Full of positive energy , see how the big brothers are whipped by their wives!
  Ma Mindong: A successful man is to rely on a woman to whip out!
  The beauty standing next to Li Yanhong is called "Ma Mindong". At the age of 15, she went to the junior college of the Chinese University of Science and Technology and went abroad at the age of 19. At a Chinese gathering in New York, Li Yanhong met her, fell in love at first sight, and then began a crazy pursuit. Less than six months before and after, the two got married.
  To say that Li Yanhong of that year, people in Silicon Valley, millions of years, luxury car villas, nine to five, every day to go home is not watering or planting trees, how easy it is to have a small day.
  It should be said that many people struggle for life,
  It’s just that.
  However, when he was less than 28 years old, he entered the pension mode in advance, apparently not the life that Ma Mindong wanted.
  "Get rid of her husband" created Baidu!
  One afternoon, Li Yanhong went home and found that all the flowers and plants in the house had been pulled out. He was angry! "My mustard is about to be harvested. Why did you ruin them?"
  Ma Mindong said: "I don't destroy the vegetable fields, the vegetable fields will destroy my husband. You are the world's top IT expert, I can't make you a Californian farmer."
  After a long night of talks, Li Yanhong realized that he was too happy to enjoy, indulge and ease. After some ideological struggle, Li Yanhong decided to "return to China to start a business", which will have the later Baidu family bucket.
  No money, I love you too.
  In 2001, the Internet bubble collapsed. Baidu encountered the first life-and-death crisis since its establishment. The pressure was too great and no one complained. Li Yanhong called Ma Mindong with a cry: "If you really live without a house or a car, Can you afford it?" Li Yanhong did not hear his wife's reply on the phone. He had been hung up before he finished.
  The next day, his wife descended from the sky. Li Yanhong stood at the airport and bowed his head to accept his wife's "reprimand": "Don't forget, Google's two little guys, or your students, they now have 3 billion each. The value of the dollar is over."
  After returning to China, Ma Mindong faced the dilemma of Baidu's failure to make money. He thought of a trick, "bidding the rankings", and helped Baidu to get out of financial difficulties. The profit of the year was 10 million US dollars, completely reversing the previous trend.
  Therefore, in every interview, Li always likes to hang his wife: "It is her (Ma Mindong) who contributed to me and Baidu today!
  Dangdang Li Guoqing: Liu Qiangdong envious that I have such a wife
  Even if Liu Qiangdong has a milk tea sister, he still remembers Li Guoqing’s wife. “Look at your wife, New York University MBA, and Wall Street, who can help you with your career.”
  Li Guoqing listened, and returned to the smile of the faint...
  Wall Street financial woman, married to a bandit
  Before meeting Li Guoqing, Yu Yu was doing financing on Wall Street. There have been many successful merger cases, and he is famous in the circle.
  In 1996, Li Guoqing just started a business for a year and led a team to visit the United States in Columbia. He met Yu Yu at the dinner. The two chatted very awkwardly. After dinner, Li Guoqing asked her to drink coffee alone. Dry fire and fire, instantly ignited a raging love fire, two people met from each other, only took three months.
  After the marriage, the two together created the "Dangdang" network and vowed to be the Amazon of China. As a result, 10 years of continuous losses, spent all the savings, Li Guoqing and his wife can only live in rented houses, while carrying children, while working.
  At the same time, friends around the same time have already owned villas and bungalows.
  In 2002, the Internet bubble burst, and a large number of Dangdang executives resigned. Every time I go to an executive, Li Guoqing will cry with his wife, and the entire company may collapse at any time.
  Waiting for a little bit of improvement, Amazon also issued an invitation to buy. Li Guoqing has suffered an equity crisis! At the beginning, when Dangdang did not reserve the start-up shares at the time of the first financing, it was particularly difficult to get back the shares now, and the investors were deadlocked. Li Guoqing even had to leave the company and re-create the Dangdang. The name was all right. ".
  Is a wife, saved Dangdang
  Yu Yu feels that if she goes on like this, she will have an accident sooner or later. She knows that her husband is a bit second and her character is too embarrassing. I have been persuading for a few days, finally pulling my husband back, and finally spending money to buy back the original equity, only to settle things.
