50-year-old security counterattack test: people who work hard, life will not let you down
  Recently, a video on the Internet became popular , inspiring countless people:
  A 50-year-old court security, after four years of hard work, finally passed the judicial examination and became a lawyer.
  When the protagonist of the story, Zhao Chuanzhu, was a security guard, he watched the parties who came in and out of the story. He had a lot of feelings about the law and gave birth to the idea of ​​becoming a lawyer.
  So he did not graduate from high school, read various legal books, made no less than 10,000 sets of examination papers, never slept before two o'clock in the middle of the night, this effort lasted for 4 years, and finally passed the judicial examination and went to a lawyer the way.
  He said he wanted to be a public interest lawyer and provide legal aid to those who couldn't afford the lawsuit.
  Netizens have lamented:
  Looking at the red eyes, people who have dreams are amazing!
  I did n’t have the fighting spirit to prepare for the test. I saw that my uncle worked so hard, and I had to work hard!
  What other reasons do we not have to work hard and struggle ? !!
  It is such an ordinary person's dream road, but has moved countless people.
  In fact, many of us have ambitions and ambitions to achieve our ideals, but as time goes by, these aspirations are extinguished in everyday trivialities.
  But life is a journey waiting to land. If you don't try to land, you will always float on the endless sea.
  Looking at the stars in the gutter
  Li Mingyong, a migrant worker, got up early on the job site without graduating from junior high school. Later, he had a chance to be a gatekeeper in college.
  As a result, Li Mingyong was exposed to all kinds of knowledge. He was particularly interested in aesthetics. At first, he just liked to watch and listen to others. Later, he fell in love with this discipline about beauty.
  He began to study while working. He hadn't studied for a few years. He passed the postgraduate study by himself and later became a university teacher in aesthetics.
  The classmates said that he was extremely admired: "Ms. Li is not teaching us with rigid academics, but is very flexible and teaches us with what he has experienced. We see a kind of endlessness in him. the power of."
  Some time ago, a video of a middle-aged station clerk in a subway station using Japanese services also became popular on the Internet.
  Her name is Wang Weilin. Because of her love of language, she has taught 8 foreign languages ​​in her spare time. When working at a subway station, she will pay attention to learning foreign languages ​​when she encounters foreign passengers.
  Now she has mastered the basic conversational skills of 8 languages, and she can communicate in foreign languages ​​fluently when she meets foreigners.
  Security can delve into the law and become a just lawyer;
  Migrant workers can study aesthetics hard and become excellent university teachers;
  The station staff of the subway can learn languages ​​by themselves and become capable of speaking 8 foreign languages ​​...
  We all live in the gutter, but there are still people looking at the stars.
  As ordinary people, we may have no talents, no opportunities at your fingertips, and no wisdom that can match our ideals in the beginning. Life alone has already caused us to burn.
  That's right, we are born ordinary, a little bit of wind and rain in reality may make us fall for a long time, it can't slow down for a long time.
  But life is always difficult and hard, and it won't be easy because you give up on what you love in your heart.
  In this case, why don't we live in the waves of life, guard our dreams, make a wish seriously, work hard, work hard, and realize it.
  Because in the stormy life, it will become the anchor on the ship, firmly anchor your life.
  Love this hard, hardworking day
  In August this year, iQiyi platform quietly released a documentary called "Big Three".
  It documents the real process of an ordinary person achieving his dream.
  The protagonist of the documentary is called "Big Three". He is from Chifeng, Inner Mongolia. He is the third child in the family. His two brothers died because of a car accident, so he has an irresistible fear of roads and vehicles. Plus he is only 1.1 meters tall and physically Extremely fragile, so there is almost no chance to go out.
  But he always has a desire to look at Tibet, see the Potala Palace, and look at Mount Everest. And, at the middle of his life, he decided to do it himself.
  In order to realize this dream, the junior junior took out all his savings, and even wrote a testament before departure. It took four years, with the determination of breaking the boat, to finally reach Tibet and stand on the top of Mount Everest.
  "I love every hard day and every effort."
  This is the real feeling of juniors when they realize their dreams, and it is also the most moving part of the film.
  Disregard of life and defeat are the determination we should have when we take the first step towards achieving our ideals.
  It may be because of our own conditions and environmental constraints that we have to work ten or even hundreds of times more than others, but this cannot be a reason to stop us from moving forward.
  If we haven't tried our best for our dream and hit our head against the south wall, we will not really love it.
  Use the time of others' sleep to run desperately
  Sometimes, we fall into the trough of life, and we always complain and grumble:
  Why does someone reach out to what I want when I reach out, but I have to put in so much effort and hard work?
  Ordinary like me, can I really go as far as I want?
  Life is indeed an unfair game. Some people stand at the end of the game at the beginning, and some people have to run far from the starting point.
  The only fair thing is that life gives us equal time and the right to become better.
  Recently, there is a hot post on Zhihu, which embodies the process of all ordinary people struggling to dream. The name of the post is "How terrible can one's efforts be?"
  There are flowering girls who are seriously ill and are stubbornly fighting against the disease;
  Young people who come from a humble family, but are committed to changing their destiny, and enter the university through unremitting efforts and self-discipline;
  There are single mothers who work to raise children and work day and night to make money;
  There are also entrepreneurs who have stood up and restarted after major failures ...
  In this world, there are always people who silently accumulate strength in places you can't see, and use your sleeping time to work hard.
  In life, there are too many people who come out of the mud, and few people who are spotless can talk about laughing.
  Those who have achieved their wishes, after seeing countless nights and dawns, are still pouring their ordinary and great souls with ardent blood.
  Life is in a hurry, 2018 is over, and 2019 is already in front of us.
  If you have a dream that has not been realized in your heart, then put aside all thoughts and hesitations, and throw your whole body and mind on it. You will find that after you persist for a long time, it has really come true.
  Instead of being overwhelmed at the moment, repeatedly counting your regrets in the middle of the night, it is better to work hard.
  We must believe that there are also heroic dreams in ordinary people. As long as they are willing to fight, there is no distant place in life.
  I hope that after many years, we can count our ordinary lives and still be proud to say:
  "I also loved dreams."