15 small stories with wisdom
  Squirrels are particularly fond of pine nuts. When they can't finish eating, they dig a hole in the ground and bury the pine nuts so that they can eat later. It was buried here one, there was one, and in a few days it was nearly a hundred. Who knows, it has been buried for a long time, and many of the places where pine nuts were buried have been forgotten by squirrels and can no longer be found. But these pine nuts sprout and grow under the moisture of rain, and grow into a tall pine tree.
  The squirrel was originally greedy for pine nuts, but unexpectedly a pine tree was inadvertently created.
  It turns out that everything in the world does not exist independently, sometimes for others, that is, for themselves, and for others.
  The world's largest animal, baleen whale, is more than 30 meters long and weighs nearly 200 tons. But their main food is the world ’s smallest animal, krill. "Can this fill my stomach?" I asked my daughter. The daughter said, "The grains of rice we eat every day are also very small. How do you fill your belly?" I was speechless.
  After looking at the information , I learned that some of the most powerful animals in the world often depend on some of the smallest animals to survive, such as a blue whale eating 4 million krill a day.
  I suddenly understood: one small is small, but is 100 million small still small?
  In the winter, seals often dig a hole in the ice in order to expose the water for ventilation. The white bear discovered this secret, and in order to catch the seal, he quietly waited at the entrance of the cave, catching one. Later, the seals dug a lot of holes in the ice to prevent white bears. In this way, the true or false, false or true, the white bear can't figure out which hole the seal will come out from, and it can't be guarded at the same time, sometimes there is no gain after waiting a day.
  The things in the world are weird. One is true and easy to find. There are more fakes, but it is difficult to find the true.
  Mouse eggs and whale eggs are almost the same size, weighing about 1 milligram, barely visible to the naked eye, and the offspring born from their egg cells are almost ten thousand miles apart. Whale fertilized eggs can soar to 30 billion times within two years, grow to more than 30 tons in weight, grow up to nearly 200 tons in weight, and exceed 30 meters in length, and no matter how long the offspring of mice are still so small .
  The starting point is the same, but the ending point is vastly different, not only in the animal world.
  Flies often come and go in dirty places such as manure pits and garbage dumps, but they are not sick. The secret is that the flies are extremely efficient: from feeding and processing to absorbing nutrients to discharging waste, it only takes 7 to 11 Seconds. As soon as the germs entered the body of the fly, before they could reproduce in large numbers, they were quickly excreted from the body.
  Do not allow germs to breathe, and drain them as soon as they enter; do not allow corruption to breed, and destroy it as soon as you show up. Flies may give us some inspiration.
  A wasp's wings are short, only 1 cm long, about half the length of its body. Theoretically, such wings cannot carry a body twice as large as it. But the Hornets didn't know this cruel reality. In order to survive, it still vibrated its wings and flew up, miraculously flying up.
  If it knew, it might not be able to fly.
  If the lead sheep strays into the river by mistake, other sheep will jump into the water one by one without asking the cause; if the lead sheep accidentally falls into the cliff, the other sheep will jump down one by one; even if they arrive In the slaughterhouse, as long as the leading sheep lie under the butcher knife, other sheep will lie obediently one by one ...
  The sheep are meek and kind, but what a blind obedience!
  The bee sting weapon is a needle needling at the tail, which injects the venom into the body through the venom gland. However, because acupuncture and poisonous glands are closely connected to a part of the internal organs, once the bees are pulled out, the internal organs will be pulled out together, so that the bees will not survive.
  If the acupuncture is only attached to the poison glands, the bee can sting without limit. Nature's arrangement in this way is truly ingenious: when you hold someone else, you hold yourself back.
  The peacock not only opens the screen when courting in the spring, but also opens the feather screen when encountering an enemy or being frightened. At this time, its body suddenly expanded many times. The more than 100 gorgeous "spotted eyes" displayed on its tail feathers made it a multi-eyed monster, and the enemy would be immediately confused by those "spotted eyes". , And dare not act lightly.
  The same thing is beautiful in the eyes of friends but deterrence in the eyes of the enemy.
  The eagle only enjoys his hard-earned spoils. Even if he starves to death, he will never throw himself at other animals to eat the remaining carrion and stink meat. The vulture, on the other hand, eats the remaining bones and carrion of other animals. The smelly meat is not disgusting, not even the bones.
  Great and small, you don't have to look at the big parts, it's all in the details.
  In order to conceal themselves, the dead leaf butterfly never dares to wear beautiful clothes and only wear a "dead leaf" outfit. Who knows, it will even make people more curious and catching; once the octopus encounters hostility, it will hurriedly release ink-like smoke screen bombs. In order to find octopuses, some animals use this as the best target to catch octopuses ...
  Fear of exposure requires camouflage, but sometimes camouflage is easier to expose.
  Chickens originally belonged to birds, and their ancestors were originally able to fly. Later, the chickens were introduced into their homes, so that they would not worry about eating and drinking, and no longer had to fly around for food, their wings gradually deteriorated, and their bodies became more and more fat, resulting in a pair of empty wings.
  I don't want to fly, the wings can only become a decoration.
  The giraffe has a height of 6 meters, and its head can get 3 floors. The animal world gave it the honor of "the champion of height". But tall people also bring a lot of trouble to it: drinking water is very inconvenient, lowering your head is not enough to drink water, often kneeling to drink; do not dare to lie down when sleeping, because lying down, if the enemy suddenly comes, it There was no time to stand up, so I had to stand and sleep.
  Honor may not always bring happiness, and sometimes there are many unspeakable distresses.
  The reason why the rabbit runs fast is that it is too weak, it is almost impossible to defeat any opponent stronger than it, so it can only use speed to protect itself. If rabbits lose speed, will there be rabbits in the world?
  I'm not afraid of your weakness, you're afraid that you can do nothing, that is the fatal weakness.
  Rhinos are often bitten by mosquitoes, so they roll in mud ponds to put on a coat of mud. The mosquito and bite can no longer bite, but the sludge on the rhino will breed some parasites and bite the rhinoceros. However, these nasty sludge will breed new parasites. Rhinos have to go to the mud pond to roll again and again. Rhinos often cover a layer of mud coat of two or three inches. The mud coat will fall off as soon as it dries, it has to start rolling in the mud pond again ...
  Some of us, doing certain things, are we a little bit like rhinos?