Don't envy others for success
  Once, my friends and I went to a concert, and the stage was brilliantly lit, the stars gathered, and the crowd of fans under the stage was full of worship. A friend said enviously: "Everyone grew up eating whole grains. Why is the gap so big?"
  I smiled and told my friends that it was because others paid, and we did not pay, or paid too little. A long time ago, I read a story about a stone building a road complaining about unfair destiny. He questioned God: "Why are they the same stone, they can be worshipped by thousands of people, and we can only be ignored and stepped on by their feet. What about Shizi? They are the stone statues next to him. The daily incense keeps flowing and the worshippers are endless. Heaven replied, "At the time you lived in the same mountain with the stone statue, you could have become a statue admired by others, but you can't stand the pain of the rig, it broke when you drill, and the stone statue bears everything silently, leaving the wind Blowing the rain and letting a knife and axe stab, he kept silent and persisted till the end. So you became a paving stone and he became a mighty idol. "
  Mencius said: "If you want to be a great man, you must first suffer from his mind, strain his bones, starve his body, empty his body, and disturb his actions. Therefore, he must be patient, and Zeng Yiqi cannot." There is no casual failure, no glorious success, sweat is behind glory, and perseverance is behind applause.
  In fact, the success of anyone is not accidental, nor is it all luck, but the result of long-term precipitation, accumulation and hard work. Just like a fruit, it needs to go through the process of blooming in spring, green in summer, and maturity in autumn, and it must be baptized by the scorching sun, wind, frost, snow, and rain to become heavy.
  Known as the "king of short stories", Maupassant studied writing with Flaubert, a famous French writer . When he was a teacher, Flaubert made a small request to Maupassant, that is, to be able to withstand loneliness, not to rush to work quickly, to observe the things around him, and to complete each piece meticulously. Maupassant follows the teaching instructions of the teacher. He has worked hard for seven years as a day to lay a solid foundation and practice basic skills. He has not published an article in the meantime. Seven years later, "Lamb Fat Ball" came out. Like a blockbuster, it shook the entire French literary world and even the world literary world. Maupassant was shining like a shooting star across the night sky.
  The hottest movie "Avatar" in 2009, immediately after its release, caused a huge earthquake around the world, and the audience's voice continued to reach a level of praise. Cameron created an amazing movie myth, earning $ 2 billion in just a couple of months, and became the king of the box office in 2009. When people see Cameron's brilliant aura, few people think that this is the result of his twelve years of hard work and hard work. In these twelve years, he has made every detail of this movie in obscurity, endured the loneliness that unimaginable to ordinary people, and endured the pressure and pain that ordinary people cannot bear.
  The success of Maupassant and Cameron relied on long-term tolerance and hard work. Years of hard work have long sharpened them into a sharp sword. Once the opportunity comes, they will push their achievements to the top with a thunderbolt. Sometimes success is so simple, as long as you can bear the pain that others cannot bear, and you can bear the suffering that others cannot bear.