I am Li Ning, I have a champion heart
  September 1988, the Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea, known as the "Prince of Gymnastics" Li Ning, hang a foot in the rings competition, after Ding fell a pier in the vault competition. This time, he failed badly, and to the end of a brilliant career. But no one thought that this failure has opened the life of his campaign the business community, and create a great sports brand - "Li Ning."
  [Great] failure
  In 1963, Li Ning was born in Guangxi Laibin an ordinary teacher family. His 7-year-old gymnastics, 17-year-old into the national team, 18-year-old (1981) won three World University Games champion, 19-year-old (1982) swept the World Cup gymnastics competition won all seven gold medals in six, to create the world mythical history of gymnastics, opened their own "hanging open," life.
  However, Lining Tan statement that he was not "good boy", take the slingshot hit bulbs, climb tall buildings nests, secretly in love have done. Fortunately, this did not affect the Li Ning continue to erupt out of superhuman strength.
  In 1984, in the new China for the first time to participate in the Los Angeles Olympic Games, Li Ning scored 3 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze, one person took one-fifth of the total number of Chinese Olympic team medal, hero becomes a whole nation admires.
  Upon his return home return, Nanning city by storm, Li Ning, standing in convertible car shine Xun Cheng, went applause, cheers, firecrackers crews are moving. Return of the King supreme honor, it is so unprepared to come in the young adults.
  Li Ning, a whole era, he won 14 world champions, major competitions at home and abroad a total of 106 gold medals, known as the "prince of gymnastics." His legendary invincible, that people his whole body for injuries and retirement application completely ignoring, just to enable him to carry on in the end the myth of the Seoul Olympics.
  In that glorious and turbulent era, the needs of the country and the nation were greater than everything, and Li Ning didn't want and could not bear the crime of escape. But gymnastics is the rice bowl of youth, in the arena of the Seoul Olympics, "advanced age" prince of gymnastics on the rings intended to plug foot; vault competition, he landed and fell a Ding pier. Taishishuizhun's performance was disappointing, but Li Ning on television cameras, smiled and stood up.
  Overwhelming ridicule and abuse, Li Ning's "mystery of the smile" was misinterpreted as the game "do not care."
  In those days, people desire for gold is much larger than tolerance and understanding for athletes. After returning to Beijing from Seoul, Li Ning left hurriedly after waiting for everyone in the cabin. Surrounded by cheering him away from the reception hall, sneaking a gray channel, but still be recognized airport staff, teasing a "where the bad fall, it fell to the run", which makes Li Ning feel miserable.
  Fortunately, the end of the tunnel, a long-awaited man was holding a bouquet of flowers, sincerely, warmly welcome the return of Li Ning.
  His name is Li Jingwei, Guangdong Jianlibao Group executives. This is not strictly research the details, but people are very willing to believe the story touched people's hearts.
  Years later people will find that without Lining Han city of defeat, and perhaps will never be born, "Li Ning" this great brand.
  [Create "Li Ning"]
  Become a nation "sinners" from the sports hero, Li Ning disheartened. In 1989, Li Ning officially retired. The great champion of the country is still full of respect, gives good arrangements within the system, so that he, optionally, deputy director of Guangxi Sports Commission and the national gymnastics team coaches. But Li Ning went to Sanshui, Guangdong, and fled to Li Jingwei, a township enterprise.
  Successful entrepreneur thing is exactly the same, that is, dare to take risks.
  Li Jingwei is the Chinese modern business history of a legend. He worked as deputy director of the Sanshui County Sports Commission, who after being pushed into the county's wineries as director, relying on a sports drink formulations containing alkaline electrolyte, fiddle out of Jianlibao. CW Lee was not in the pool, the pride red earth borrow money to sponsor the Olympic Games, Jianlibao to let reputed China. This little-known township enterprises, the output value that year jumped from 900,000 to 50,000,000.
  Li Jingwei Li Ning's "diehard powder", he eagerly looking forward to Li Ning to join Jianlibao. After the top athletes retired officer is not a coach, Li Jingwei proposal, but it gives another possible road to financial freedom. Li Ning Li Jingwei has also been impressed by the business legend, the two have become the friends and business partners.
