Welch's self-recommended list
  Jack Welch entered General Electric after graduating from college. He first worked in the plastics division. Because of his outstanding performance, he quickly became the general manager of the General Chemicals and Metallurgy Division.
  In 1980, the then general CEO Reggie Jones was preparing to pick a successor for himself. The Ministry of Personnel provided him with a list of 96 candidates. After screening, Reggie Jones eliminated 78 people and reduced the number to 18 people, including Jack Welch. Reggie Jones called them into the conference room. After sitting down, Reggie Jones sent a pen and paper to each person and said, "Assume that I am retiring right now. Who do you think is the best job for me? I let you each Write out three suitable candidates for your mind!" After a while, everyone put the list up, Reggie Jones looked up, and soon a list caught his attention, the three names above actually All of them are "Jack Welch," and Reggie Jones raised the list and asked, "Who wrote this?"
  "I wrote it." Jack Welch stood up and said.
  "Why are all three names your own?" asked Reggie Jones.
  "I think I am the most suitable person. Maybe I am wrong, but in fact I don't know enough about everyone, but I know enough about myself. Besides my work enthusiasm and work wisdom, I also I have a sense of responsibility, so I have no choice but to choose others.” Jack Welch replied earnestly.
  When the voice fell, other candidates showed a scornful smile. You know, Jack Welch was 44 years old at the time. He was the youngest candidate and the one who felt that he had no hope of becoming a successor. For a moment, Reggie Jones has a candidate in his heart, he is Jack Welch! Soon after, Reggie Jones announced the transfer of General Electric to Jack Welch, which caused a sigh of doubt and doubt, and even some people objected: "He recommends himself, why believe him?"
  "On his own recommendation, the reason is very simple. A person who does not have considerable strength and strength does not dare to recommend himself. His confidence and courage have made me see his determination and ability, so I chose him!" Reggie Jones responded to every questioning person.
  Reggie Jones is right, Jack Welch is indeed a capable and confident person. After becoming the 8th CEO of GE, in just 20 years, he raised the company's market value from $13 billion to 480 billion. The US dollar ranks first in the US in terms of profitability, becoming the world's second largest world-class company, and he is also known as the "most respected CEO" "the world's first CEO" "the most successful and greatest enterprise in America's contemporary era." Family"!
  Regardless of work or study , we always think that recommending ourselves is an embarrassing thing, and it is a thick expression. So even if we have the ability to have the opportunity, we are willing to choose a debut to appear to have a modest virtue. In fact, we can be like Jack. Welch boldly wrote three of his own names to recommend himself, because excessive modesty means not only giving the opportunity to give away, but also burying his talent and future.