Eight stories that light up the road to success
  Article 1: The inspirational story never fails
  American movie star Stallone was unusually unsettled a few years ago. He only had $100 left, and he couldn’t afford to rent a house. He could only sleep in the Golden Turtle Car, but he decided to be an actor and confidently went to the New York film company. Apply for.
  At that time, there were 500 film companies in New York who refused because of their plain appearance and unclear words. Later, he wrote the script of "Rocky" and took the script to sell it everywhere. He continued to accept the ridicule and degeneration of others. He was rejected 1855 times.
  Finally, one day, he met a movie company owner who was willing to shoot the "Loki" script, but he was also asked by the other party that he was not allowed to perform in the movie. Finally, Stallone’s repeated insistence was reached.
  Can you face the 1855 rejection and still not give up? Stallone can, he did something that others can't do, so he can succeed.
  Feeling: Have you not succeeded yet, or have you failed? When you want to give up your dreams , ask yourself, was you rejected 1855 times?
  Chapter 2: The firm belief of inspirational stories
  The thrilling story is this:
  Robert and his wife Mary finally climbed to the top of the mountain. Standing on the top of the mountain, the white buildings in the distant city became a painting in the sun. Looking up, blue sky and white clouds, soft wind blowing. Two people are as happy as children, dancing and forgetting. It’s a rare trip for the two of them who work hard all day long.
  It is from this time that the tragedy began. Robert stepped on the air, and the tall body took a nap, then slid to the abyss, surrounded by steep rocks, no place to grab hands. In a short moment, Mary understood what happened, and subconsciously, she bit her husband's shirt, and she was kneeling on the ground to capture the distant scenery. At the same time, she was also brought to the edge of the rock by inertia. At this critical moment, she hugged a tree.
  Robert is hanging in the air, Mary is biting, can you believe it? Two rows of white and fine teeth bear the full weight of a tall, burly body. They are like a painting, and they are fixed between the blue rocks and the mountains. Mary's hair is like a flag, fluttering in the wind.
  Mary couldn't open her mouth to call for help. An hour later, the passing tourists saved them. At this time, Mary, beautiful teeth and lips were dyed bright red and red. Someone asked how Mary could last for a long time, and Mary replied: "At the time, there was only one thought in my mind: when I let go, Robert would definitely die."
  A few days later, the story flew around the world like wings.
  Feeling: People find that the god of death is also afraid of clenching his teeth.
  Psalm 3: Perseverance in inspirational stories
  Kerr used to be a staff member of a newspaper. When he first arrived at the newspaper as an advertising salesman, he was very confident in himself. He asked the manager not to pay a salary, but only to collect commissions based on advertising fees. The manager agreed to his request.
  So he listed a list and was going to visit some very special customers. The sales clerk in the company believes that it is impossible for those customers to cooperate with them.
  Before visiting these customers, Kerr shut himself in the house, stood in front of the mirror, read the customers on the list 10 times, and said to himself: "Before this month, you will buy advertising pages from me. ”
  He visited the client with firm confidence. On the first day, he negotiated with three of the 20 "impossible" clients; in the other days of the first week, he traded two more deals. By the end of the first month, only one of the 20 customers had not yet bought his advertisement.
  In the second month, Kerr did not visit the new customer. Every morning, when the store of the customer who refused to buy his advertisement opened the door, he went in and asked the businessman to advertise, and the businessman replied every morning. : "No!" Every time, when the businessman said "no", Kerr pretended not to hear, and then went on to visit. On the last day of the month, the businessman who had said 30 days of "no" to Mike said: "You have wasted a month to ask me to buy your advertisement. What I want to know now is why you want it. Stick to it."
  Kerr said: "I didn't waste time. I am equal to school, and you are my teacher. I have been training my persistence in adversity." The businessman nodded, then Kerr said: "I I also want to admit to you that I am also attending school, and you are my teacher. You have taught me to stick to this lesson. For me, this is more valuable than money. In order to express my gratitude to you, I want to buy one of your advertising pages as the tuition I paid you."