  May 1989, Li Ning wore a question of public opinion, officially joined the Jianlibao.
  Jianlibao in a very grand ceremony to welcome the appointment of world champion. Li Ning as "special assistant to the general manager", responsible for public relations, marketing, organizing sports garment factory work.
  With natural instincts, Li Ning Jianlibao proposed for commercials a very dynamic sport by him personally appeared. So, Jianlibao CCTV spent 600,000 price advertising, once broadcast, caused a sensation again, and then Jianlibao sales soared by 30 million yuan.
  Jianlibao business in full swing, and quickly hurried Li Jingwei garment factory will be launched. Li Ning of fame is large enough, the factory pulled Singapore investment, "Li Ning" has been created, the main sports apparel, Li Ning made as general manager. But Li Ning brand name quite entangled: Seoul defeat or heart pain, fell from the rings had been condemned, then so unassuming to do business, how people will see?
  But Li Jingwei is convinced that, "Li Ning" is the name of the championship is a huge asset. With reason, "Li Ning" is overwhelming, it is "patriotic." Jianlibao's dream , is to make Chinese-made athletes drink sports drinks; and "Li Ning" the mission is to make China-made high-end athletes wearing sportswear. In this way, Chinese people can have dignity and confidence.
  But everything is hard in the beginning. Li Ning Company first orders, come face to see, no one orders. Li Ning, the whole day trying to think, how can you break out the brand?
  A good opportunity to come soon, and that is the Beijing Asian Games.
  [Asian Games Scramble]
  August 1990, on the snow-covered plateau, wearing a white Li Ning, "Li Ning" sportswear, he took over the Asian Games "torch" from Tibetan girl Dawa Yangzom hands. The sacred classic moments, through television fixed in the minds of many Chinese people.
  To get right to the Asian Games torch relay, Li Ning want to break his head, worn mouth.
  At that time, organizing the Asian Games has been a commercial operation of consciousness. Rights torch relay competition is fierce, the National Sports Commission will offer 300 million US dollars, Fuji, Japan, South Korea's Samsung are very interested, but Li Ning took only come to 2.5 million. In desperation, Li Ning find the National Sports Commission, talking about his entrepreneurial dream, talking on the podium wearing a "foreign brands" of shame, and talk to "mercenary" of Ueberroth - even that of the United States to take the Olympics make money people have the right to deliberately pass the Olympic torch ...... reserved for domestic firms in the business of sport is not rich era, Li Ning truth impressed the national Sports Commission, the brand for the people to fight for this opportunity.
  So, in a month-long torch relay in the Asian Games, "Li Ning service" go hand in hand, 2.5 billion Chinese and foreign television viewers to see and hear. Asian Games was over, Li Ning, the company received orders for 15 million, began to grow rapidly.
  From the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, the Chinese Olympic team receive an award gone through other brands of clothes, "Li Ning service" has become the standard. In particular, the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, "Li Ning" and "China Dragon" theme receiving awards and butterflies shoes, known as "the best equipped to accept the award."
  90 years, "Li Ning" as unhindered, almost 100% per year rapid growth. But soon, someone is doing a Li Ning decisively "ungrateful" event - from Jianlibao.
  [ "Li Ning" solo]
  In 1994, Li Ning in Beijing encounter Capital Economic and Trade University professor Liu Jipeng. This "China share reform first person" sharply warned Li Ning, if not out of Jianlibao, next to a major event.
  It turned out that Li Ning Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jianlibao, and Sanshui in Guangdong Jianlibao and belongs to the municipal government, is entirely state-owned assets. Related property such seemingly can not tell no problem, the business bigger, there will be a pull clear of grievances. This statement pointing seems crystal clear today, but at that time, regarded as visionary.
  In this regard, Li Ning extremely hesitant. To do so, you will not be sorry Li Jingwei? Count ungrateful? Liu Jipeng listening but anxious, he even excitedly said, may find themselves on behalf of Li Ning Li Jingwei talk.
  However, after listening to Li Jingwei, fully supports Li Ning live on their own. End of the year, after making the adjustment of equity and brand, Li Ning successfully get out. Li Ning in cash, four times redeem the shares held by Jianlibao, CW Lee did not even due to return on investment.
