Opportunity hidden in the corner
  In the early 1930s, he was an unemployed, and he could not find a suitable job. He wandered around every day and worked hard every day for his livelihood. He had lost his life, was distressed, and even had suicidal thoughts.
  Since there is no fixed housing, he has to move once every once in a while. One day, he moved again, accidentally getting an ancient ancestral porcelain that hit the ground and fell into pieces. This is the most valuable family, has been passed down for five generations, the whole family is like a treasure. He looked at the broken porcelain, and thought that because of his carelessness, he would be completely distressed and remorse when he was ruined. He could not help but shed tears.
  Fortunately, his ingenuity, he carefully picked up all the pieces, piece together, glued together, found that the porcelain can be restored to the original, but the glue is not strong enough, the crack is easy to see with the naked eye. Not long, because the viscosity is too bad, the porcelain bottle cracked again. He traveled many times and traveled all over the city to buy various adhesives that can be bought on the market. However, these adhesives are not difficult to withstand high temperatures, or they are easily damp, and the color of the glue does not match the porcelain bottle, and it is impossible to find a satisfactory adhesive.
  He decided to do his own thing and try a new type of adhesive that can resist compression, heat and moisture. To this end, he started with traditional gum and corner glue, tried several hundred kinds of glue, tried it all the time, spent more than three years, and finally succeeded in developing a strong adhesive. . He tried to glue the pieces of the porcelain bottle with his own glue, which was not only indistinguishable to the naked eye, but also comparable to the porcelain that had just been burned out, and the bond was quite firm, no matter whether it was splashed or sun-baked. At the same time, it was unexpectedly discovered that this new type of adhesive not only adheres to ceramics, but also to glass, even steel products, by simply cleaning the oil and other dirt before bonding.
  Therefore, he took the initiative to help neighbors and friends to bond all kinds of broken items, the reputation spread farther and farther, from the city where he lived to far away, many people came to the door and asked to buy his tried-and-tested adhesive. He has increasingly found that this product is widely used, not only in daily life, but also in many enterprises. The market prospect is very broad. To this end, he applied for a patent and raised funds to contact a special manufacturer. The manufacturer of the mixture produced the first batch of adhesive. Once the products are put on the market, they are in short supply. Many dealers and enterprises have signed contracts to order, and the economic benefits are considerable.
  Later, he registered and established a BBK Adhesive Co., Ltd., constantly innovating the formula, improving the performance of the adhesive, and continuously developing new products in the fields of heat resistance, pressure resistance, drug resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-fog. It is widely used in bonding, sealing, leak-proof, fixing, etc. It has become an indispensable chemical product in the machinery industry, and has been well applied in aerospace, military, automotive, electronics, electrical and other industries. His products are rapidly It occupied the domestic market and sold it in large quantities, becoming the most influential large company in the region.
  He is the American billionaire Babike. In order to bond a broken porcelain, it has successfully invented a new type of adhesive, opening a door to wealth and achieving the height of life.
  It is often said that the birth of every major invention is hidden in the darkness of our turn. Only when we are not afraid of dangers and difficulties can we succeed.