Maxima in the desert
  A famous old Chinese medicine daughter, born with beauty, because she was born in a medical family, she had some insights into medical skills since childhood. Later, the little girl went to the medical university and read the research. After graduation, she successfully entered the city hospital. After two or three years of work, her performance was good. Because of her beautiful appearance, she slowly became famous in the Chinese medicine circle. Some patients even went to see her for medical treatment.
  It should have been so smooth and smooth, but unexpectedly, her life has made a big turn.
  On that day, the director of a TV station went to see a doctor, and she was on duty. The director saw her sitting there, and the temperament was extraordinary. Just in Taichung to shoot a city propaganda film, the image of a female doctor is needed, and the director asks her to star. This is of course a good thing, she readily accepted. The appearance of the color, she performed quite well. Later, the TV station made a medical health program and could not find a suitable host. The director remembered her and invited her to try it.
  This is not a joke. If you go, it will be a change of career. Although it is also related to medicine, it is the host of the TV station, not a doctor in the hospital. Compared with these two occupations, of course, the former is more tempting to a girl. After repeated thoughts, she decided to give up the professionalism of many years of study to accept the glamorous challenge.
  The audition passed. She just turned around and changed from a beautiful doctor who gave the patient a pulse every day to a host who was in front of the camera.
  Initially, she was very satisfied with her gorgeous turn. Despite the pressure on TV, the sense of accomplishment is unprecedented. She is busy charging herself, practicing pronunciation, and speeding up the pace of work.
  What is the TV station? Beautiful women get together and talents flow. She is so outstanding in the hospital, thrown into the TV station, immediately there is no shadow.
  She also gradually felt that she was a master without any doctors. Every time she was doing a program, she was racking her brains and frightened, as if she was climbing a mountain where she could not see the peak every day. But no matter how hard she tried, the Taiwan leadership still had all kinds of dissatisfaction with her - she was too ignorant of her face, and she was slow to speak. She was too dumb... from the appearance to the ability to respond to professional quality, she could only pass her. Minute. At each filming session, all kinds of opinions will fall on her face, and in the face of those picky accusations, she is really depressed. But that can't blame the leader, and everyone can make sense. And some things, really do not rely on the efforts of the day after tomorrow can be cultivated, such as sound, such as eloquence. Therefore, despite the uncomfortable, despite the grievances, she can only linger in her heart, mourning herself, and angering herself.
  The outsiders only saw her glamorous and bright, and I knew the bitter tears behind it.
  She thought back and forth and thought that the days of being doctors were simply too light and pleasant. At that time, she had a professional accumulation from small to large, and also had a natural understanding of medicine, plus a beautiful and sensible, patients and leaders have appreciated her. That is the soil that belongs to her. She thought that if she stayed there, her life would be a hundred times more happy than she is now. But obviously, she is no longer able to go back.
  It was like a Maxima, who had run well on the grassland, but was suddenly found to have the ability to withstand cold and thirst for long distances, so he could not resist the temptation to join the long-awaited desert. But in the desert, the Maxima, where is the camel's opponent, its advantage was buried, becoming the worst member of the team. But when it admits that it is not running in the desert, it is already in the desert hinterland, and it is impossible to return to the grassland to start again.
  In fact, the society has evolved into this part. The division of labor has been extremely detailed and precise. It is really difficult for you to be half-hearted and tempered. You must come up with your strongest strengths and build with the greatest time and energy. Possible. You are talking about the crosstalk, and you will say the whole story with your heart and soul. Don't think about changing to sing because you sing well. A good voice can be a good aid to you, but taking it as a main business may not be a success.
  This is the reason why many excellent people have been inactive for a lifetime. They don't know themselves, they don't know the world, they don't know where their best places are, and they don't stick to what they do best. Abandoning superiority and inferiority, upside down the primary and secondary, so you become a milestone in the desert, seemingly no match, in fact, the wrong way.