  Clearly, the Li Ning Li Jingwei is worthy of envy, ever since the company completely their own. But as a business mentor Li Jingwei, but did not like Li Ning complete solo decision, the end result of Jianlibao stake in the dispute swallowed their anger and eventually become a major tragedy of entrepreneurs. If it was not Liu Jipeng, categorically not the solo, Li Ning will eventually encounter what results? No one can predict.
  [Li Ning stealth]
  On June 28, 2004, Li Ning, who had faded from public view for many years, suddenly appeared on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. On this day, Li Ning was successfully listed on the main board of Hong Kong, and the stock market was favored by the capital market as soon as the market opened.
  Li Ning is no longer that pure-spirited and muscular young man, and has become a middle-aged man with two pale faces and vicissitudes on his face. He had to help people reposition: "I am an entrepreneur with a 14-year business history, please don't think of me as a star idol anymore."
  In 1996, out of Jianlibao Li Ning company headquarters to Beijing. That year, it hit a record 670 million sales. But soon the Southeast Asian financial crisis hit, the company's growth stalled. Li Ning is deeply their own lack of knowledge, determined to go to Beijing University, the company's professional managers to take care of themselves fade out the daily management.
  Li Ning's philosophy is: as a company, one person can't make a big deal, we must invite outstanding talents to join, and turn the company into everyone's business.
  In Li Ning, Chen Yihong and Zhang Zhiyong are the "outstanding talents" in Li Ning's mind.
  Chen Yihong is a veteran of Li Ning Company. He has been a soldier, ambitious and aggressive, and has a wolf temperament. He is complementary to Li Ning who is gentle and modest.
  The most typical is that Li Ning will not chase people to ask for accounts, but Chen Yihong can.
  Chen Yihong the company is doing a bang, established the famous slogan "Anything is possible," just as he presided over the period. But in 2001, Chen Yihong Li Ning produce differences in philosophy, general manager Zhang Zhiyong to put himself ready to resign away. As can drink a pound the table of an old friend, Chen Yihong Li Ning did not let go. After obtaining a franchise of the Italian brand Kappa, Li Ning will take care of this business to Chen Yihong, the ultimate success of the cause of this "fashion movement Godfather".
  And after Zhang Zhiyong took over the company, but also feel Lining Han See the "decentralization." As general manager, he and Li Ning, about two months to see minor face, the usual contact is email, SMS. Even business mergers and acquisitions this event, also usually Zhang Zhiyong call the shots. Li Ning In addition to the Board and the implementation of the strategy by the end of the meeting four times a year, will not ask specific matters of the company.
  Li Ning's fade out is based on the consideration of professional operation of the company, especially not to be burdened by his own reputation. Most of his energy is devoted to an athlete education fund. There are a large number of athletes who retire in China each year. What do they do about their livelihood? Li Ning will be planning a fund, to send them abroad for training, coaching, seeking a way out, and even personal wealth planning. Because on the right track career, he felt that it was more important than the operating companies.
  For the employees of Li Ning Company, the chairman has become a "mysterious figure", and everyone can only see it at the company's annual meeting. There is also a very interesting rumor inside the company:
  One day, a middle-aged man with a slightly bald head and two grays walked into the company, but was stopped by the front desk lady. "I'm here to work!" Li Ning had to explain embarrassingly.
  Li Ning's vision was obviously good, and Zhang Zhiyong took good care of the company. In 2003, Li Ning's turnover exceeded 1 billion bottlenecks, and went public in June 2004. Li Ning's net worth also began to soar, reaching a peak of 12 billion in 2011.
  The sports stars fighting in the sea are not a few, but they have achieved such great commercial success like Li Ning, and there are few in the world. Li Ning still warned himself: success only represents the past, and the future must start from the beginning.
  However, an extremely brutal commercial war has begun.
  [Fighting Olympic Games]
  One day in 2004, Zhang Zhiyong quietly prepared a bid for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. To prevent leaks, he went to the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee with Li Ning and wrote an astronomical number on the bid.
  Subsequently, Li Ning personally carried the bidding box and walked into the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee.