  Feeling: In the face of failure, there must be an indomitable spirit, and it is possible to achieve the final success. In fact, what we all need is to persist in the face of difficulties.
  Chapter 4: There is no despair in the inspirational story
  In the last years of the Ming Dynasty, historians talked about the writings of more than 20 years of painstaking efforts, and finally completed the chronicle of the Ming Dynasty - "Guo Yan". In the face of this giant that can be passed down through the ages, the joy of moving into the heart can be imagined. However, he did not be happy for a long time, and an unexpected thing happened. One night, the thief went into his house to steal things, saw the family wall, and there was nothing to steal. He thought that the manuscript of the "National Palace" locked in the bamboo box was a valuable property, and the entire bamboo box was stolen. Since then, the whereabouts of these precious manuscripts are unknown. More than 20 years of hard work has turned into nothing, and such a thing is a fatal blow to anyone. For the 60-year-old and the two-way talks that have begun to be spent, it is a ruthless blow. However, the talks quickly rose from the pain and made up his mind to write this history book again from scratch. Ten years after the resumption of struggle, another "National Warrior" was born. The newly written "Guo Yan" has a total of 104 volumes and 5 million words. The content is more informative and exciting than the original one. The talks are also known as the history of the Qing Dynasty.
  British historian Carlisle also suffered similar fate. After years of hard work, Carlisle finally completed the full manuscript of the History of the French Revolution. He entrusted this huge manuscript to his most trusted friend, Mill, and asked Mill to give valuable advice for the further improvement of the manuscript. A few days later, Mile was pale and mad at the air, and he was helplessly telling Carlisle a tragic news: The manuscript of the History of the French Revolution, except for a few scattered pages, has been fully The maid in his house was used as waste paper and was thrown into the fire and burned to ashes. Carlisle was extremely frustrated in the face of a sudden blow. At the beginning of his writing, he broke the original notes and drafts. The history of the French Revolution, which he wrote with painstaking efforts, did not leave any record that could be recovered. However, Carlisle is still cheering up. He calmly said: "All this is like when I took the notebook to the primary school teacher, the teacher said to me: 'No! Children, you must write better!'" He bought a large amount of manuscript paper, I started another painstaking writing. The "The History of the French Revolution" that we have read now is the result of Carlisle's second writing.
  Feeling: All efforts are lost, it is the most desperate thing, but as long as you can start from scratch, there is no despair in life.
  Chapter 5: The inspirational story is different
  After a young person entered the university, he was negative because of the lack of optimism in his career. One day, the professor took him to a bustling vegetable market and stopped in front of a booth selling bean sprouts. The professor signaled the young man to carefully check the quality of the bean sprouts. The young people found that the bean sprouts were thin and long, and they also had roots. There were very few customers before the booth. Then, the professor took him to another stall selling bean sprouts. The young man found that the bean sprouts were short and tender, and there was no roots, and the buyers were in a constant stream.
  The young man is very strange.
  “Why are the two bean sprouts different?” the professor asked the young.
  "It must be the second equipment and production method, and it is superior." The young man replied.
  The professor shook his head and said, "Don't you notice that the second stall is on the grower of the bean sprouts, and is it another stone?"
  “Pressure is a necessary condition for shaping excellence.” The professor summed up their market research.
  Feeling: Yes, a competitive society, pressure is everywhere. In every growing day, it is impossible to always be filled with bright sunshine and a gentle breeze. It is pressure that inspires the inner potential that may not even be clear to us; it is pressure, and we are able to shorten the distance from the sun by letting us run unremittingly; it is pressure that allows us to touch the joy and satisfaction of our dreams. Of course, when we are too busy, when we are overwhelmed, when pressure is a little bit unbearable in the soul, we also need to learn to use happiness to vent ourselves, learn to use wisdom to guide ourselves, and thus let us The mind will always maintain the most suitable pressure temperature!
