Every child is a sun, and each child has a paradise of his own.
  There are three such children:
  A child who has been complained by his father is an idiot. In the eyes of everyone, he is a student with no future. The art school has not tested it three times. His uncle said desperately: "The blind man can't teach!"
  A child is often rebuked by his father: "You don't do anything right, just hunting and catching mice all day, what to do in the future?" All teachers and elders think that his qualifications are mediocre and not smart.
  There is one more child. He still can't speak when he is more than 3 years old. His parents worry that he is dumb. He took him to the hospital for examination. He didn't speak until 9 years old. When he was in elementary school, he was not good at socializing. The teacher and classmates didn't like him. When he was in high school, he was a mess in Greek and Latin. The teacher who taught him publicly said that he "will not have any interest when he grows up", sometimes even afraid that he will affect other students. him out of the classroom; the age of 16, he applied for college, but fallen off, and later, after two years of tuition, reluctantly admitted to a university; graduating from college, due in school learning period, he was not enthusiastic about some homework, as well as The teacher was indifferent and was refused to stay in school.
  The three children are Rodin, Darwin and Einstein. Finally, the three children found a paradise in their respective fields, a paradise for sculpture art, a paradise for biology and a paradise for physics! Einstein, the greatest physicist of the 20th century, was later called "a radiant sun." Yes, Rodin, Darwin and Einstein, they are the sun in their respective fields, a dazzling sun! A radiant sun!
  The story of life in Rodin, Darwin and Einstein tells us that even if you are a sun, a radiant sun; even if you have a paradise, a beautiful paradise, when it is covered by clouds, it is also thick. When the fog is lost, there are times when the mountains are heavily blocked.
  So, when you are subjected to worldly prejudice, when you feel stupid, slow, confused, and lack of self-confidence , when you are heavily blocked because of frustration and frustration , please imagine Rodin, Darwin. And Einstein, imagine the radiant "sun" like them, when they are covered, blocked, and confused.
  In fact, every child is a sun. Every child has a paradise of his own. We can't find it. That is the lack of a pair of wisdom eyes.