  Li Ning and Zhang Zhiyong are actually gambling. After 4 years, the company will be able to afford the sky-high sponsorship fee, and Li Ning was not yet listed in Hong Kong at the time of the bid. Their confidence comes from their confidence in the Beijing Olympics. How can the Chinese athletes wear the "foreign brand" when hosting the Olympic Games at their doorstep?
  But it turned out that Li Ning was wrong. This is not the passionate age of 1990, and business rules have replaced everything.
  In the end, the wealthy Adidas defeated all opponents with a price of 1.3 billion. This means that at the Beijing Olympics, Chinese athletes will wear Adidas's award-winning uniforms on stage to receive awards.
  There is no doubt that Li Ning Company encountered a "Waterloo". Fortunately, there is also a "Plan B".
  "Li Ning" quickly signed an agreement with CCTV Sports Channel. In the sports events broadcasted in 2007-2008, the host and reporters appeared in the photo, all wearing "Li Ning" clothing. This means that as long as viewers watching the Beijing Olympics on television, they can see the "Li Ning" logo in sight. The moderator and reporter's exposure rate is obviously much higher than that of athletes. This strategy cleverly circumvented the exclusive barriers of "Olympic intellectual property rights" and embraced the Beijing Olympics at a very low cost. Of course, this is also no way out.
  However, this "sweeping the ball" quickly aroused Adidas' alertness. In order to defend their rights, Adidas and the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee jointly launched "anti-hidden marketing." The final result was that the "Li Ning" logo disappeared from the CCTV host.
  In this regard, Li Ning has no alternative. However, people are not as good as heaven.
  Adidas has counted thousands of counts, missing Li Ning company has a great world champion. Soon, at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games that attracted worldwide attention, Li Ning will ignite the Olympic flame on behalf of 1.3 billion Chinese people.
  On August 8, 2008, as the last torchbearer of the Olympic torch, Li Ning set foot on the clouds above the bird's nest and walked around the field for a week, lighting the main torch of the Beijing Olympics in the crowd's wait. Passion and dreams are burning at this moment, and people around the world are moved by this unprecedented creativity, and they firmly remember "Li-Ning". No one cares whether he was wearing clothes sponsored by Adidas.
  Time is always set. At the glorious moment of Li Ning's "flying sky", the result of the battle between the brand and the sponsor is therefore "confusing". The outside world thought that "Li Ning" was the sponsor of the Beijing Olympics. According to foreign media evaluations, this may be the most successful free advertisement in the history of the Olympics.
  Of course, Li Ning severely blocked the company's desire to commercialize it. Although this is understandable, Li Ning believes that he is lighting the flame on behalf of all Chinese people and athletes, not Li Ning.
  However, this cannot prevent Li Ning from becoming a big winner of the Beijing Olympics. In 2009, Li Ning completed sales revenue of 8.387 billion, surpassed Adidas in one fell swoop, and became the second largest sports brand in the Chinese market.
  The Deal or No Deal Adidas had wanted to go beyond relying on the prestige of the Olympic Games, Nike did not expect excessive optimism led to the backlog of goods, the result was Li Ning hit back.
  The defeat of Adidas has created an illusion for Li Ning: the national consumer psychology is gradually maturing, and people no longer blindly pursue "foreign brands."
  In this way, Li Ning Company has been unable to hide its ambition to become a king again, and is determined to let go again.
  Unexpected things happened, and the big mistake was made suddenly in the ambitious rapids.
  [Feng Yun mutation]
  The logo is like Nike, the slogan is like Adi, and some people once teased the brand of "Li Ning". But in the June 30, 2010, Li Ning, the company decided to change all this, released a new Logo and slogan. The logo cuts off the original L, making the lines more powerful; the slogan has also changed from Anyting is Possible to Make The Change.
  Most people are baffled by this. The new logo and new slogan don't seem to be touching. Usually only desperate brand will update Logo and slogan to take a chance, heady "Li Ning" go to war, I do not know trying to do? Li Ning Company in view, just overtake Adidas, the harder it is necessary to build on the progress, through the "face transplant" reshape "international" brand, in a more radical way to overtake Nike.
  In hindsight, this was a coma. But deep into the situation, the people in the bureau initiated this big change, but there was no excuse.
