You are not me, how do you know the way I have traveled
  At the end of the college entrance examination that year, the night I scored, I stood by my computer. When the time is up, carefully enter your exam number and click the mouse to check the results. Because of the tension, my hands were a little trembling, and I didn't even dare to look with my eyes closed.
  When I opened my eyes with courage and saw the results, the taste was beyond description, and my heart was like a big stone blocked, and I couldn't breathe.
  I don't know how to explain to my parents, what I say. I can even imagine their disappointed eyes, but what's the use of it, and who can't let myself get angry, I start to blame myself over and over again.
  That night, I tossed around and couldn't sleep, I couldn't sleep at night, I felt that all my previous efforts were lost. It's as if the things you used to believe and insist on all of a sudden disappear.
  Knowing that you are not smart, so in order to improve your score, how many people get up every day and night every day at four or five, when walking on the road, there are no one, and you can even see the stars in the sky. In the face of textbooks that I didn't know have been turned hundreds of times, I still dare not have a slight snub.
  Although it was bitter at that time, at least I still had hope in my heart, because I believed in heavenly diligence and hoped that the final result would satisfy myself, but reality gave me a loud slap.
  My parents didn't blame me when they saw my disappointment, and my friends came to comfort me, but it was useless. Any comfort at that time looked like sympathy and regret.
  Later, I still accepted the reality, and slowly came out of it. Now that I think of it, it's nothing, after all, there is still a long way to go in life, and people can't hold it tightly. In those days of self-salvation, you will know more about what you want.
  It was those hard times that taught me to grow. Everyone may experience disappointment, but never despair.
  Because there are infinite possibilities tomorrow, if you block the roads yourself, there is really no rescue.
  Xiaoxing, a friend, fell in love with a guy, so he did everything possible to treat him. Individuals can see that Xiaoxing is interesting to him, but the boys have never expressed anything.
  Xiaoxing knows that the boys don't like her, but she still gives as always, and only hopes that the boys will see her well one day.
  The boy said that he would cooperate with a classmate on a project, and Xiaoxing would give him his living expenses as funds without saying a word.
  The boy gratefully said, "Xiaoxing, thank you, but I ... I ..."
  "I know what you want to say. We are friends, don't hesitate to be friends." Xiao Xing pretends to say indifferently.
  I know this thing has been scolding her stupid since then, I know I can't open the pot and still care about others.
  I asked her "I don't understand. You do this, is it worth it?"
  '' You are not me, how can you understand that, I like him, so all this is my willingness. ''
  Yeah, after all, I ’m not her. In this relationship, there are too many involuntaries and no one can control their own hearts. How much she paid was probably only known to her, and I was just a bystander.
  Until one day, Xiaoxing said to me in disappointment, "He has a girlfriend, but it's not me."
  I don't know how to comfort her, any language seems so pale and weak. I can only give her a big hug, and hope she can open up a little.
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  Later, Xiaoxing said that when he knew he had a girlfriend at that time, he felt that the sky would collapse.
  '' When he was single, he always felt that he still had hope, maybe he was deceiving himself, but he could deceive himself. But he has a girlfriend, so there is no way he can continue to deceive himself, which is ridiculous. ''
  Everything is a thing of the past, and Xiaoxing has already come out of that broken relationship, and she can calmly face the once "one-man show".
  I can't forget the phrase she said to me, `` You are not me, how can you understand ''
  We often comfort others as friends, but we just look at problems from the perspective of others. If you are stuck in it, you may not be able to do it as easily as you said.
  Because of the taste, only the parties know.
  I have a cousin, and I often hear my mother whisperingly mentioning him next to me, praising him for his ability. Because although he is not well educated, he now has several companies of his own.
  I don't often stay at home, so I don't know much about him, just listen to his family's mention, he is quite good in the field.
  He went to my house when he celebrated Chinese New Year last year. I only knew him a little bit after talking to him. He was the second son of the family. At that time, it seemed to be because of family planning. He grew up with grandparents.
  Later, I didn't go to school to work hard, and after suffering a lot, I thought that one day I could give my family a better life. As a result, his career just got better, and my grandfather died. That incident hit him hard.
  The day my grandfather went to bed, my cousin knelt on his grandfather's grave for a whole day, neither eating nor drinking, no one pulled up until he fainted on the ground.
  No one knows how much he hates his weakness, and regrets not spending more time with his elderly. What people are most afraid of is "the son wants to raise and not be there."
  My cousin is a businessman and can say that he is exquisite, but this is a pain in his heart forever. I can't help crying when I mention it.
  Later, he hid the matter in his heart and continued to work hard, because he knew that this would make his grandfather walk away.
  From an outsider's point of view, the cousin's career is successful, and the spring breeze is proud. But who knows what he has gone through, the inexhaustible wine bureau, drinking and hurting himself, and in the last few years, my cousin also lived in the hospital because of stomach problems. Since then, I know that the body is the capital of revolution .
  In those low days, he had thought about giving up, but he clenched his teeth again, and it was those persistence that made him who he is now.
  What you see may only be a small part of the lives of others. Maybe you see a person who is bright and bright, talking and laughing, but who knows the sadness behind him.
  Sometimes a person pretends to be very strong , but there are wounds behind one another. He may be scabby on the surface. What you can't see does not mean it doesn't exist.
  At any time, as long as you encounter it, it will still hurt, but only you can really cure it.
  We are all just the protagonists in our own world, what others have really experienced, we do n’t know, there will never be a real empathy in this world, and we should not arbitrarily evaluate the worthiness of others.
  Life is like drinking water, knowing whether it is cold or warm. Other than self-driving, others cannot help.