  Chapter 6: The Energy of Inspirational Stories
  Bamboo is a kind of bamboo that grows in some Asian countries. In the first five years of its life, you barely noticed its growth, even if the growth environment was ideal.
  However, as soon as five years have elapsed, it will start to grow at two feet per day (about one foot and about 0.3 meters), and grow to 190 feet in six weeks.
  Of course, there is no magic in this world. The rapid growth of bamboo depends on its roots that are several miles long. In fact, it seems to have been silent for a long time. It is to grow its roots a little bit. It has armed itself for five years and finally created its own myth.
  Feeling: I remembered the beginning of Violet's graduation, in the remote mountain village, spent the quiet years like Taoyuan and some poor years! It’s a violet, and everyone’s life is often faced with a moment like no bamboo, no one pays attention, no one cheers, but as long as we don’t give up, no one can give us up! Five years, ten years, and even more... We constantly absorb the nutrients necessary for life growth, and constantly accumulate the energy of life for ourselves. One day, we will fly like our ugly ducklings. A blue sky! At that time, all the pain and sorrow will turn into the sweetest memories!
  Psalm 7: Positive attitude of inspirational stories
  On a Saturday morning, a pastor was struggling to talk about his words. His wife went out to buy things, and it was raining outside; the younger son was restless and had nothing to do. Run to find him to play.
  He picked up an old magazine and saw it in a colorful, huge picture. It was a map of the world. He then tore off the page, smashed it into small pieces, and threw it on the living room floor and said, "Johnny, you put it together, I will give you two cents." The pastor thought he would at least be busy. In the first half of the day, who knows less than ten minutes, his study room knocked on the door, his son has been arranged, the pastor is really surprised, and Johnny is so fast. Each piece of paper is neatly arranged together and the entire map is restored.
  "Son, how come you can do it so quickly?" asked the pastor. “Hey,” said Qiang. “It’s very simple! There is a picture on the back of this map. I put a piece of paper on it first, put the picture on it, put it on it, and put a piece of paper on it. Good picture above, then turn it over. I think, if people are right, the map should be right.” The priest couldn’t help but smile and gave him a two-five nickel coin. The title of the sermon was also given to me." He said: "If a person is right, his world is right."
  Feeling: This story is very profound, it shows: You are right in the world. If you are not satisfied with your environment and want to change, you should first change yourself. That is, "If you are right, your world is right." If you have a positive attitude, all the problems around you will be solved.
  Article 8: The Law of Success in Inspirational Stories
  When a farmer inspected the barn, he accidentally lost a valuable gold watch in the barn. When he couldn't find it, he posted a notice at the farm gate asking people to help and reward him for $100.
  People face the temptation of rewards, and they are rushing around, but the grain in the barn is mountainous, and there are bundles of straw. In order to find a gold watch in it, it is like finding a needle in a haystack.
  People are too busy to find the gold watch when the sun goes down. They are not complaining that the gold watch is too small, that is, complaining that the barn is too big and there are too many straws. They have given up the temptation of $100 one by one. Only one child in the rags still does not give up after everyone leaves. He tries hard to find out. He has not eaten for a whole day. He hopes to find a gold watch before dark and solve the family's eating problem.
  It was getting darker and darker, and the child insisted on searching in the barn. Suddenly, he found that all the noises were quiet and there was a strange voice "tick" and "tick" kept ringing. The child suddenly stopped looking. The barn is quieter and the ticking is very clear. The child found the gold watch by sound and eventually got $100.
  Feeling: The law of success is actually very simple, and the reason why the winners are rare is that most people think that these rules are too simple, they don't insist, and they don't bother to do it. This law is called attachment. Success is like the gold watch in the barn. It has already existed around us and is scattered in every corner of life. As long as we are obsessively looking for it, focusing and calmly thinking, we will hear the clear ticking.