Broken wall success
  Today, we are talking about one word: broken wall. It means breaking the status quo and making a difference.
  The source of the word "broken wall" comes from the "Biography of the famous paintings of the past": the master of the painting, Zhang Yi, swayed the ink, and put on the eyes of the two dragons on the wall, suddenly thunder and lightning broke, and the two dragons took the clouds to go to heaven.
  But to achieve this exciting scene is even more difficult. According to the representative work of Wang Wei, the great poet of the Tang Dynasty, Wei Qing was unbeaten by Tian Tian, ​​and Li Guang had no merits. That is to say whether it is successful or not.
  Is this true? How can we break the wall successfully?
  At the end of the Qin Dynasty, there was an aristocratic youth who caught up with the years when Qin Shihuang was tossing a chicken and a dog. The dream of rejuvenating the country ambushed Qin Shihuang in Bolangsha, but when he opened the battle, he was defeated by the Qin Shihuang Guard. He himself was beaten. Under the bridge, desolate and desperate.
  At this time, a savage old man, lifted his foot and smashed his shoes in the river, and then ordered him: Kid, come up to me.
  People who are trapped in extreme despair often lose their temper. The same is true of the youth, and he is also respectfully dressed. The old man is not polite, and he will throw a sentence while walking : five days later, still not about?
  I am so like this? What other moths can you make?
  After being put on the pigeons twice by the old man, the old man left a copy of the peerless book for the youth, with a summary of the lecture: You must first study for ten years.
  Ten years later, the young man understated the horse and chose a leader named Liu Bang to be the man behind him. After another storm, he broke through the layers of barriers and created a greater empire: the Han Dynasty.
  The young man who stirred the world is Zhang Liang, a strategist in the Western Han Dynasty. The old man who is head-to-head at the crucial moment is Huang Shigong, an outstanding strategist at the end of the Qin Dynasty. The textbook he gave him is a strategy book that is similar to Sun Tzu's Art of War. : Sushu.
  Some people say that this is not a good life. When it comes to Huang Shigong, it is like Superman who has found an energy source and is full of energy early. Later, in the "strategy of strategizing, winning thousands of miles away", it is difficult to succeed.
  Huang Shigong himself said that before he met Zhang Liang, he had seen many lonely youths, only Zhang Liang would bend down his shoes. Is this still life? Breaking the wall is a difficult road, it is very important to run wild, but it is more important to bend down. This is not just a reason to bend down and run faster.
  The story of Zhang Liang fully shows that the broken wall is a difficult porcelain work, you must first bend over and bury your head before you can refine the diamond.
  But the Tang Dynasty person Li Wei told us: When the shot is taken, it will be shot. For example, the biggest military pen in his life: Caizhou under the snow night.
  Choosing to fight this battle is to choose to break the most strict barriers of the Tang Dynasty: the town is divided.
  He wants to break that day!
  The town developed into the middle Tang Dynasty at that time. The hardest piece of the "barrier" at that time was Wu Yuanji of Huaixi.
  The harm of this person, in the words of the Tang Dynasty prime minister, is like carrying a poisonous sore, not digging will kill. Therefore, a level is comparable to the name of the scalpel: Li Wei.
  However, the next performance of Li Wei is incomprehensible: the day-to-day party, the soldiers will raise their wages, and the legendary frontline life is very relaxed and happy.
  I have been happy to the Yuan and the 13th and the beginning of October, and the blue sky happened: the legendary smashing Li Wei, with the legendary happy army of the opening day, in a snowy night, The electric light flints off Wu Yuanji’s old nest, Caizhou City.
  The town of Huaixi, which caused the Tang Dynasty to have a headache for ten years, was easily solved in this way.
  Because it was so shocking that many people thought it was a daydream, until Wu Yuanji, who was often arrogant and arrogant, was put into a cage, and when he beat the drums and sent it to Changan, the stunned crowds swollen their thighs and realized that Not a dream.
  Of course, when talking about this dreamy pen, some people expressed dissatisfaction: Li Wei is catching up with this wind and snow and the enemy is not prepared enough. It is a good life.
  But does Li Wei have this life? The so-called party, in fact, is a paralyzed enemy, the so-called military camp is a happy life, but it is a selection of three thousand good soldiers, back to work overtime and hard work.
  The most crucial thing is that it was cold in the first ten days of October, and it was sixty miles in a hurry. Not only did the good horses scream and die, but the soldiers continued to have frostbite and died. Even the most cronies, the road kept crying. Give up, but Li Wei is as rock-solid as ever, and there is a snowy night attack.
  The value of this war is the most accurate of the evaluation of Zizhitongjian: the suspense of the army, and the death of the future.
  It’s often used in modern inspirational books. There must be such a miracle, first of all, like Li Wei, the courage to decisively shot when the shot.
  There are many people in history, like Zhang Liang and Li Wei, who bend down and get down, so they have a classic success.
  But when the Ming politician Gao Gong took this road, he realized that there is still a more important success factor.
  As a university student of the Ming Dynasty during the Longqing period, he faced the big barriers of Daming in the past two hundred years: the economics were unhealthy.
  What is the difficulty? The central grain and grain reserves were only enough to use a month. The officials of all levels of the Lu’an and the military’s silver are seriously owed to seven or eight years. At such a historical juncture, the high arch that was ordered to endangered, launched a fierce blow to this strict barrier.
  His policies are all brilliant: the first work-for-work model was adopted to launch a large-scale engineering governance of the Yellow River. The north promoted the ban and the mutual market, and also subsidized a large number of small and medium-sized merchants. The most anti-celestial thing is that he was boldly abolished in the "sea ban" national policy in the early Ming Dynasty, and the history was called "longqing switch."
  These anti-day events have also yielded fruitful results: not only did the country’s fiscal revenues increase, but there was no major disaster in the 50 years after the Yellow River. The most prosperous is overseas trade. At one time, one third of the world’s silver was earned in China.
  But few people know how much he suffers.
  For example, the opening of the coastal port, just a few days after the implementation, there are people in the capital deliberately salt, clearly Gao Gong did not have a son, but it is said that his son went to the month of Hong Kong, when the fat is bad.
  Even with every single person, it is extremely difficult. Pan Ji, a master of water conservancy who is highly acquainted with gold, is rolling his sleeves and rolling in the mud soup of the Yellow River. He is always on the verge of the emperor saying that Pan Ji has tamed with the project, and Pan Ji, who just climbed ashore, heard that he was vomiting blood on the spot.
  Even Gao Gong went to work, there were angry patriotic officials, blocking the way to chase the sedan chair, and dragging the donkey on the street. The old wife who was so scared that she had spent the rest of her life in the old days, all shed tears in the sedan chair, saying that he still went home, this official should not be.
  Everything, he insisted . Everything that seems simple in later generations is swaying in the wind. After three years, one by one, Da Ming finally passed through the years of suffering, and the emperor of the Longqing Emperor Zhu Zaiyu, deliberately Calling the high arch into the palace, the first sentence to meet, is that the husband has suffered you.
  In the past three years, I have never called the high arch of bitterness, and tears are raining in an instant.
  After a few years of retirement and returning home, talking about the ups and downs of the past, I also said to the students that they had read the history books and saw Zhang Liangyun’s plan, and Li Yuxue’s night in Caizhou, always thought it was easy. It was not until I became an official that I realized that even if I did something small, it was extremely difficult. When I was young and ignorant, I really looked down on the sages.
  Because a successful person who has bent down and has to go to the broken wall has always had the courage to face all kinds of difficulties and tough and painful.