Inspirational story of running , I lost my tears after reading it.
  There is such a true story about the story of an old man who keeps running.
  Every year, Australia hosts an ultra-long-distance running competition. The participants will travel from Sydney to Melbourne, which is about 875 kilometers long and is one of the toughest competitions in the world. The competition took five days and attracted many world-class athletes. These athletes are usually under the age of 30. After special training, there are big companies like Nike.
  However, in 1983, the appearance of a 61-year-old man made this game a focus of discussion. The old man is named Cliff Young.
  When he appeared on the starting line, Cliff wore a pair of work clothes and a pair of work shoes on his feet. The audience initially thought that Cliff was an audience, and when he went to the workbench to check the number and came to the middle of the athletes, people were all shocked.
  The media was immediately curious about Cliff's arrival and had been interviewed in the past. They said to Cliff: "You are crazy, you can't finish the game." Faced with people's doubts, Cliff replied: "I know I will do it. You see, I grew up on a farm, there. No trucks or horses, no matter when, even if the storm is coming, I have to go out and let the sheep go. When the sheep run around, I can always catch them. So, I believe I can finish the game."
  After the start of the game, Cliff was quickly picked up by everyone. The topic of people has moved to Cliff himself: Cliff does not run correctly! He looks more like walking in the footsteps. More people are even beginning to worry about his safety. Professional athletes know that it takes five days to compete. In order to run the full course, they usually run 18 hours a day and sleep for 6 hours. However, Cliff does not know this. The next morning, people were surprised to find that Cliff appeared in the competition team. It turned out that he was running all night!
  A reporter asked Cliff, curiously, how he planned to finish the rest of the game. Cliff's answer made people wonder that he claimed that he would keep running until the game was completed.
  Cliff has been running like this, getting closer to leading the athletes group every day. On the last night, when others were still asleep, he surpassed all the contestants, the first hit the finish line and created a new tournament record!
  Cliff won a $10,000 prize. After the game, he said that he did not know that there was a bonus, insisting that he did not participate in the money. In the end, he used all the bonuses he had earned to buy gifts and gave them to other athletes, which made the Australians awe-inspiring.
  In 2003, Cliff died of illness at the age of 81. Today, due to the savings, “Clive Young Trailing” has been adopted by many athletes who participated in the Extreme Long Distance Marathon. Moreover, in the current game, people are no longer sleeping. People know that in order to win the game, they must run like Clive Young.