How big is the transformation of poverty to a person?
  When I was a child, I always thought that when I went to the supermarket, I carefully read the price tag of each item, and often slammed the door. On the roadside and the hawkers selling fruits, I thought it was "women." "The exclusive kind of demeanor, I swear by the future, must not inherit honestly."
  But time has come to this year. If you freeze your life, you will find that many times, I am more than a "women" and "women", obviously want to use a magnifying glass, read the price of each item, and also check out At the time, the cheeky and cashier said, "Hey, this didn't think so expensive, don't want it, oh, sorry, sorry..." Even after the checkout, I was annoyed, "If you wait until the weekend, the farmers gather. When the city starts to buy, it will be much cheaper."
  Today, I, the look of the brain with a careful calculation, and the mother who shouted loudly on the street and the fruit dealers more than a decade ago, completely reconciled together, her eye-catching ability, and the bargaining technology of the mouth. I have not only inherited honestly, but even better than her.
  Ten years ago, the girl who held her shoulders and stood by and watched a bargaining war, where did the temper of chic go? Oh, her temper slaps a few slaps of life, falls into a few quagmire, and is polished by reality.
  When I first went abroad, I had a very bitter life. Later, I wrote down these experiences and even became a book. With everyone's tolerance and support, this kind of caring love has always flattered me.
  Throughout the creative process, these poor days are remembered while squatting, and there will always be places where they can’t write, because the instant noodles that have been eaten for too long, once they appear in their minds, will let I turned my stomach, and the four-faced rented house that I lived in was in my heart, and let me feel the coldness in my memory.
  One day I saw a message from a netizen, and my heart was down. He said, "Look at you writing that you used to eat instant noodles every day. Do you want to educate young people to do this?" Soon after, some friends replied to him, "But that is The best choice people can make when they are tough."
  I shed tears on the screen and almost burst into tears. There are two kinds of "I know" in the world, one is because of "goodness" and the other is because of "experience."
  I have no prejudice against the poor, no complaints. When I left the country alone, no relatives and no friends, in a strange land, relying on one hand to rebuild my life circle, but also a kind of calm, exhausted a taste.
  From working holiday visas to international students who are desperately working hard, it is the most money-bound years. The determination to "must be economically independent" makes my life extraordinarily hard.
  At that time, I always changed my place and moved from a cheap house to a cheaper house. The suitcase was always placed in the corner of the wall, in a semi-open state, because maybe it was time to move to another place.
  The supermarket I often visit is called Reduced to Clear. The food sold here is close to or beyond the shelf life and the price is very cheap. I took a week to go home and took the canned instant noodles milk home. I relied on the luck of "Chinese people haven't eaten anything" and passed through day after day.
  I almost never go shopping, occasionally accompanying my friends to buy jewellery to buy clothes, but also squinting, smashing my wallet, not dare to go down the restaurant, always go outside the elegantly decorated restaurant, pretending to look at it as a poor The artistic enjoyment of international students.
  My most extravagant item is a Nissan car in 1996. It took me to a cheap supermarket, gas station, took me to school and working place, and in this noisy world, I pulled out a piece of land for me. It is my most intimate and well-behaved partner, but its tight door and the tires to be pumped every week, but let it risk the strike at any time.
  I am such a girl, wearing a few clothes all year round, unrecognizable x-handcart, not without the eyes of others. In a country with equal class, some people are keen to see other people’s 369th and so on.
  The owner of the restaurant, from time to time to squeeze out some ugly words, the guests who drink, always want to get some cheap from my helpless girl, the same table with the same table, holding his nose to avoid the smell of oil on my body, some The boys who talked well were hiding from me, for fear that I fell in love with them or that they fell in love with me, and then I became a "tired" girlfriend without a green card and no body.
  Poor makes me unable to find my own kind, and some hobbies have become the reason for being excluded. "obsessed with reading" is a noble act in the rich class, and in the poor class it has become a performance of "loading x", I am always in Inadvertently read this kind of look from the faces of people around me, a girl who has no background and no green card, but also hopes to change her destiny by reading?
  I don't believe it, I really don't believe it. I have to be in this poor place. Tossing points is my own ability.
  As Sanmao said, "Love in a fierce manner and study hard." I tried desperately, and I also said that I was "throwing the world behind me." I worked hard to make money and study hard. I was not working in those years. Is just reading the textbook.
