[Story 1]
  There is such a son, he is a big money, his mother is old, his teeth are all broken, so he drives his mother to set his teeth, enters the dental clinic, the doctors start selling their dentures, but the mother has the cheapest one. Kind.
  The doctor was not willing to give up. He looked at the big son and patiently gave them a better quality than the bad teeth. However, the doctor was very disappointed that this son who was a big money was indifferent. He only asked himself to call a cigar and simply ignored him. The doctor did not marry her mother and agreed to her request.
  At this time, the mother trembled out of the pocket and pulled out a cloth bag, opened it layer by layer, took out the money and paid the deposit, and then prepared to install the teeth a week later.
  After the two left, the people in the clinic began to yell at the big son, saying that he was well-dressed and sucked the finest cigars, but he was not willing to spend money to put a good tooth on his mother.
  Just when they were filled with indignation, they didn’t want the big son to come back again. He said, “Doctor, you have to give my mother the best porcelain teeth. It costs me to come out. It doesn’t matter how much money. But you should never tell her the truth. My mother is a very frugal person, I don't want her to be upset...
  [Story 2]
  When I went to bed, it was 11 o'clock in the evening, and there was light snow outside the window. I shrank into the quilt, picked up the alarm clock and found that the alarm clock stopped. I forgot to buy the battery. It’s so cold, I don’t want to get up again. I made a long distance call to my mother:
  "Mom, I have no battery for my alarm clock. I have to go to the company for a meeting tomorrow. I have to catch up early. Give me a call at 6 o'clock to get me up."
  My mother’s voice was a little dumb and she might have slept. She said, “Okay, hey.”
  When the phone rings, I am having a sweet dream, and the sky outside is dark. Mother said over there: "Small orange, you get up quickly, you have a meeting today." I looked up at the watch, only five to forty. I cried impatiently. "I am not calling you six o'clock? I still want to sleep a little longer, I am stirred up by you!" Mom suddenly stopped talking at the end, and I hung up.
  Get up and wash it out. The weather is really cold, the snow in the sky, the sky between the heavens and the earth. I kept my feet on the bus stop. Black paint around, but next to me stood two white-haired old people. I listened to the old gentleman and said to the old lady: "You haven't slept well for a night. I started urging me a few hours earlier. I have waited so long."
  Yes, the first bus will take five minutes to come. Finally the car came, I got on the bus. Driving a very young boy, he drove the car away after I got on the bus. I said, "Hey, driver, there are two old people below. The weather is so cold. People have been waiting for a long time. Why don't you wait for them to get on the bus and drive?" The boy said with a sigh of relief: "It doesn't matter, it is me." Mom and Dad! Today is my first day to open the bus, they come to see me!"
  I suddenly cried - I saw a short message from my father: "Daughter, mother said that she is not good, she has not slept well, wake up very early, worried that you will be late."
  Suddenly remembered a Jewish proverb:
  When the father gave his son something, the son smiled.
  When the son gave his father something, the father cried.
  After reading it, remember to be a filial child. In this life, you can owe too much, and only parents who don’t ask for a return, don’t complain about their parents’ sorrow... Consider them, thank them, care for them!