6 positive energy stories, flowing through the heart of the warm current
  1, I do not ask for a return
  His car was broken in the snow, and a man who passed by riding rescued him. When he expressed his gratitude, the man said: I don't want to return, but I promise you to do your best when others have difficulties. Later he helped many people and told everyone he asked for the same request. Six years later, he was trapped by a flood on a small island. A teenager helped him and said the sentence he would never forget: I don't ask for a return, but you have to give me a promise...
  2, the beautiful lies of love
  A salesman often travels. A friend asked him, his mother said that he came back 8 days later, but he came back in 5 days. My friend asked how to come back in advance. He replied: Every time I go out, my mother doesn't think about tea. I don't want to even pick up at the intersection in the middle of the night. To make the old man feel at ease, I will say 13 days after I go out for an estimated ten days. I will leave some room and return in advance. The old man was a surprise. Beautiful lies are just for love, and love can have another way of expression.
  3. Make good spring with kindness
  Her 6-year-old parents died 23-year-old husband, anti-Japanese sacrifice, 25-year-old daughter died, 58-year-old daughter died, she was lonely again. At 98 years old, she died without a disease, and all the cold alleys suddenly became full of people. It turned out that her lifetime embroidery subsidized 26 poor children. When she is alive, she always likes to say: Spring is coming. She embroidered the most, always green grass, flowers, everything is full of vitality... buried her sorrow in her heart, she made the children's spring with kindness.
  4, intimate care in the candlelight
  A woman moved and lived next door with a widow and a child. One night, the woman turned off the candle, and suddenly the child next door knocked on the door and asked: Auntie, is there a candle in your house? The woman thought that they were so poor that they didn't even have a candle. They couldn't borrow him to avoid being dependent, so they said no. When she is about to close the door, the child's caring smile says: I know you must not! Mom and I are afraid that you will live alone and have no candles, so bring two to send you. The woman heard tears in her eyes.
  6. Unknown good deeds
  After the couple bought the ticket on the bus, they found that a woman with a little inconvenience was sitting on the seat of the husband. Mr. did not ask the lady to give way, standing for 3 hours all the way, has not said that this seat is his. After getting off the bus, my wife said distressedly: Let the position be good, but stand for so long, please ask her to change the seat for a while. Mr. said: People are inconvenient for a lifetime, I am only inconvenient for 3 hours. The unspeakable good deeds make the world a little more gentle.