Five small stories, but there is a great meaning in life
  1. You ca n’t fly high because you take yourself too seriously
  People ask God: "Why can't I fly?"
  God didn't answer, but asked the bird, "Why can you fly?"
  The bird doesn't know.
  So some people were very angry: "I'm so smart and so capable, but why can't I fly? But such a stupid bird can soar in the sky!"
  God said, "The reason you can't fly is because you take yourself too seriously."
  2.The way to master destiny
  The grasshopper living on the fieldside said to the grasshopper living on the roadside, "You are too dangerous here, move with me!"
  The grasshopper on the side of the road said, "I'm used to it, I'm too lazy to move."
  A few days later, the grasshopper on the fieldside visited the grasshopper on the roadside, but found that the other party had been crushed to death by the car.
  The way to control fate is simple, just stay away from laziness.
  3.Happiness is simple
  A gold rush team was walking in the desert, and everyone was struggling and suffering.
  Only one person walked happily.
  Others asked, "Why are you so comfortable?" He smiled and said, "Because I have the least stuff."
  Happiness is so simple, just give up the extra burden.
  4. To look up, first learn to look down
  Someone asked Socrates: "It is said that you are the most learned person under the sky, please tell me, what is the height between heaven and earth?"
  Socrates smiled and answered, "Three feet!"
  "Nonsense!" The other side was very dissatisfied. "Each of us is four or five feet tall. If the height of the sky and the earth is only three feet, that person has not pierced the sky with many holes?"
  Socrates replied: "So, anyone who is more than three feet tall needs to know how to lower his head if he wants to stay in the world for a long time!"
  5. The deepest well needs to be dug with a lifetime
  "Excuse me, are you a professional writer?"
  "Yes, sir."
  "So, do you have any masterpieces published? Could you please let me read two."
  "I'm just writing a novel, not a masterpiece."
  As a result, male writers have a condescending mentality.
  He said, "You also write novels? Then we can be considered as colleagues. I have published 339 novels. How many have you published?"
  "I wrote only one."
  "What's the name?"
  "Gone with the Wind," said the female writer calmly.
  The male writer was stunned.
  She, Margaret Mitchell, wrote only one book in her life.