All the lazy, stolen, will become a slap in the face
  When I was in elementary school, I practiced calligraphy. On weekends, I went to the teacher’s house with an ink bottle. The bottle was not tightened, and the ink stained the stationery in the bag. So I was sulking, I felt that calligraphy was too annoying, difficult to learn and troublesome, and I didn’t want to go after a few days of study.
  Later, when I was in high school, my Chinese essays never got the ideal score. I tried to ask the teacher for the scalp. He said, "The writing is good, but the word is ugly." When the school organized the essay competition, the teacher even suggested to me, "Write Finish looking for a good-looking classmate to help you copy it again, otherwise the chance of winning is very small."
  When I was a sophomore, I took a driver’s license and my coach’s temper was very bad. I was crying twice and humiliating IQ for N times. I was mad at myself, said that I would learn again afterwards, and then I didn’t even drive to school. I am still graduating and still have no driver’s license. When I go home for the New Year, the taxi in my small city, the Spring Festival is not open to the meter, 10 yuan distance, can say 30 in the sky, do not sit down. The family is busy, there are idle cars in the house, but I will not open, I can only stop the taxi and send it to the door to kill them.
  There are also half-way swimming, three days of fishing art for two days, the words "Tomorrow will be back"... They all jumped out of trouble at a moment when they were caught off guard. "Essence and retribution" is really a truth that exists forever. All the lazy ones that have been stolen will become a slap in the face.
  When the new home was renovated, some of the furniture was handmade. When the woodworker was working in my house, the door was open and ventilated. An old man who came to the neighbor's house to visit relatives deliberately came in and watched.
  The old man said that he still regrets that he did not learn to be a carpenter. It turned out that when he was young, he learned the carpenter with the master, but he felt too fine and too troublesome, and he was cut off and he was not willing to learn. Next, the old man wanted to do some simple and simple work, so he went to work along the coast with his relatives.
  But the old man did not have a skill. He went to the construction site where he moved bricks, went to the factory in the assembly line, and finally he was busy for more than ten years. He still did not settle down in the big city, so he had to go home to do some small business.
  The partners who once studied carpenters with themselves have become local esteemed craftsmen and even opened their own furniture factories. And he can only stand by the door of a stranger and appreciate that others "show" the technology he has given up.
  I remember that Cai Kangyong wrote: At the age of 15, I feel that swimming is difficult. I give up swimming. When I am 18, I meet someone you like and ask you to go swimming. You have to say "I won't be yeah." At the age of 18, I feel that English is difficult. I give up English. At the age of 28, I have a great job but I want to work in English. You have to say "I won't be yeah."
  The more troublesome the early life, the more lazy to learn, the more likely you will miss the people and things that make you tempted, and miss the new scenery.
  I deeply feel that this is a "truth." When you lose weight, you are lazy. When you are running long and thin legs in the summer, you can only sulcate your fat. When I was in school, I was lazy. When students were enrolled in famous schools and famous enterprises, you could only complain in the middle of the night.
  All the lazy, stolen, will become a slap in the face. I don't know how to persuade a lazy person to rehabilitate. I only know that it will hurt when you hit your face, and your face will be swollen.