First caterpillar
  Saying that the first caterpillar crawled and climbed over the mountains and rivers one day, finally came under the apple tree. He didn't know that it was an apple tree, and he didn't know that the tree was full of red apples. When he saw his companions climbing up, they didn't know why they climbed up. There is no purpose, I don’t know the end point, and I don’t know why I ask for it or why I die. What is his final ending? Maybe I found a big apple, I have been happy for a lifetime; I may have lost my way in the leaves, and I have been fascinated for a lifetime. But what is certain is that most of the insects are alive like this, and they don't bother what is the meaning of life , but it is also much easier.
  Second caterpillar
  One day, the second caterpillar also climbed under the apple tree. He knew that this was an apple tree and that his "worm target" was to find a big apple. The problem is...he doesn't know where the Big Apple is? But he guessed: Big apples should grow on big branches! So he slowly climbed up and when he encountered the branch, he chose to climb the thicker branches. Of course, in this caterpillar society, there is also an examination system. If there are many insects who choose the same branch at the same time, it is necessary to hold an examination to decide who is qualified to pass the big branch. Fortunately, this caterpillar went all the way through, and every time he was the first to choose the best branch, he finally found a big apple from a branch called "University". However, he found that this big apple is not the largest in the whole tree, and at most it can only be called the local maximum. Because there is a bigger apple on top of it, the so-called "boss" is found by another caterpillar crawling over a branch called " entrepreneurship ". What discourages him is that this entrepreneurial branch is a small branch that he did not bother to climb.
  Third caterpillar
  Then, the third caterpillar also came under the tree. This caterpillar is quite rare. At a young age, he developed a pair of telescopes. When you haven't started climbing, you can use a telescope to search for a giant apple. At the same time, he found that when looking for the way from the bottom up, there will be many branches, there are different ways to climb; but if you look for the way from top to bottom, there is only one way to climb. He carefully carefully moved from the top of the apple to the current position, and wrote down the path. So he began to climb up, and when he encountered the branch, he was not flustered at all, because he knew that it was not necessary to follow a lot of worms to break the head. For example, if his goal is an apple called "Professor", then he should climb the "learning" path; if the goal is "boss", then you should climb the "entrepreneurial" branch; if the goal is "politician" Perhaps it is time to climb the road of "thick black road". In the end, this caterpillar should "have a good ending, because he has the conditions of "prejudice". But there may be some unexpected endings, because the caterpillar crawls quite slowly, and it takes a while from the time the apple is scheduled to arrive. When he arrived, maybe the apple had already been picked up by other worms, maybe the apple was ripe and rotten...
  Fourth caterpillar
  The fourth caterpillar is not an ordinary worm, but also has the ability to be a prophetic. He not only knows what kind of apple he wants, but also the prophet - know how Apple will grow in the future. Therefore, when he took the "eyes" look, his goal was not a big apple, but a bud with apple blossoms. He calculated his own time course and estimated that when he arrived, the flower just grew into a mature big apple, and he would be the first to get into the big worm. Sure enough, he got what he deserved and lived happily ever after.
  Fifth caterpillar
  The story of the caterpillar should have ended here. Because the ending of all stories must be positive and educational. But there are still many readers who are curious: What happened to the fifth caterpillar...? In fact, he did not do anything, just lying under the tree to cool, and a large apple fell from the sky to his side. Because a large branch of the tree has long been occupied by his family. His grandfather, father, and brother were on a tree trunk and prohibited him from entering. Then when the apple matures, it is thrown to the children and grandchildren for food. Advise you, if you are not born with a gold spoon, don't want to check the big apple, because it will be drowned.