  If there was no Yu Hao at the time, there would be no listing on the New York Stock Exchange. Maybe the company would have disappeared.
  Grand Chen Tianqiao: wife is the pillar
  In 1973, Chen Tianqiao was born in a small mountain village in Zhejiang. This buddy is talented and intelligent. He was admitted to the Economics Department of Fudan University at the age of 18.
  Bai Fumei who was deceived
  The poor boy entered the investment bank and met the investment bank's son-in-law (luò qiān qiān), who is a boss of Bai Fumei, the father's chemical plant. From acquaintance to marriage, it took less than six months. Chen Tianqiao said that the luckiest thing in my life is to fool my wife.
  When I was married, I didn’t wear a wedding dress and didn’t have a banquet. Chen Tianqiao also borrowed 500,000 and hurriedly started to create “Shengda”. (Just married, take risks and pay debts.)
  Wife is Kensuke
  Shanda just started, all kinds of money, after a few years of securities, see customers everywhere, visit investors. In the whole process of going to Japan to get Softbank financing, in addition to compensating investors to eat, it is to chat. The negotiations were extremely difficult and dragged on for ten days. The two sides were deadlocked.
  Fortunately, she is an investment bank veteran driver, meticulous thinking, experienced, bold and careful, and finally won a $40 million financing plan.
  雒芊芊 Easy-going, not loving Zhang Yang, and Chen Tianqiao, who is running a train full of mouths, is just complementary. Chen Tianqiao is busy with diplomacy, participates in various negotiations, and is responsible for managing the internal management of the company.
  The birthday of the employee, the employee is ready to have a baby or have the idea of ​​going abroad, she has nothing to do, she is in mind, when she is free, she will remind Chen Tianqiao to care about the staff and call in person.
  At the company staff meeting at the end of each year, Chen Tianqiao’s first drink was given to his wife, and he said nothing, and his feelings were in the wine.
  360 boss mother Hu Huan: You go to start a business, I work to earn money to raise you
  Standing next to Zhou Hongyi, this is called Hu Huan. He is the number one beauty when he works at Founder. He is not only beautiful, but also generous and decent. He is almost the object of admiration for single men in the company. It is said that he knows the old week. I have been engaged before!
  Of course, it was finally won by Zhou Hongyi. The means and methods were also very simple. I watched the computer 24 hours a day, waiting for Hu Huan to go online in the company's internal forum "Shuimu Tsinghua", and created a lot of romance and opportunity to hold the beauty. (Things of this virtual world, Otaku is best at it.)
  If we say that there is a 1% chance of starting a business, Zhou Hongyi definitely does not belong to this 1%. Anyone who knows him feels that he is a rogue, a spleen, a good fight, a little businessman's mind and a sense of negotiating a compromise.
  But he still resigned from Founder,
  And still took the wife's family's money to create 3721.
  At the beginning, it was particularly difficult and I couldn’t make any money. My wife said, “Let’s do it, I work to earn money for you to eat.”
  I also rented a three-bedroom apartment in Nancheng, Beijing, and lived with my husband. The rest were given to employees and were also eaten. All expenses were given by Hu Huan.
  Later, I was a national software company, and the start-up fund was all the savings of Zhou Hongyi and an external debt. At that time, the Internet company burned money very badly. The company also had a bleak business, and the profit was meager. There was no good way to realize the money, and no money was earned. Forcing Zhou Hongyi and his partners to go to the underwear and want to take it.
  During that time, Zhou Hongyi completely relied on his wife to live. Hu Huan not only did not complain, but encouraged her husband. "We will not earn money in this life. The most unsatisfactory, you can go to work." Zhou Hongjun listened to tears and was full of apologies.
  Later, the 360 ​​that Zhou Hongjun had achieved was a great success. When his wife went to the Nasdaq to ring the bell, when a reporter asked Zhou Hongyi what was his best choice, his answer was to choose his wife.
  Entrepreneurship is a 365-day event. It is a year-round job and there is no time to relax.
  I can have a good wife on the road to entrepreneurship.
  Support you with no hesitation, and guard you silently!
  This love will be your biggest angel investment!
  So please smile and face their flogging.