Story of five dollars
  The US Customs has a number of confiscated bicycles. After the announcement, the auction was decided. At the auction, each time the price was called, there was always a boy in his early tens who started bidding with “five pieces” and then watched the bicycle being used by others. Forty yuan to buy. When the auction was suspended, the auctioneer asked why the little boy did not buy a higher price. The boy said that he only had five dollars.
  The auction started again, and the boy still started with a "five pieces" every time. Of course, he was finally beaten by others. Slowly, the gathered audience began to notice the boy who always bid first, and more and more people became interested in the results of the boy's bidding.
  At the end of the auction, there was only one of the best bicycles, and the body was as bright as new. There were a variety of gears, a 10-segment lever transmission, a two-way handcart, a speed display and a nighttime electric lighting device. This is undoubtedly a rare good car!
  The auctioneer asked: "Who is bidding?"
  The little boy who stood at the forefront and almost gave up hope still stood up and said firmly: "Five pieces." At this time, the auction site was silent. Everyone held their breath and stood there quietly waiting for the result.
  At this time, all the people present were all on the little boy, no one said anything, no one raised their hands, and no one shouted. Until the auctioneer sang three times, he said loudly: "This bicycle is sold to the young man in short white shoes!"
  When the words came out, the audience applauded. The little boy cheered and lifted the crumpled five bills, got the bike that was undoubtedly the most beautiful in the world, and the face showed the most brilliant smile that people had never seen before.
  In our lives , besides “beyond others”, “overcoming others”, and “beyond others”, can we “achieve others”? This is worth pondering.