Zhang Yuxi: From the age of 30, the new height
  Zhang Yuxi, born in 1987, is 29 this year and is about to enter the age of 30. After experiencing the peak of the career, I experienced the volatility of emotional life. This time, Zhang Yuxi, who returned to the public eye, has a new height!
  From the release of the New Year's Day "Mermaid" to the present, for a full 15 days, Zhang Yuqi has been occupying the topic list and hot search list. However, now that she has a lot of scenery, her life in the first 30 years is bumpy.
  Zhang Yuxi, whose real name is Zhang Shuang, divorced from his parents and lived with his mother.
  In 2003, Zhang Yuxi was admitted to the drama and film major of the Shanghai School of Drama, and studied vocal music, dance and performance. In the face of the 15-year-old daughter who is going to study abroad, the mother only said to her: "Do not do the wrong thing, have this life. Do, don't do it without this life."
  When Zhang Yuxi was admitted to the drama school, he could not afford the tuition. The mother sold her dowry jewelry in order to pay for her tuition.
  2005 was a lucky year for Zhang Yuxi. Her smile in KFC's advertisement made Zhou Xingchi move. At that time, Zhou Xingchi in Hong Kong saw the advertisement and immediately called the assistant. He pointed to the TV screen and said, "Go help me find this girl." After a few days, Zhang Yuqi received a call, "Mr. Zhou wants to see you." She seized the opportunity among thousands of beautiful girls interviewed.
  In this way, 18-year-old Zhang Yuxi signed the Star Xing company of Stephen Chow to become the new "Star Girl".
  Since becoming a "star girl", her film and advertising endorsements have continued, and her price has skyrocketed. At the age of 22, Zhang Yuxi became famous overnight for starring in the role of female teacher in the movie "Changjiang No.7" by Stephen Chow.
  Zhou Xingchi is also good for her, not only carrying it everywhere, but also deliberately tailoring the role for Zhang Yuxi in the film "Jumping Out", which makes the two people's anecdote spread. However, in 2010, with the film "White Deer" directed by Wang Quanan announced the start-up, Zhang Yuqi and Zhou Xingye began to understand the lawsuit.
  Zhang Yuxi once said that she doesn't mind the "star girl" for a while, but don't replace her name. "My name is Zhang, and I don't have a surname. My name is Yu Yu, not a girl." In this way, the lawsuit has been played for more than two years. In the end, Zhang Yuxi officially canceled the contract with Xinghui Company in October 2012 and set up a personal studio. Zhang Yuxi was nominated for the Best Actress of the Berlin International Film Festival with his "White Deer" in 2010. This film also makes Zhang Yuxi's career love a good harvest.
  On April 18, 2011, 46-year-old Wang Quanan and 25-year-old Zhang Yuxi held a wedding. The recognized prodigal son Quan An returned to the family for Zhang Yuqi, and even sent a 8.688-carat diamond ring representing Zhang Yuqi’s birthday on August 8, 1986. He was deeply in love and was seen by all.
  However, the good times are not long. In 2014, Wang Quanan was arrested on the occasion of Zhang Yuxi’s work in New York. This household scandal turned their past happiness into a bubble. On July 2, 2015, Zhang Yuxi published Weibo: "In the world where time is right, there is a rotation. In the life of the gap carving , time fills up. Separate away, and leave regret for a while. May you, wish I am safe." On July 3, Wang Quanan issued a microblog to confirm the divorce: "I and Yu Yu have already agreed to divorce and friendly break up. Thank you for the unforgettable time spent in marriage for four years. I wish you a happy life and a happy life partner." ”
  Look and body, three minutes is destined, seven points still rely on hard work. After he and Wang safely married, Zhang Yuxi greatly reduced his work and concentrated on his own broad wife. As a result, he did not want his husband to derail. After that, he had no work. It was said that the "star route was dim" until this year and the star. The cooperative "Mermaid" once again brought her back to the public eye.
  In fact, when Stars chose the "Mermaid", he felt that this role was not Zhang Yuxuan, but he was hesitant because of the dispute. However, when he invited Zhang Yuxi, Zhang Yuxi agreed without thinking.
  Although Zhang Yuqi and Stars were noisy that year, when someone criticized the star, Zhang Yuqi came forward and said: "Others are super good, take care of me. He is a serious director and a professional actor. People with personality, It’s a genius.” Perhaps it’s because of the attitude of Zhang Yuqi that Ling Xing has tried to invite her to invite her.
  And Zhang Yuqi did not live up to the expectations of the star, and the essence of the villain was deducted to the fullest. At the same time, her return to the good with the star is also a perfect ending for the two years of grievances.
  After the divorce, Zhang Yuxi did not indulge in pain.
  Although some people think that divorce is a woman's grave. But for Zhang Yuxi, everything is a new and wonderful start. She is fitness, she enjoys the thrill of sweating; she travels, she wants to create a more perfect self.
  In addition to the proud figure, Zhang Yuqi's appearance on the red carpet is quite amazing. The debut of the Cannes Red Carpet was praised by the foreign media as "the most beautiful new face in the East."
  These positive images of full energy , who would still think she is a poor woman who has been betrayed by her husband and experienced a broken marriage? I really feel that even if she hasn't met the right person yet, she still lives better than many people.
  Therefore, even if a woman fails to hold on to the old marriage, even if she only has one person facing the ups and downs, she must learn to love herself like Zhang Yuxi. Life can't be smooth forever, but it's important not to be afraid of setbacks . If you fall, you still have the strength to get up. A woman who works hard is not to prove to whom, but to be the best one!