The most inspiring 10 segments of the circle of friends
  Li Ka-shing said: A piece of clothing has been put on me. 80% of people say good-looking, then I will definitely buy it; a business opportunity is met by me, 80% of people say that they can do it, then I will never go do. I am convinced that the 2/8 law in the world, why 80% of the world are poor, and 20% are rich? Because 20% of people do things that others can't understand, and 80% don't insist on the right choice. Success is only for those who have the vision, the challenge, and the persistence.
  I (Liu Wei) has a friend who always has good luck. He said that the secret to getting good luck is to go out every morning. If you encounter a sunny day, he said, "Oh! What a wonderful weather." If it is a rainy day, then say: "What an affectionate weather." When he got on the bus, he thought: "Today is a lucky day." Then I feel that everyone is laughing at him, and good luck is coming. It sounds unbelievable, but I think the main reason is that he always keeps An optimistic and hopeful heart.
  Life is just like playing cards. People who get a good hand don't necessarily win, and those who get a bad hand don't necessarily lose. The hand of life also needs courage, skills, and the spirit and action to get good results. If you are unfortunate enough to get a bad card, you should give full play to the maximum effect of each card and try to produce the best results. If you can't win the whole life, then losing less is winning.
  When you are misunderstood, you can smile and be literate; when you are wronged, you can smile and be generous; when you lose, you can smile and be open-minded; when you are helpless, you can smile and see the realm; when you are in distress, you can smile, atmosphere; When you are scornful, you can calmly smile and be confident ; when you are in love, you can smile and be free and easy. Are you laughing today?
  The wife wants her husband to go home early, so he stipulates that he will lock the door when he returns home at 11 o'clock. The first week worked, the second week of her husband returned late, the wife locked the door according to the system, so the husband simply did not go home. Wife is depressed, after the high man pointing, modify the regulations: do not go home before 23 o'clock, I will open the door to sleep. Husband was shocked and went home on time. It can be seen that the essence of the system is not the coercion, but the pulling of the interests of the executed person.
  A man keep pepper-like, warm; keep the cabbage-like, there are many levels; keep lotus-like, careful eye.
  Don't be cheap, don't pay for it, don't be willing to cater to others, the circle is different, you don't have to be strong. To waste time on others, it is better to do what you like. Constantly learning, improving personal qualities, temperament and charm, this is what is worth working hard.
  A lifetime is touch: touch the right direction, glory for a lifetime; touch the fortune, shun for a lifetime; touch the hobby, enrich the whole life; touch the lover, happiness for a lifetime; touch the teacher, harvest for a lifetime; touch the leader, loose lifetime. We need to have luck, and we need to have a mindset.
  A friend's greeting phone, a stranger's kind reminder, a friendly smile when passing by... We are grateful to those who are casual, from the warmth of relatives and strangers, and wish to illuminate others' lives. It is the warmth and kindness of every "you" that dispels the haze and cold of the world.
  The chicken asks the hen: Can you go out to play without having to lay eggs? Hen Road: No, I have to work! The chick said: But you have already put so many eggs! The hen said to the chicken meaningfully: One egg a day, the kitchen knife stood by, and did not lay eggs in January, see the pressure cooker. Children remember that existence is because you create value and eliminate because you lose value. Past values ​​do not represent the future, so work hard every day!