  Competitive reality is still cruel. With the Beijing Olympics, "Li Ning" has been beyond, the major sports brands also increased significantly. Nike, Adidas occupy the high-end, led by Anta Fujian "Jinjiang department" swept the low-end, Kappa sports and leisure, led by fast-selling brand and the sudden emergence of ...... This makes the card in the "midrange" of the "Li Ning" highlights the dilemma: on professional sports, lost to Nike, Adidas; on price, rather than "Jinjiang Department." Positioning fuzzy, directly led to consumer confusion.
  Brand aging is also a big problem.
  In 2007, Li Ning Company initiated a market survey, and the results showed that the actual consumer group of "Li Ning" was older, mainly 60 and 70;
  And after 90 young, feel "Li Ning" not "cool." In contrast, the distinctive Nike and Adidas more popular with young people. Looking into the future, the "Li Ning" brand is already feeling weak, so rebranding and Make The Change have become inevitable choices.
  However, Li Ning, which has just passed the Olympics, is like a heavily worn car. It should have completely reorganized its products, channels and marketing, but it has been filled with fuel. It is expected to rely on crazy acceleration to fight again. As a result, an unexpected storm swept through everything.
  [Great Decay]
  At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, Li Ning, who had a fear of heights, clenched her teeth and completed the "national task" of lighting the flame. Someone once asked him what he thought in the air, and his answer was: "Don't fall!"
  December 2010, Li Ning Company announced a second quarter 2011 product orders will be the case, have led to the stock plummeted. 10 days HK $ 5 billion market value evaporated. Since the rebranding, rising costs, Li Ning Company to raise prices three times within a year, resulting in the number of orders fell, more than 500 dealers closed shop inefficient, become the fuse of a major crisis.
  Soon, all the sports brands are in trouble inventory backlog. Everyone is busy crazy closed shop, arm to survive, Li Ning's situation is particularly acute. In 2012, the situation took a turn for the worse, and Zhang Zhiyong, the 20-year CEO, finally resigned and resigned. To save the crisis, Li Ning introduced the strategic investment of the US private equity fund TPG (Texas Pacific) and co-led the company with TPG partner Jin Zhenjun.
  Jin Zhenjun's business resume is amazing. He was in charge of Dell in South Korea, and in the four years of the overall decline in the industry, his performance has soared 10 times; in 2009, he saved Daphne, quadrupled his stock price and doubled his profit; he has since led Guanghui Automobile to grow rapidly. With such a record of resurrection, Li Ning obviously hopes that this "savior" will turn the tide.
  Kim Jin-jun after White, surprised at the Li Ning Company up to 15 month product cycle, inventory is more deeply embedded. To complete the rescue mission, Li Ning, Kim Jin Jun together set a "Henzhao": $ 1.8 billion on buy-back channels to support the dealers clear inventory.
  This was a very costly "bone scraping and curing poison". At that time, Li Ning's loss was as high as 1.979 billion. More than 1,800 stores were closed. The stock price plummeted from more than 20 to 4 yuan, which was almost a big collapse.
  But in Jin Zhenjun's view, such a "strong medicine" is worth a try. The whitewashed earnings report is meaningless. Only after improving the supply chain and clearing the inventory can Li Ning be reborn.
  Li Ning has a gentle personality, but never fails, even in the most difficult and risky moments, he still has the courage to let go.
  Face unprecedented critical situation, he did not conserved wanted stability, but more radical. May 2012, Li Ning Company to 5 years 2 billion price, sign the CBA main sponsor; 10 months to 10 years, $ 100 million signed NBA superstar Dwyane Wade; December, starting at a cost of 1.8 billion "channel Revival Plan. " The three major efforts cost nearly 5 billion yuan, which is full of the belief of victory .
  However, while holding high and spending a lot of money, Li Ning is still trapped in losses.
  CBA won the wise course, but the "Li Ning" high-priced 400 million a year, compared with the previous year Anta only 40 million price, apparently suffered a major loss; price is worth re-signed Wade to consider, with Wade limited edition sneakers The price is over one thousand. Compared with Nike and Adidas, the cost performance is obviously not enough. In addition, the sneaker technology is complicated and the foundry is not powerful. Many consumers can't get the goods. Thus, the deficit in 2013 and 392 million in 2014, then 781 million loss.