  Those who are poor have a kind of greed for money, a small money and a small money, can also make a different taste. I have never saved a lot of living expenses, squeezing and squeezing it. This poorness has also made me ponder the value of adversity.
  When I was reading for a while, my classmates always organized meetings. I used to eat and drink, and I couldn’t afford it any more. Pretending to be decent, always makes my wallet very embarrassing, every time I have to struggle after the checkout, it is worthwhile to pay more than one hundred NZD to enjoy the pleasure of a meal, and then face the annoyance when I wake up the next morning. Every money that I don’t know how to spend is not used for its original purpose.
  I sometimes feel amused and funny, "a penny is split into two halves of flowers." Isn't this the habit of my time? When did I follow the country, and I got a nest here, and I was still stunned?
  I later missed some friends, but I went to the house for a few cents a pack of pickles to replace the table, and I was fortunate to have a lot of waking hours.
  Poor for my solitude, created excellent conditions, I learned how to get along with myself, and learned to find happiness in the poor.
  Poor also made me meet some precious friends. I met them in adversity and encouraged each other to fight against life. These friends are the reversal of life in the future. Poor is a common problem faced by young people all over the world. There are many young people among my friends who are as poor as me.
  Closer look, in New Zealand, there are crowds rushing to the supermarket to buy foreign students with “extra low” label foods. From a distance, in China, the other side of the sea is living in low rent. The white-collar friends who endured the cold winter and hot summer in the room. The young people who are rushing for material life sometimes feel that the heavens are unfair. This great young man is poor. Why do you work so hard and don’t struggle?
  But remember once, because a friend wants to go back to China, I am with a bunch of lonely "United Nations members" (friends from Spain, South Korea, Mexico, Colombia, China, we therefore call ourselves "United Nations members") to find cheap on the street The place for dinner, and finally went into a seemingly simple pizza restaurant.
  After sitting down, I saw two people eating pizza on the menu no less than 30 New Zealand dollars, so we looked at each other for a moment, as if this kind of tacit understanding had already existed, taking advantage of the hostess’s going to the kitchen, we went one after another, gray I slipped away and sneaked away quietly.
  We walked down the street in a row, and the vastness of everyone, for everyone's bad behavior, laughed and did not work. Suddenly someone said, "After ten years, we have all become rich, and then come back and eat enough!"
  At that moment, none of us was saddened by the pizza we couldn't afford, and no one doubted that we could not become the richest man ten years later.
  In this way, maybe God is fair, he let us be a good young man, but it gives everyone a broad determination.
  Poorly fulfilled my reflection on the past, let me learn to cherish, be strong , and realize the importance of responsibility and tolerance.
  When we are poor, every item we possess is given an absolutely important meaning, and cherishment becomes an essential quality. A hole filled with clothes, a pair of shoes worn all year round, a simple but solid backpack...
  These things that used to be abused or discarded by me have become comrades-in-arms at the moment. They are faithful, reliable, simple and practical. They also help me to remove the vanity that I once existed in my heart, and also let me in such an environment where the material is not abundant. I know that girls must be strong and they must be self-reliant.
  I also often remember that the life that was previously sheltered by my parents was a little annoyed that I knew so lately that every bit of “everything” that came from them was all their hard work, which made me shoulder a responsibility. I also want to give them the same, or more "broad".
  On the other hand, I have seen more families who are poor because of illness overnight, and they have a worry in their hearts. As the only child of my parents, I will do my best to give them a healthy and happy old age.
  Poor also taught me to be tolerant. This is the greatest wisdom in the world. How many people have become narrow-minded because of the loss of tolerance. I remember once I saw a girl working together. After the kitchen gorged on an egg, I realized that everyone has an unknown experience. Don’t use the harsh language to let him know at all times. Today's life is even more difficult.
  Some people may say that poor is so good, are you not going to be poor? Poor is good, but it makes me realize the necessity of "rich". Being rich is a condition for creating many meaningful things.
  I have always remembered this kind of picture in my mind. When I was working in a restaurant a few years ago, I wore clothes that were not cleaned with oily smoke. I washed my dishes and nodded my head every day. The roughness of my fingers caught up with my heels.
