A woman worker is locked in a cold store. What can you think of saving her?
  this is a true story. A woman works in a meat processing factory. One day, when she completed all the work arrangements, she went into the cold storage routine inspection. Suddenly, at an unfortunate moment, the door was accidentally closed. She was locked inside and drowned in people's sight. Although she screamed and screamed with all her strength, no one could hear her crying.
  At this time, most of the workers have already got off work. In the cold room, no one can hear what is going on inside. Five hours later, when she was on the verge of death, the factory security guard finally opened the door and miraculously saved her.
  Later she asked the security guard, how could he go to open the door? This is not his daily work. He explained:
  I have been working in this factory for 35 years. Every day, hundreds of workers come in and out, but you are the only one who goes to work every morning and says hello to me. I will say goodbye to me at night. Many people regard me as transparent and invisible. Today, you come to work as usual, and ask me "Hello"; but after work, I did not hear you say "Goodbye, see you tomorrow."
  So, I decided to go to the factory to see. I am looking forward to your "deaf" and "goodbye" because this reminds me who I am and makes me very happy. Didn't hear your farewell, I know that something may have happened. That's why I am looking for you in every corner of the factory.
  Modest, love and respect the people around you. Every day, influence the people around you, because you never know what will happen tomorrow.