Outstanding Young Pioneer Speech
 Speech of outstanding young pioneers (1)
  Dear leaders, teachers and students,
  Hello everyone! I was rated as an excellent young pioneer and I am very happy to speak here. First of all, please allow me to express my most sincere thanks to the school leaders and teachers who have always cared about our growth! Thanks to your meticulous care and patient education, I have grown from an ignorant teenager into a glorious young pioneer, and every step of my progress penetrates your efforts.
  The ideal is the sun of life and the driving force for progress. The teacher's teachings taught me that there is no genius in the world and only continuous hard work can succeed . Therefore, in learning , I do it, diligently think, dare to explore, and boldly innovate.
  In the collective, I always believe in one sentence : help others and be happy. I have always been diligent in serving my class and classmates. In my daily school life, I set an example by setting a good example for the students. In the future, I will be stricter with myself and contribute my strength to the class and the school.
  Classmates, behavior is a virtue. Each of us must speak civilized words, act civilized, and be civilized in school, at home, and in society. Let us use our own actions to be a good teenager who is civilized and disciplined. Let the flower of civilization blossom and bear fruit in our school.
  thank you all!
Speech of outstanding young pioneers (2)
  Dear teacher, dear students,
  Hello everyone!
  I am a hardworking, cheerful and cheerful sunshine boy. I am a teacher's little assistant and a good partner of my classmates. I am helpful and caring about the collective. I love reading and listening to stories.
  I am a qualified little host on campus. When I was in school, when I saw paper scraps on the ground, I would pick them up actively; when I saw others destroying the environment, I would stop them in time!
  In life, I am a kind and helpful boy. I often go to the nursing home as a volunteer to perform shows for grandpas and grandma and chat with them. At Christmas, I also celebrate with blind children and give them gifts. During the Sichuan earthquake, I would go to the street to bless newspapers with my classmates and donate all the proceeds from the bazaar to the disaster area. I also donated my pocket money to buy school supplies for children in the mountains. When classmates encounter difficulties, I will take the initiative to help them.
  At school, I actively participate in various activities. He won the honorary title of "Top Ten Stars" in the story king trial organized by Jiangsu Children's Channel. During the Games, I actively participated to strive for good results and win glory for the class. During the winter and summer vacations, I also actively participated in holiday squad activities to increase my knowledge. In the third grade, I was selected as a glorious flag-guard, which is my most memorable memory.
  In learning, I will take the initiative to learn. As soon as I get home every day, I will do my homework independently. And I have encountered difficulties and will never flinch. Once I could n’t figure out a math problem, but I did n’t give up, and just said to myself: Shi Yifan, think about it, you can do it. After a long time of thinking and many calculations, the problem was finally solved. I also like reading, and reading extracurricular books every day is one of my hobbies.
  I love to use my brain and actively raise my hand to speak in class. For three consecutive years, I have been rated as "Outstanding Young Pioneer" and "Three Good Students." I like drawing, playing the piano, swimming, running, etc. I also like listening to English. My painting has won many awards too! I once won the Gold Medal of the 4th Chinese and Overseas Children's Painting and Calligraphy Competition of "Ode to Mother"; my painting "Happy Sun" was also collected by the Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum; my sketch painting "Nanshan Lake" won the provincial first prize . I have been rated as an "excellent student" many times during classes outside of school, and I have also received very good rankings. The composition has also been published.
  Thanks to my teachers and classmates for giving me such a rare opportunity to stand on this podium to run for the top ten stars. I know that the Top Ten Star is a glorious title and needs to be a teacher's assistant and a model for classmates. If I said that my election was successful, I would definitely study harder, demanding myself everywhere, being helpful, and loving the collective. Please vote for this precious and sacred vote! thank you all!
Speech of outstanding young pioneers (3)
  " Confidence and self - improvement." This is our name. In the five-year study life, we must always keep in mind that we are a young pioneer, pay attention to strict requirements, and strive to become an excellent young pioneer.
  First, work hard and tirelessly.
  In the study, we have to look at the energy and don't bow to any problem. It is our good habit to ask shamelessly, and it is this good habit that promotes our continuous improvement. The results of various subjects such as Chinese, mathematics, and English are like "sesame blossoms."
  Second, unite friendship, love labor.
  In the class, whenever there is the dirtiest and most exhausting work, we should always be in front of us. When the teacher is absent, we should also manage the class in an orderly manner, so that the teacher can be assured.
  Third, be practical and creative.
  We should be educated and guided by correct thinking at home, so we are like a young seedling full of life , thriving under the nourishment of sunlight and rain.
  In order for my classmates to start with every little thing and strive to be a civilized elementary school student, I hereby issue the following advocacy to all my classmates:
  First, language civilization, decent manners, say goodbye to rough words, and use civilized polite words;
  2. Respect the teacher, honor the elders, unite the classmates, be humble and be honest in everything;
  3. Concern and care for each classmate. The classmates can not afford the nickname, and give enthusiastic support and help to the students who have difficulties in life and study;
  4. Hard work, frugality, no extravagance and waste, no snacks, saving water, electricity and electricity;
  Fifth, respect and maintain public order, treat people with things.
  I hope every student can move forward actively, start with me, start from now, declare war on uncivilized behavior, and return a clean sky to the campus.