  At that time, my heart filled with the dream of writing. When I was free, I took a piece of paper for the guests to order, and put a pen in the trouser pocket. The whole person leaned against the rice bag in the kitchen. When I wrote the words on the paper, I almost sweared in my heart. "If you have money in the future, you will lie on the bed. If you don't do anything, write and read the book for two days and two nights!"
  That year was poor, everything was exchanged with humble labor, a girl working in a foreign country, her time was worthless, and I almost never read a book.
  The reading of a book usually takes place in many places, the one or two hours before going to work, the lunch time of a sandwich in the school, the greasy kitchen in the Chinese restaurant, and the lying in bed after work. Desperate to hold back the moment of sleep.
  So when I started "infinitely", the first thing was to work hard to write hard and write up the spirit. When people are poor, they have the awareness of being in danger. They don’t dare to spend a dollar when they spend five dollars in their arms. Once they have spent a dollar, they should think about how to go next five years next year.
  It is precisely because of this worry that there will be another worry of "one poor and two white". I don't dare to stop working hard, reading, writing, and trying my best to make a clear conscience. If one day I return to the kind of poor and white life, at least I can rely on the knowledge in my head to go to my pickles and white porridge.
  I have gone through "poor" to "not poor" and have gone through three years. In the poorest time, once the school’s final exam ended, I was so hungry that I came out with my chest and back, and I could feel the stars from both sides of my brain. I still slobbered and didn’t walk into the bakery at the school gate. Go and buy the vegetable pie that just three dollars can fill the stomach.
  When I got home, I almost broke into the door. When I opened the refrigerator door, I took out the big pot of stew that I made two days ago. The refrigerator was so cold that I could smell a smell that I shouldn’t have. I didn't throw it. I put it in the microwave oven several times, and I comforted myself to "heat and disinfect", and then swallowed it in one bite.
  Now think about it, I was really out of the realm at that time, and I can find a living method from the glutinous rice.
  Later, when the "richest" was, it was only occasionally to buy something that I liked, and I didn't have to "bite my teeth" and "squat" and then make up my mind. Because my heart left a seat for the "poorest" time, this made me always remind myself that people need to use a simple life to set off the arrogance that they occasionally burn.
  I have treated so many diseases, my mouth is not awkward, my character is not squeaky, and even a little bit of writing is weak. I learned to walk with my head down, and humility is also practical. From that day, all the way to the present, began to have a lot of time to write, feel grateful and rich, do things like, this is a luxury in itself. I often feel that for this, how good it is!
  Because the poor is too deep, so in the days to come, even if it is "not infinite", there is not much change. I still love to go shopping in the flea market, without the pressure of careful calculation, this has become a kind of fun. The home fitness equipment, furnishings, teacups, all are "Salvation Army" second-hand shop Amoy.
  The kind of second-hand shop for charity is always open to the poor. Once I liked the price of the little doll in front of the counter, my expression of reluctance, probably also betrayed me. The young man at the cashier grinned at me. "Come, this will be for you!" I nodded with a smile, for fear of being seen by this embarrassment.
  My satisfaction is very high, and I can cheer me up with a plate of cucumber eggs. Although I have been moving from "here" to "where", I can always open up a little fun there. I like to plant herb in the ground. A rain can make the mint leaves all over the place, rubbing a leaf down with your hand, smashing it in your hand, and spreading your hand to smell the beautiful breath of life.
  I picked lemons on the roadside trees, picked yellow peaches, picked plums, and if I had a day dealing with large household waste, I could also use practical furniture on the side of the road. This seems to be still in the days of poverty. In fact, from the moment I became calm, I was already very rich.
  In the "Bohemian House", Yan Geyu talked about his hard work in Chicago and said that he won five literary awards in the poor two years. He couldn't help but feel, "When people are most frustrated, they are actually being Life is secretly rewarded."
  I read the story of this great female writer, and my heart could not be calm for a long time. I also thanked my poor life for growing up all my strength in the years.
  Poor let me know that poverty is not terrible. The days of pickled white porridge, if it’s eager to get through, it’s not so bad. What’s terrible is that a person can’t make a point from this poor, and it’s justified. It really disappoints such a good life, and it’s white.
  About the author: Yang Yuwen, an online person called Lao Yang, who lives in New Zealand, loves life and writing, and believes that writing is a lonely craft, but the meaning lies in sharing. Welcome to the new book "Please respect the efforts of a girl" in hot sales.