Not every flower can produce results, but each flower has its own flower season.
  A friend said that when he was a child, he dreamed of becoming a painter and began to paint as soon as he was free. When his father saw him so obsessed with painting, he led him to visit an old painter. After the old painter saw his painting, he asked, "Child, why do you want to learn to paint?"
  "I want to be a painter," he said.
  "But not everyone who learns to paint can finally become a painter." The old painter reminded him: "Children, do you feel happy when you paint?"
  "Happy," he replied.
  “It’s enough to have fun!” said the old painter. “Because happiness is the flower of life, happiness is the most beautiful picture of life.”
  The old painter also told him that there are two kinds of flowers in the world, one kind of flower can produce results, one kind of flower can't produce results, but the flowers that can't produce result are more beautiful, such as roses, like tulips, they never give up their own because they can't produce results. Happy and beautiful. People are like flowers. There is a kind of person who can produce results and achieve a career. There is a kind of person who can't produce results. There is no tree in life, just an ordinary person. But ordinary people only have happiness in their hearts and laughter on their faces. They can still be appreciated and praised like roses and tulips. When he left, the old painter patted him on the shoulder and encouraged him to say, "Child, be a happy person!"
  Now, friends still keep the habit of painting, but the purpose is no longer to become a painter, but to enjoy and enjoy the joy of life in the process of painting. As the old painter said, having happiness is enough, because happiness is the flower of life, and happiness is the most beautiful picture of life.
  Another friend of mine told me that from the beginning of the note, he knew that he was a clumsy child. The mother often tells him that each flower has an open opportunity and has its own flower season. Those that have not yet been opened are just not in their own flowering season, but at this time, it is necessary to diligently absorb nutrients and sunlight, and save enough. The energy, patiently waiting for the flower season that belongs to you; everyone is a flower, there are open seasons, there are opportunities for success , when the opportunity has not yet arrived, you should learn more like flowers . Knowledge, accumulate more life wisdom, and when it comes to its own season, it will naturally bloom a beautiful flower of life.
  In the student era, friends became so ridiculous because they were so vocal, and they were naive and ridiculous. After entering the society, it is difficult for a friend to find a job because of his embarrassment.
  But friends didn't give up on themselves. He always remembered his mother's teachings. I believe that everyone is a flower. Everyone has their own flower season. Now they have no chance to open up. They have not had the chance to succeed. They just haven't blossomed yet. Season. In the face of repeated ridicule and blows by others, in the face of repeated setbacks and failures in life , he has always been discouraged, not giving up, not desperate, he is constantly striving, constantly making progress, hard work pays off, a director of a crew in an accident The opportunity to meet him after seeing his embarrassing performance, admitted him. Later, he became a famous comedian and became a "flower" among a person.
  Everyone is a flower, all have their own open season, some open early, some open late, some open in spring and summer, some open in autumn and winter, when you are not open, you need What we do is to wait patiently and work hard to accumulate the nourishment of life .
  Life is like a flower, not every flower can produce results, but each flower has its own most beautiful flower season.