I can never know what the next difficulty is.
  When he was a junior high school, his father died. He was admitted to Tsinghua and was seriously ill. He said that as long as he is alive, he must pursue it!
  "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what the next one is." Zhu Xiaopeng, a student of the Department of Chemical Engineering at Tsinghua University in 2010. An ordinary child from Hunan's small mountain village, after experiencing his father's accidental death and sudden spinal hemangioma, caused his left half of the body to become numb and unable to move, always endures great pain while still not forgetting his heart, not forgetting his own Dream , actively face life, he interprets the true meaning of self-improvement with practical actions... and created the Tsinghua Accessibility Association with his classmates, and tried his best to help more people with their own abilities. As Tagore said: "Life kisses me with pain, I still report it to the song."
  "Life is like a box of chocolates"
  When Zhu Xiaopeng’s parents named their son “Xiao Peng”, they must have hoped that he would be able to fly in the future, even though he was only born in a small village in a small mountain village in Hunan Province, but also carried beautiful parents. Expectations.
  Xiaopeng’s hometown is surrounded by green hills, and the green water is shining. Although the living conditions at that time were difficult, Xiaopeng was unaware of it. Instead, he grew up in the natural landscape of the mountains under the shade of his parents. At that time, he thought that in the future, he would study hard and go out of the mountains to let his parents live a better life. Whenever he thought of the arrival of this day, he would secretly rejoice in his heart.
  However, during the summer vacation of the second year of the year, an unexpected occurrence caused Xiaopeng’s life to undergo earth-shaking changes. His father accidentally fell down in the tree when he cut trees in the mountains. His father could not escape this robbery, so he left Xiaopeng and his family. The sudden occurrence of the incident suddenly became like the nightmare described in the novel, and Xiaopeng, I hope that this is really just a nightmare.
  "At the time, I felt dizzy and dark, and everything around me lost color. I seemed to grow up overnight. As the only man in the family, I realized that I should hold this home." Xiaopeng recalled that time. The eyes are firm, like a steady mature man, not a young student who is still studying.
  After the accident, Xiaopeng studied harder and harder, getting up early in the morning and putting himself in the ocean of knowledge, hoping to change the family's destiny through learning. It was also at that time that he smashed chemistry.
  “I like it very much when I come into contact with chemistry. Since then I have dreamed of becoming a chemist.” When it comes to chemistry, Xiaopeng can’t conceal his favorite, his face is full of expectation and yearning. . He not only stayed in the stage of imagination, but also worked hard and sweat to become the first student in his high school to be accepted by Tsinghua. In 2010, Xiaopeng entered the Department of Chemical Engineering of Tsinghua University and started a real chemical journey.
  As stated in Forrest Gump: "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what the next one is."
  Xiaopeng wouldn’t know that, just less than a year later, when he first entered the school, he visited many of the novel instruments he saw in the chemistry lab. He never had the chance to go there again.
  A Brief History of Time and "I and the Earth"
  "How I hoped to enter the laboratory to operate those equipments at the time, then I will not leave regrets now." Xiaopeng's memories are full of regrets and reluctance.
  At the end of the exam year, he suddenly felt numb and unable to move. He tried to struggle but fell to the ground, and even the pain was unbearable. Xiaopeng’s roommates immediately sent him to the hospital. After a week of diagnosis, Xiaopeng was diagnosed with spinal hemangioma.
  Spinal hemangioma, also known as hemangioblastoma, accounts for 1% to 5% of spinal cord tumors, and severe consequences can result in paraplegia or 1/4 瘫. Because of tissue edema near the hemangioma, Xiaopeng could not immediately undergo surgery and could only wait helplessly in the hospital bed. After three months of suffering, Xiaopeng was finally pushed into the operating room. This complicated operation was done for 9 hours. These 9 hours were too long for Xiaopeng and his mother.
  After the operation, Xiaopeng's hemangioma was removed, but the operation only helped his body to recover a little consciousness in the right half, while the left half of the body was still numb and unable to move and always endure great pain so that it could not sleep. Therefore, Xiaopeng had to return to his hometown in Hunan to bid farewell to his study career.
  And this farewell is two years.
  "The days of going home to cultivate are not good. I spend every day in despair. I have no goals in life. I have to live a self-satisfaction. I often feel the injustice of God." Xiaopeng thinks that he may never realize his dream in this life.
  He had been lying in bed in confusion and stared at the ceiling, and he had used his worst case to imagine his future life. But whenever he saw his mother's face and consistent care, he remembered the promise he had made to himself. "What about my mother? She has been taking care of me without regrets, but I have not repaid her; what about my sister? She is still so small, her eldest brother is like a father, I must take good care of her; and, What should I do with my dream?” Xiao Peng asked himself many times.
