First class ticket
  An old couple saved up and raised four children. The years havetily, they have been married for 50 years, and the children with excellent income are secretly negotiating what kind of golden wedding gifts to give to their parents.
  Because the old couple likes to join hands to enjoy the sunset, the children decided to give their parents the most luxurious boat trip, so that the old couple can enjoy the hustle and bustle of the sea.
  The old couple boarded the luxury cruise ship with a first class boat ticket and they were able to accommodate thousands of people. The boat has more swimming pools, luxury nightclubs, cinemas, etc., which really surprised them both.
  The fly in the ointment is that the cost of all kinds of luxury equipment is very expensive, and the frugal old couples calculate their own small travel expenses. Under the circumstance, they are reluctant to spend easily. They have to enjoy five-star suites in the first class, or hang on the deck to enjoy the view of the sea.
  Fortunately, they are afraid that the food on board is not suitable for their appetite. They carry a box of instant noodles with them. Since they can't afford the fine dining of the luxury restaurant on the boat, they have to eat instant noodles with instant noodles. If they want to change their taste and eat Western food, they will go to the store on the boat to buy some pastry bread and milk. .
  On the last night of the voyage, the old gentleman thought about it. If he returned home, his relatives and friends asked about how to eat on board, and he couldn’t answer it. After discussing with his wife, the old gentleman simply fell in love and decided to go to the restaurant on the dinner at dinner time. Anyway, the last meal, tomorrow is the end of the voyage, not afraid to spoil himself.
  Under the circumstance of music and candlelight, the old couple who celebrated the golden wedding commemoration seemed to return to the happiness of their first love. In the laughter of toasting, the meal time is coming to an end, and the old gentleman is still trying to get the waiter to check out.
  The waiter politely asked the old gentleman: "Can you let me see your ticket?"
  The old gentleman couldn’t help but be angry. "I am not sneaking into the boat. I have to watch the ticket for dinner." In the mutter, he took out the ticket.
  The waiter took the ticket and took out the pen and crossed out a space in the many spaces on the back of the ticket. At the same time, I was surprised to ask: "Old gentleman, have you ever consumed it since you boarded the ship?"
  The old gentleman is even more angry. "I don't want to spend, what about you?"
  The waiter patiently handed over the ticket and explained: "This is the first class ticket. All the items on board during the voyage, including catering, nightclubs and other activities, are included in the ticket. You only spend each time. You need to show the ticket, we can log out in the back space."
  The old couple remembered the instant noodles that they ate every day during the voyage, and they will be disembarked when they are about to disembark tomorrow.
  Have we ever thought that at the moment we came to the world, God had already handed over the best first class boat tickets to us. Yes, we can enjoy the most luxurious treatment in material and spiritual terms, as long as we are willing to show the ticket. Many people in his life just lived a life of hunger like instant noodles. This is not the ticket they should have, but they have never thought of using it or not knowing the value of the ticket.