Suffering is a paving stone
  She was born in a poor mountain village. She didn't study for a day. She followed her grandfather in a Acrobatic Troupe and went to the rivers and lakes to perform, but because she didn't have stunts, she always used to be a foil to others.
  At the age of 17, she decided to learn a stunt, because only in this way can she take the lead in the group and earn more money to support her family. Weighed repeatedly, she decided to practice the equestrian skills. She knew that this was an extremely dangerous work. It was also learned by the boys, but in order to let the elderly parents live a good life, she decided to make a decision. After a year of hard work, I finally learned. From that day on, she also turned into a safflower from the green leaves in the group. The money earned was naturally several times higher than before.
  Just when she thought that the new life was beckoning to her, she fell from the horseback in a performance, was thrown out five or six meters away, and her cheeks fell heavily on the ground, suddenly bloody. Since then, her right face has left a big scar on her fist, but her youth is disfigured, which is a heavy blow to her and her family! So, in such a happy year, she did not dare to think about her future, because she knew that no boy was willing to accept her ugly. Therefore, when girls of the same age are busy talking about marriage, there is only one performance and deep feeling of inferiority accompanying her.
  Until the age of 21, she met a boy who did not despise the scar on her face, and then walked into the marriage with full enthusiasm. After marriage, she and her husband were very loving and their careers flourished. At that time, she felt that she was the happiest and luckiest woman in the world.
  However, what she never imagined was that this happiness was only maintained in the second year after marriage. In a performance, she fell off the horse again, and the horseshoe stepped over from her stomach. This accident made her almost dead. It was not until she woke up after the operation that she knew that she had been pregnant for three months, but the child could not keep it. What made her unbearable was the break of the fallopian tube, which made her unable to give birth in this life. In the end, she returned a life, but lost her marriage. Because the husband who is the only child and his family can not accept the fact that she is infertile, even though she is extremely reluctant, she can understand her husband's helplessness. Kindly, she finally chose to let go and suffer all the pain alone.
  After the divorce, her world was completely silent. Apart from the performance, she never dared to leave the house because she was afraid of being pointed at her. The blow of life destroyed her happiness and trampled on her self-esteem. In that bleak day, she no longer has any hope for the future. But at this time, another man walked into her life . It was a man of honesty. He had no money and no ability, but he was willing to accept her and give her a warm home. So, after moving, she once again married herself.
  After marriage, she and her husband are very happy, and her husband's son is also better than her own mother and child. This kind of life is what she wants. Originally, both her husband and her family advised her not to practice acrobatics. What can she do if she doesn’t know one? Moreover, the acrobatics itself is her hobby and ideal, how can she give up easily? So, after doing the ideological work of the family, she began to practice the legs and cylinders. From the first few pounds to the last few hundred pounds, she once again became the pillar of the Acrobatic Troupe, performing one after another. The field even went on a number of TV interviews.
  She succeeded , not only with flowers and applause, but also with a happy woman.
  There will always be one or another kind of suffering in life. As long as you bravely walk over, you will find that, in fact, all the obstacles that God has set for you are to make you stronger, and those sufferings will eventually become you. A paving stone leading to the success avenue!