Many people may feel inferior for one reason or another at a younger age. Until now, I stood at the twenties of the age of twenty, and I still feel that I am an ordinary person who is not very good-looking and has a good qualification.
  But what does this matter? Although I was born to be mediocre, I have a heart that wants to shine.
  Even Haruki Murakami is also humbled by himself: "I have always been inferior to me in my youth. I feel that I can be described as a special existence in this world. I have nothing to do with others. I have not."
  Therefore, inferiority is not terrible, and it is brave to admit that one's inferiority is inferior. I am fat, yes, I am fat, and what you are talking about is only objective facts. There is nothing to cover (anyway, my meat can't stop).
  But I am fat now, it does not mean that I am fat in my life. My fat does not mean that my study is not smart, does not mean that my ability is not strong; I am poor now, does not mean that I can not afford high-end products in the future; I am short now, not representative I have been so high for a lifetime (you forgot me only 15), it does not mean that I can not increase invisibly (inside the insole, high heels).
  When I was young, I didn't know what it meant to be inferior. Just when playing with the little friends, the parents got together and said to other friends: "Wow, this skin is super white, it’s really a blown bomb; your home is not bad, big and long. Legs, beauty embryos.
  When I arrived, it was: "Your children are working hard, and they will definitely go to famous universities and university nurseries in the future." At that time, I couldn’t figure out the situation, but my heart was beautiful, but I didn’t lose anyway, I Also boasted.
  In memory, the only time an uncle praised my legs was long and straight, and said to my dad: "Your daughter must not worry about it later." I was so happy at the time, I had three bowls of rice every meal for many years. Because I can't delay my long because I have no nutrition.
  However, with the increase of age, I found that my peers have entered adolescence. After the changes in sound and physiology, they are also fierce. At this time, I discovered that I did not seem to have experienced puberty, otherwise why Is there a slight change in my height?
  The pride that was once unique is gone...
  Lost beauty, I only have to work hard to learn and work hard to write. Write the deepest words buried in your heart by means of words. Until later, I got a good university and I can rely on words to support myself.
  In fact, there are inferiority people. When you walk through that period of yin, transfer your attention to other places, until you are doing very well, you will say lightly: "I also feel inferior."
  When you find that you have a point of inferiority, don't blame you for blaming the sky, blaming the sky for being unfair, blaming your parents for not posing well, but to face inferiority, if your inferiority can change (eg, temper tantrum), then go for abandonment If it can't change, you can be excellent in other aspects. Others will cast an envious look, and you can shine like the other.
  Half of the high school's girlfriends colleges spent their lives in inferiority. It may be coincidental that all three of her roommates are small and rich second generation, and the more important thing is that they are all beautiful and long legs, and even more terrible.
  Her three roommates belong to the kind of person who "can obviously eat on the face, but he hates to eat the talented rice bowl with you". Only the girlfriends are pure rural, non-polluting, small earth girls from nature. Before I went to college, my girlfriend didn't know what water, milk, cream, isolation, foundation, blush, mascara were used. I didn't go to college until I got a bloody one. I bought a bottle of one hundred yuan. Water milk, but her roommates are all big names, the price of a bottle can be used for hundreds of years.
  In fact, the three roommates have money and beautiful appearance. The impact on the girlfriends is already big enough. What is more important is that they still have talents. One is the piano ten, one is the national award for ballet, and the other is I have already published two books before the university.
  The college life in the early days of girlfriends was very scary. I didn't even dare to say a few words in the dormitory because she was afraid that she would be isolated, laughed, and defamed. After spending two years in college, she once inadvertently listened to a university's inspirational speech . She seems to have realized it.
  At the beginning of her junior year, she began to plan her own life. My girlfriend has always liked spoken English, but because of her own inferiority in the first two years of college, she gave up and shelved. Later, she picked up her interest again and insisted on getting up early every day. When the roommates were still asleep, they had already been groomed and read books in the corridor for several hours.
  Because of the better foundation, coupled with the efforts of the day after tomorrow, she can be fully qualified for translation. When she was a senior intern, she was successfully recruited by a foreign company.
  Now she lives, mountain climbing, surfing, global travel, the family had not too cool in Australia, had low self-esteem, rustic Cinderella never gone, six months ago, we meet, but to see that gentle, confident and generous Her.
  Being born does not determine whether you can become a strong woman. Inferiority cannot be a reason for your decadence and lack of progress.
  The low self-esteem has been deducted from many people, but the number of deductions varies, and the depth is different.
  I have always believed that God is fair to everyone, maybe I am not as beautiful as her, but I am smart; maybe I am fat, but I am good; maybe my legs are short, but my skin is good (if you don't have it, you and Different, just like their smart people, have the same history of mental illness).
  People are both complementary and complementary. Don't go blindly because of your own insufficiency. You must believe that you have unique advantages and give yourself some confidence.
  Just like the online red man Aunt Rose said: In my life, when I was young, my hips and chest made me feel inferior, but now I am proud. I know now, this is sexy.
  When you are good enough, you will find points that once made you feel inferior. Those are farts, nothing at all.
  When you can honestly tell others how small and inferior you used to be, I think you are good enough (you don't envy me, I am just good at shameless, so I can tell you calmly, my past) .
  May we all have that day, and we all want to be better people.