Not all efforts are worthy of being rewarded
  The second time this week, and when I complained about the frequent work of new jobs, it was already 11 o'clock in the evening. She just came out of the company and cried and told me to accompany her to eat supper.
  A plate of crayfish was holding a bottle of ice beer. Her excited face was red, and her mouth was flying and dancing. It was a mental retardation for me to perform a new boss meeting.
  The evening of the early spring was still very cold. I tightened my cotton coat and saw that she still didn't stop. I had no choice but to interrupt her vivid performance. "How old have you worked overtime? Is the new job very busy?" ”
  After only an hour, I realized what it means to be "dead" - I explained the pot deeply and explained which pot does not open the pot: this problem suddenly opened her bitter gate.
  She said that she is working overtime every week, and today is the day she first got off work. The new boss is very demanding, and Party A is even more difficult. The plan has been revised three times and is not satisfied. Going back tonight will continue to stay up late. I haven’t had a good rest for two or three weeks in a row, and I’ve got a little salary in a month. I really don’t know what it means. For this program, the information she collected and collected can be filled with a table.
  Speaking of her, she also wiped a tear, sour and clear that this group is their own hard work, the weekly star is also rated to others, the big company shady too much.
  I didn't listen to her for the first time complaining that the work was too busy and too tired. Her efforts were not directly proportional to the gains, but every time I saw her friends' circle in the early morning, the desktop full of information and the coffee that was drunk, I don't know. How to comfort her, is not enough work... It seems to be very enough!
  In the end, I had to comfort her that the fortune was temporarily unhelpful and always better.
  I am also very confused, why every job seems to be particularly difficult for a little bit. She is not a professional person who can't be so tired. How can she make herself so tired?
  Later, there was a single task that coincided with the business of their company. The representatives sent by the other party happened to be a predecessor of their team. I only understood after a few days of smashing the battle. It turned out that everything was all the reason - the little bit in the mouth of the seniors. It is very different from the one I know.
  I heard that it was not long before I entered the company. Her diligence was notorious. How many times my colleagues got off work early, and there was only one person left in the company. At the beginning, almost all of my colleagues secretly sighed and sighed the fights of the girls after the 1990s. Strong.
  But unfortunately it was only the beginning.
  Soon the predecessors found that although she seems to be busy, it is very inefficient.
  She always plans to do half of it and go to Weibo to find inspiration, or to go to WeChat to consult a big god friend, usually there is no return. Then go to the door to inquire about triviality, talk about gossip, take a courier, drink coffee. It’s very fast to start time. When someone is busy with work, she is busy “social”. When others rest and socialize, it seems that she is also suitable for work.
  After the seniors finished speaking, they thought about it and added: "It may be because of youth, and if you don't understand the effort, there is a way."
  After listening to the seniors, I suddenly wanted to start a job at the starting point. It seems that I lost my friend’s circle during work hours. Of course, according to a little bit, she is obviously in contact with the customer, but she is being embarrassed by her boss, just because of her own efforts. The eyes are red.
  I heard a little bit of evaluation and a little bit of my own evaluation. I found a cognitive misunderstanding (as many people do):
  We will always take the equation of hard work and hardship.
  It seems that most people will think of vocabulary with a strong sense of picture when they work hard and sweat. I heard that some people are tired and tired, staying up late to study, but hanging out. Some people don’t eat or drink and work hard, but they are not good. We usually sigh that these people have suffered so much, and finally they have not succeeded .
  But have you ever thought that the bitterness they eat is because they have to eat because of force majeure?
  I liked it at first, always advertised how much I worked hard but didn't receive a return worth the equivalent. Until I found out that many of my friends who were considered talented were more than I would have worked hard, I realized that hard work is not the same as suffering.
  I found that the reason why I stayed up late was because I used to open the microblogging WeChat during the day. The reason why I was using the code was because I had been busy for a few weeks but I didn’t count the deadline. Even the "sleeping and forgetting" that I used to advertise my work seriously was just because I couldn't eat because of the unreasonable working schedule.
  To equate effort with hardship, it will inevitably make your attention more on how much you have suffered, rather than "whether there is scientific effort."
  Too much emphasis on hard-working results and neglecting the process of hard work will make us immersed in the self-imposed illusions we have created and can't extricate ourselves into a "death".
  Not sure about the direction of your efforts, do not change the way you work hard, the pain you eat is nothing but inexplicable in vain.
  In fact, as long as you learn to start to pay attention to the methods of hard work and master it, you will find that sometimes trying to do things does not make you suffer too much. When you feel that you are still suffering from the pain, a bigger part may be you. Wrong efforts are being made in the wrong direction with the wrong method.
  Don't easily take the failure and the setbacks as a test of the greatness of the people, because maybe the effort you are doing is just eating the inexplicable pain.