to the Communication Engineering Department of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.
  When she was a freshman, when she saw the poster of the school program competition, Li Xue declared her name, but required a group of three to be able to use C ++ proficiently. Li Xue also came into contact with this course when she was a freshman. None of them was interested. Helplessly, Li Xue went to the battlefield alone. After struggling for a while, Li Xue won the bronze medal in the competition, so the school teacher followed her and took her. The ACM training team was dug. CCM is the abbreviation of Program Design Contest. It has been dubbed the "Program Design Olympics". It has been 30 years since it was founded in 1970. It is the oldest and most influential program design contest in the world.
  During the sophomore summer vacation, most of the students went home to reunite with their parents, but Li Xue was intensive training in the ACM training team. A training often lasted 5 or 6 hours. In that competition, there were 3 people in each group As a result, Li Xuan's Xuan team cooperated very well and finally won the silver medal. In the second game, they won the gold medal.
  In March of this year, Li Xue accidentally saw the promotional poster for the "Beauty of Programming" contest by the Microsoft Club on the campus of Beiyou. Snow reached the top 60 and reached the finals, while only two girls were finalists.
  In the final, Li Xue ’s team worked seamlessly and ranked first. In the final unified stage, according to the results of the finals, Li Xue ranked higher than his teammates and won the second “National Beauty of Programming Challenge”. "The champion's laurels. Good things followed, and several companies threw olive branches at her, welcoming her to work after graduation. Years of hard work have finally brought joy to the harvest.
  At the summary meeting of the competition, Zong Luolan, the director of Microsoft Research said, "Li Xue's success is not so much as inadvertently inserting willows, but rather the opportunity is always reserved for those who are prepared to find their own interests and make adhere to their tireless efforts, you have no reason to not succeed. "
  Yes, life has never been smooth and smooth. The reason why many people are so inactive in life is that they do n’t understand themselves, the world, their best interests, and they do n’t stick to their best projects. It is because of the gains and losses in the face of various temptations, and the inversion of the primary and secondary.