  Since starting his own business, Li Ning has never encountered such a crisis. Criticism and negative reports have swarmed in, which has made the great champion even more painful and even felt deeply beyond the limits for a time.
  In November 2014, Jin Zhenjun, who had high hopes, failed to save Li Ning and quietly stepped down. Facing a loss of 781 million yuan in 2014, Li Ning's two white-faced pledges pridefully: In 2015, he will make every effort to lead the company back to the track of profitable growth.
  [Heart of the Champion]
  There is no "savior" in anticipation of the Li Ning to save the "Li Ning." Only he personally coming out, to wake up the company's passion and fighting spirit inherent in the business era. This proved to be the only feasible method.
  Although Li Ning was previously the overlord of China's sports industry, from the outsiders' perspective, the "Li Ning" wolf is slightly inadequate. This is due to Li Ning generous wind of the elderly, even if he has a different opinion, it will not directly say "No", but will consult with the attitude to persuasion. In addition, he is very concerned to create a relaxed environment for employees, the more generous the compensation: Even in huge loss of 2012, welfare spending per employee are up to 20 million, which is much higher than normal rates of remuneration of private enterprises.
  Today, Li Ning is directly serving as CEO, and the company ’s morale is boosted. After the backbone “leaving wave”, people ’s hearts are reunited. "It is only when the founder returns" that people have renewed hope for "Li Ning".
  Before the formal coming out, Li Ning, the company will announce the restart slogan "Anything is possible," triggering a strong response from former fans. Then, Li Ning opened Sina microblogging, fully open "Internet +" strategy. People suddenly found out that this half-year-old "eating melon and old li" instantly became an uncle who loves to brush Weibo, selling adorable, writing chicken soup, and playing cosplay, and sucked 2 million crazy fans a year. Li Ning fans have their nickname "lemon" for the first time.
  Li Ning, who “depends on the value of appearance, but on technology,” quickly pulled Xiaomi to launch smart running shoes with chips, which caught up with the two major outlets of smart wear and “running hot”. These shoes, finish using a mobile phone app can see step analysis, monitoring distance, pace, route, calorie consumption, so that "lemon" put it down.
  Most importantly, "Li Ning" marketing strategy to return to the path of seeking cheap. Even the latest smart running shoes is also divided into 399 yuan, 199 yuan level models, most of the price close to the people, not the pursuit of "international norm" highbrow. People have to evaluate, "eat melon Li" thinking more and more Internet, and even create a burst models such as "Red Rabbit", a single paragraph on the Internet a year sold 40 million pairs.
  After the open microblogging, Li Ning has more surprises. His heart is beginning to communicate directly with more people, get feedback. Someone said to him, you have to do cheaper, everyone can afford to buy shoes, so the strategy did return; it was challenged, not the ordinary people of the athletes' overall tension of the "real professional basketball shoes, not will practice every day, I can not stand too tight, hope the shoes comfortable point. This makes Li Ning also brain-hole wide open, this sums up a new market positioning - amateur professional, and it has launched more suitable for mass sports products.
  Of course, there are also scolding and unfriendly Li Ning in communication. Li Ning's attitude is bright-hearted and optimistic: "China needs to move forward from generation to generation, and the new generation needs more value and performance from the new generation. I believe in them!"
  In this way, over Pentecost hands of Li Ning, the company's survival time, finally broke out decisive hero. For two years, he personally visited the store, met frequently lianzhouzhuan, work until the early hours, no weekends. As the company is in crisis, so the time was not slack off. Even so, Li Ning still think: "but can be hard to get things done, and that is the greatest happiness." 53-year-old Li Ning are so hard, you have no reason not to strive and work hard!
  In this way, Li Ning magically restore growth. 2015 net profit of 14.3 million, for the first time to achieve profitability; the latest report shows that in 2016, the first half net profit rose to 113 million yuan, has been completely out of the quagmire of the crisis.
  Li Ning again to prove his achievements in business talent. He rarely business hero who usual shrewd and calculating, but full of sincere pursuit of sporting dreams and Commercial Road wisdom. Even fifty years old, Li Ning still have the courage youngest age, dreams and passions. As the sports arena phrase as saying: even in the most difficult moments are never underestimate the heart of a champion!