Don't be afraid of failure! Even if you fail to climb to 66, you can become a world legend!
  Two days ago, I received a private letter from the fans: "Hello girl, I am really confused, I want to ask you for advice. I don't know if I have a chance to get your reply. I am in a very confused stage and I have failed in my own business . I have also made investment failures. Now I am facing a very serious situation. I am almost 30 years old. I find that I don’t know anything. I don’t know anything. I don’t know what I want to do first. I don’t know how to choose. ......"
  I read this letter and especially wanted to tell her a story. Later, I thought it would be better to tell everyone to listen.
  Most people have eaten KFC? I recognize the KFC grandfather with white hair and white beard and a bow tie on the red and white signs. Are you acknowledging that KFC is one of the most successful fast food chains in the world?
  The grandfather on the sign is Sanders, the founder of KFC. Before he was 66, he was a man who failed to work, failed in business, failed in life, and was unlucky.
  Sanders was born on September 9, 1890 in a farm on the outskirts of Henryville, Indiana. When he was 6 years old, his father died after a fever. His mother had to work and support her family all day. Sanders was responsible for taking care of her younger siblings. Because they had to cook for them, Sanders had become a good cook when he was 7 years old. At the age of 10, he started working to earn money.
  Sanders' mother remarried when he was 12 years old. His stepfather didn't like boys. He sent his brother to live with his aunt, and he was sent to a farm 80 miles away. Sanders found that he likes to work and doesn't like reading, so he dropped out of school in the 7th grade.
  Before the age of 20, he worked as a farmer, a bus driver, joined the army, worked as an assistant to the blacksmith, and a boiler worker...
  At the age of 22, Sanders was expelled from the inauguration of the railway company for fighting with colleagues. At the age of 24, he became an Arkansas lawyer, but he was detained in a court battle with his clients and was forever banned from practicing in the legal profession. At the age of 26, he became an insurance salesman, but was dismissed because he did not want to listen to the management's command. At the age of 30, he opened a ferry company. It started to work well, but soon the government built a bridge over the river he operated, and he could cross the river without a ferry. When he was 33, he opened a gas lamp company, but the invention of the electric light forced him to close. When he was 34, he sold Michelin tires very well, but he had a car accident. He was injured and the car was scrapped. Because he couldn't afford a new car, Michelin fired him. He started his own business and opened a gas station, but by the time he was 37, the Great Depression came and bankrupted him.
  These happened in the 1920s when the US economy was booming. All the people around it made a fortune, and only he always failed. Although he was a little depressed, he was not discouraged.
  "I think every failure I faced gave me a chance to start again and try new things." - Sanders KFC Grandpa
  At the age of 40, he opened another Shell gas station. While operating the gas station, he increased the income from selling fried chicken to the guests. As a result, the fried chicken was very popular. He turned off the fuel pump and turned the gas station into a restaurant. At the age of 42, his 20-year-old son died of inflammation after appendectomy. At the age of 49, he opened a gas station with restaurants and motels, and with a pressure cooker and his own "11 spices and peppers" formula, he finally made the ideal fried chicken with a uniform taste. But in the same year of Thanksgiving , his restaurant was burned by the fire.
  "We should remember that failure is a stepping stone to good things." - Sanders KFC Grandpa
  Sanders rebuilt a 140-seat restaurant and patented the pressure cooker fried chicken. In 1950, 51-year-old Sanders was recognized by the State of Kentucky as a "contributor to the state's cuisine," and he was given the honorary title of "Colonel." From then on, Sanders put on white uniform and black bow tie. At the age of 52, his car hotel closed down because of the lack of tourists caused by the Second World War. In order to survive, he ran to the cafes and restaurants in Seattle and Tennessee to work as a deputy manager of the restaurant.
  "I think the dream is to suggest what you start and do." - Sanders KFC Grandpa
  Sanders suddenly had a dream of franchising his fried chicken recipe. While running his own restaurant, he traveled all over the United States, went to various restaurants to demonstrate his fried chicken, and promoted the franchise. At the age of 57, the wife couldn't stand his unsuccessful failure and divorced him. At the age of 62, Sanders signed the first franchise at Pete Harman's store in Utah, where he paid Sanders 5 cents for every fried chicken sold. After that, Sanders slowly signed a franchise contract with other restaurants.
  "You have to like your job. You have to like what you are doing. You have to do something meaningful to like it - because it makes sense, it makes a difference." - Sanders KFC Grandpa
  Just as the business of the restaurant was not bad, there was a new intercontinental road that just passed his restaurant. Because the doorway is a construction site every day, guests can't come to eat at all. In 1956, at the age of 66, he had to sell the restaurant that had been in business for 20 years. A total of 75,000 yuan was sold, and the tax was only repaid. He has no income and can only survive on social security benefits of $105 a month.
  At the time, his peers were retired and very rich. What about himself? bankrupted.
  Sanders is not willing to go on like this. At the age of 66, he filled the pressure cooker, flour, and ingredients into the car and trunk, paid for the petrol and travel expenses for $105, and drove himself to various restaurants in each state to demonstrate fried chicken and promote the concession business. In order to save money, he slept in the car many nights and shaved in the toilet at the gas station service station in the morning.
  After being rejected more than 1,000 times, by 1964, when Sanders was 74 years old, there were finally 600 restaurants in the country licensed to sell KFC fried chicken. At the age of 75, Sanders KFC sold his KFC at $2 million (today's value over $15 million).
  "Fortune, like happiness, can be obtained without pursuing. It is a by-product of providing valuable services." - Sanders KFC Grandpa
  In 1966, KFC was listed. In 1971, there were 3,500 self-operated and franchised stores around the world, which were bought by Heublein for $285 million. Heublein was acquired by RJ Reynolds in 1982. In 1986, KFC was acquired by Pepsi Cola from RJ Reynolds for $840 million.
  Grandfather KFC started his business at the age of 40. He sold the first franchise at the age of 62 and became famous after he sold the company at the age of 75. It took him 52 years to be " successful " and all of them were "failures" before success. Grandpa KFC’s entrepreneurial path is similar to that of many small business owners, and one idea struggles with one idea until success. For KFC’s grandfather, don’t give up, work hard, and always believe that success is the key to success in waiting for the corner.
  "Go all out and do your best. Only then can you get a sense of accomplishment." - Sanders KFC Grandpa
  People remember that he worked tirelessly. His granddaughter Josephine said, "He never gives up and never gives up on anything." She said, "The grandfather doesn't believe in working for happiness. He thinks people should work all the time," said Sanders' daughter Margaret. Father has "a lot of motivation to overcome all the adversity in life."
  Sanders' diligence continued until the old age to his death. He insisted on traveling 250,000 miles a year to inspect different KFC stores to help promote KFC in the media. He lived to be 90 years old. He said: "Work, more than vitamins, nutrients are prolonging life ."
  I think that if a person can always have passion, work hard to do things, not afraid of failure, learn lessons, then the probability of success should be much higher, right? Since people are not too late at the age of 66, what are we afraid of?