Poor is sloppy wine
  When I lived in the Landi Factory, there were military camps nearby, and a bugle sounded very early. It was dark in winter, and I felt that every sound was in the middle of the night, and I was awakened by my parents with the sound of the sound, shivering with frost.
  The bugle sound in the haze and the smell of coal in the air are my first impressions of Beijing winter 14 years ago. The reason to get up so early is because the physical education class at that time had a one-thousand-meter run, and the high school entrance examination also had this item. My father would accompany me to get up and run every morning. I often drowsyly ran on the desolate road of the Landi Plant. My father always patted me on the road and told me to hurry.
  At that time, I was wearing double star running shoes, the English name was Double Star. When I first heard of Double Star, I thought it was a famous brand like Nike, but after translating, I knew it was Double Star. At that time, boys should wear double stars. There are only a few of them who can always wear brand-name shoes in class. They will support their feet far during class and their legs will be higher than others. I still remember their sitting postures until now. I didn't understand why they were sitting so slumped. Now think about the reason. On those roads where street lights can't cast, my father and I often only hear each other's breathing and footsteps. Many years later, when I walked with my father in so many dusks, I would remember the road with my father back then, remembering that my long-distance running was always full marks.
  My father was betting all my hopes on me at that time. He resigned from the county tax bureau and went to Beijing to do business. With his wife and son, all the cash in the family gave me the sponsorship fee, leaving me with a thousand. Many people ask us why we were so impressed at the beginning. Parents will say that they are afraid that their children will not be able to afford admission to a good school in the future. When it comes to roots, parents will say, because they don't read much, don't think much.
  Therefore, when I first scored 79 points in the math test in Beijing, my father fell out of the house after learning that he stood at night, smoking outside and looking into the distance. His hands were shaking with anger. It's the most disappointing back of my father I've ever seen. My parents brought me to Beijing to play when I graduated from elementary school. In Tiananmen Square, my father asked a bottle picker how much he could make a month, and the man said two thousand. So my father said that he could stay and stay alive to pick up the tattered ones. Because his father's salary was only 800. Now everyone is crowding into the civil servants. Although it was said that it was the end of the tidal wave at that time, my father fired the public squid with excellent performance at that time, but still shocked the county, so that there was a rumor in our county that my father was in Beijing To drug dealers, otherwise there is no logic to explain. Drug trafficking or something, let ’s talk for a joke. At the beginning, we could n’t even heat the heater. We had to hit the ice every day to go out. The water vapor that came out at night would seal the door dead. In the second year, the Chinese New Year was so poor that there were only 200 yuan left, and even his hometown could not be returned.
  But at that time, after all, it didn't starve to death. My mother said that Beijingers are stupid. She eats ducks and eats skins, leaving only so much meat for a big duck stand for two dollars, so my mother buys a duck stand for me. I do n’t remember how much I ate. My mother said that she could eat a whole one by squatting at the door at that time. She looked very happy, but she always regretted that she did n’t make up for it at that time, which made me not look like 舅舅So high.
  My mother will buy me loach of death. She said that the loach was sold to a vegetable market in the morning, and the bumps would turn her belly and look like dead, so she sold a pound for a pound. The mother bought them back, and after a short rinse with cold water, they were alive.
  In fact, what's the matter with dead fish? How many fish can be alive when you buy fish on the farm decades ago? Last year when I watched Forty Women, the mother above was buying the fish and was waiting for the fish to die. It seemed that the fish was shot hard without the seller paying attention. If this part of the crosstalk would make people laugh, I would laugh too much when I heard it, but then I thought of the mother who bought the loach. When the mother bought the loach, they would pack them and lay them on the roof. You can buy it every time you see it, and it will be stored in a bottle and dried slowly.
  There was a time when the mother wore slippers to the roof and slipped down when she came down, her big toe poked on the iron dustpan, and she bleed a lot of blood. For a month, I helped my mother to the hospital to change the dressing every few days. The Sijiqing Road I walked through was also the way I ran with my father.
  That road is now full of prosperity, and no shadow of that time can be found. I don't remember the way that road was, because it was either seen at dawn or passed by holding her mother. When I was holding my mother, my heart was as painful as her feet. Where would I notice the surroundings, then all the impressions of the hospital on that road were concentrated within a few feet of my mother, and the rest were already blurred.
  I remembered the cottage I used to live in. I remembered the scent of rice in the rice cooker, the smell of the paint over the hot pot at the desk, and the smell of the toilet in the back window.
  There are two beds at home, a table, a lamp, a pot. The most advanced electrical appliances are the backgammon repeaters that I have to use to learn English. That is also the entertainment tool for our whole family. When a family eats, they can always sing around it. recording. My father sometimes travels and cannot go home for two or three months. When I miss him, I listen to his singing. I put it in the toilet outside in the middle of the night, my mother put on a coat and ran out, thinking that my husband was back, but found that I came out of the toilet and held the repeater, and she called me neurotic. Another time I stepped on the boiling water in the rice cooker, soaked my feet, and cried wow, my mother held me crying, and shouted sweetheartedly. Such a big Beijing, it seems that there are just such a pair of mother and son, the mother cried, "I'm sorry, sorry, why do you go to Beijing to suffer this crime? If you were in your hometown, how could you burn your feet like this?" Yes, we use boiling rice cookers to boil water, isn't it to save a hot money?
  But sorrow is just like that, it will make dear people hold tighter. My father told me during a walk with me in the future that he and his mother were more affectionate than their newlyweds. For too many nights, they all worry about insomnia, but they can depend on each other.