The restaurant that closed down because of a glass of water, what did you understand after reading it?
  It is a fast food restaurant, located in a busy city, and the business is booming. One day, a young woman came to the store with a baby, she wanted to buy some food for her children. However, the full store is a cold drink like Coke and Sprite, which is not suitable for small babies. Looking left and right, she finally found out that there is a water dispenser in the store, and the pure water inside can make the children drink a little.
  So, she tentatively asked the waiter: "Hello, can you give me a glass of water?" The waiter glanced at her and said casually: "Come with a cup." She glanced and said, "I'm sorry, I don't have a cup." That won't work." The waiter's answer was exceptionally simple.
  "Come on, use the cup in the store? I pay." She continued to plead, "The child is thirsty." "The cup is not only sold, you buy a drink." The waiter’s voice is obviously more Impatient. "Children can't drink, just ask me to give me a glass of water." Her voice shook a little. This time, the waiter did not care about her, but turned around and received the next customer...
  On that day, when the young woman came home with her baby, she chatted with her neighbor about the day. After listening to her experience, the neighbor was very angry: "This shop is too mean, I will not go again in the future." "Yeah, I will definitely not go again." After that, they each returned Family.
  The neighbor is a middle school teacher and the school is next to the fast food restaurant. After going to work the next day, the neighbors talked to her colleagues about her experiences. When everyone listened, they were very emotional: "It’s too much, even the glass of water is reluctant." "This store is best to dump." "Yeah, yeah!"... When chatting with students, the teachers will mention That thing, then swear: "You better run less in the future." After returning home, the students talked to the family about the incident, and added a sentence at the end: "Our teacher said, less in the future. Go there."
  The fast food restaurant still opens every day to welcome visitors from all over the world. It’s just that no one can tell, from which day the restaurant started to get deserted. In the past, restaurants were almost full of day-to-day; especially on weekends, students in school uniforms always lined up in front of the counter. But now, it's hard to see those young people in the store. There are few students, but it is strange that other customers are rarely visited. Occasionally, some people patronize and buy things and leave, rarely sitting in the store. Most of the seats in the store are empty, and it seems that the entire restaurant is dead.
  In order to improve business conditions, fast food restaurants have introduced a number of new measures: prize-winning meals, discounts on packages, gifts, etc. But these activities can only gather popularity in a short period of time, and it will not be long before the store is deserted.
  Gradually, many restaurants have entered the downtown area. In the front and rear of the fast-food restaurant, there are more dumpling shops, noodle shops, soy milk shops... The business of fast-food restaurants is getting worse.
  Finally one day, the fast food restaurant suddenly closed the door. When the employees in the store packed up and left, they did not think that this unfortunate ending began with the indifference of a glass of water.
  A glass of water turned out to be an unbelievable store that was originally prosperous, but who could ignore the power of a glass of water.
  The seemingly inconspicuous indifference will also hurt people's hearts. If you don't accumulate good money and don't accumulate wealth, you will ignore the customer. The only result is that you have picked up your own rice bowl! A glass of water is just a little effort, but it can warm people's hearts. Let us be more kind and caring, less mean and indifferent, and make our life more and more beautiful.