Honor and disgrace is just an instant, everything has a turn
  Let me talk about the story of two people.
  There was a scholar in the Song Dynasty, called Lu Mengzheng, and his family was difficult. He couldn’t even open the pot.
  Once, he had not eaten a full meal for three days, and he was so dizzy that he was dizzy. Finally, on a bridge, he won a melon, and he was already hungry and thirsty. He ran to the side of the bridge and wanted to open the melon so that he could fill his stomach.
  However, unfortunately, he lost his hand and fell under the bridge. In this way, a melon, he did not eat in one bite, and drifted along the stream.
  Even such unfortunate things can be caught up, and Lu Meng, who is full of hardships, is screaming at the chest and sighs with a long bang: bitter!
  At that moment, he despaired to the top.
  Another person, the favorite of the Han Dynasty emperor, called Deng Tong. When he went out, he went to bed with the emperor, and he was very fortunate. However, someone gave Deng Tong a sigh, saying that he had a look at the entrance, and he must die and die. After Wendi heard this, he screamed and said that it is up to me to be rich, and who can make Deng Tong poor. Therefore, he gave an imperial edict and gave the Tongshan copper mountain to Deng Tong, letting him make money himself. From then on, Deng Tongfu could be an enemy.
  Of course, the Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty also has a reason to love Deng Tong. Once, the Chinese Emperor gave birth to a sputum, bloody turbulence, pain is unbearable. Deng Tong actually knelt down and sucked for him, and Wendi felt very happy. The Emperor Wen said that the world’s loved ones are like fathers and sons, can the prince suck for me? Just as the Crown Prince entered the palace to ask illness, Wendi asked the Crown Prince, can you suck for it? The crown prince swallowed up and said no. Wendi then sighed and said that the love is like a father and son, Deng Tong loves me more than the prince. Since then, Wendi has become more and more fond of Deng Tong.
  With the emperor laying the future, Deng Tong is destined to be rich and prosperous.
  So, later?
  Later, Lu Meng was taking the imperial examination, and even the champion and the first, did the position of the prime minister. He did the prime minister, and he did not forget the old troubles . In the place where he was in the past, he built the Gua Pavilion, which was frustrated when he was poor.
  After the death of Emperor Wendi, the Crown Prince was in place and was Emperor Jing. He hated Deng Tongyi's confession and bad chaos. So he copied Deng Tong's family and confiscated Deng Tong in the empty room. He ended up eating. In the end, Deng Tong starved to death.
  Lu Meng is not thinking that he will fall to the extreme, he will one day become the prime minister of the dynasty; Deng Tong will not think that the spring breeze will be a prisoner, and he will be starved to death.
  These two can't think of it, may wish to make a foreshadowing for the following.
  I have a student. When I graduated, I had a mental problem. He often came to me and kept telling me something that even sounded a bit confusing to me, and always cried for a while. He said that he did not take the college entrance examination and was going to travel far. I advised him to bite his teeth and insist on persistence. He promised me to say try it. To be honest, even I can't believe it, he will stick to the college entrance examination, let alone the distant future.
  However, it is this student who not only took the college entrance examination but also admitted to a university. After graduating, I recruited a joint venture and is now a middle management cadre.
  So what do I want to say?
  The rich and the poor are just a blink of an eye. Honor and disgrace is only a moment. This moment may be nowhere to go. The next moment will be a bright future. There will be no eternal victory, no eternal desperation, everything will turn around and everything will change.