  It is from this time that Xiaopeng began to read Hawking's "A Brief History of Time" and began to read Shi Tiesheng's "I and the Earth". Slowly, he saw his dreams from people whose bodies were restricted but whose souls were extremely free. "I found that my passion for dreams has not been extinguished. I still want to chase her and want to be close to her."
  So Xiaopeng began to actively participate in rehabilitation exercises.
  "You can't walk a long way but have a vast heart."
  At the beginning of the rehabilitation, Xiaopeng couldn't stand up at all. The two men stood still and stood still, but Xiaopeng still tried to force himself to stand. For half a minute, one minute, ten minutes, his legs were numb. He refused to give up, and slowly, he was able to stand for hours.
  After standing, Xiaopeng began to learn to walk again. This is a more difficult and painful process than toddlers. Even with the support of two people, his legs still kept shaking, and every step went especially hard, but slowly he could finally walk on the wall, although it was slow and slow, although very Steady, sometimes it will fall to the ground heavily.
  Every time she fell to the ground, Xiaopeng’s mother would hold him up with tears, and she couldn’t bear to continue walking. "But my mind is my classroom, my class, I really don't want to give up." Xiaopeng firmly continued to practice walking. After a year of persistence , he was finally able to walk, but he was not satisfied with it. So he began to ask himself to learn to climb the stairs, and each time he climbed a layer, he almost collapsed. "The process of exercise is very difficult, but I still appreciate it because it makes me stronger ."
  As Shi Tiesheng said in "I and the Earth", "you can't walk a long way but have a vast heart." This sentence is used to describe Xiao Peng. In the rehabilitation practice of Xiaopeng every step, what supports him is his vast heart.
  After two years of active training, Xiaopeng finally returned to the Tsinghua Park. But unfortunately, Xiaopeng's left half of the body is still not recovering. Traveling and living still depend on the strength of the wheelchair. At the same time, because he can't carry out experimental operations, he can no longer continue to study chemistry.
  Under the coordination and help of the school teachers, Xiao Peng eventually transferred to the Department of Mathematics, and slowly fell in love with mathematics. Xiaopeng, who returned to campus, really felt the care and warmth that the school, teachers and classmates gave him. “It seems that the sun has returned to my life.”
  The school arranged an apartment with elevator for Xiaopeng and his mother, and provided him with alumni's scholarship fund. The teacher of the mathematics department made it easier for Xiaopeng to change the classroom to the first floor. Xiaopeng's electric wheelchair made his trip smoother. The former teacher of the Chemical Department still cared about him and gave him a living allowance. His classmates also helped Xiaopeng to participate in group activities. Come in. For all of this, Xiaopeng is grateful to remember.
  Xiaopeng returns to Tsinghua Park
  At this year's Alumni Incentives Conference, Xiaopeng spoke as a representative of the assisted students. He said, "I often think that life has all kinds of difficulties. I can never know what the next difficulty is. I can do it. I don’t forget my own heart, don’t forget my dreams, and actively face what life brings to me. Because only in this way can I live without anyone who has never given up on me.”
  "Swinging up 90,000 miles"
  Now Xiao Peng has started a new life of study. In the Department of Mathematics, he still adheres to his academic dreams, and his grades can remain at a medium-to-high level in his grades. At the same time, he actively participates in various competitions he is interested in. In his spare time, he will also watch the favorite NBA basketball game. .
  "I got too much, but I did too little, so I want to rely on my own strength to do something." Xiaopeng recalled that he was sick and returned to campus. He felt that he was fortunate enough to get help from so many people. So he went to work in the library to drop out of school, earn his own rewards, and labor and exercise himself in his own range of abilities. At the same time, he also wants to use his power to help more people.
  This year, Xiaopeng and some of his classmates initiated the establishment of the Tsinghua Accessibility Association, aiming to promote the concept of barrier-free access, and hope to promote Tsinghua as the first barrier-free university in the country, so that disabled people and the elderly can Live on campus easily.
  "Life gave me suffering, but I used it as a gift." After experiencing so many changes in life, Xiaopeng is still full of confidence and hope. Even now he still doesn't know if his left half can recover, but he will not give up his dream of scientific research. "As long as I am still alive, I can continue to pursue my dreams, and there is hope in my life," Xiao Peng said.
  As Tagore said, “Life kisses me with pain, I still quote it.” In the next campus life, Xiaopeng decided to study harder. He smiled and said, “If you are lucky, maybe I can become A teacher can teach and educate people while studying academics. "We also hope that Xiaopeng's thin and firm figure can be seen on the podium of a certain classroom in the future.